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  1. Nenirue

    Hello everybody!

    Thanks everybody! =]
  2. Nenirue

    Do you play any other game?

    @Sephylon Oh, I didn't make it that far! LOL I made a character up to level 70ish and then I got a new computer and the specs wouldn't work with the game for some reason so I had to stop playing. Haha. T__T
  3. Nenirue

    The Most Popular Jobs in Limit RO

    Wanderer! Tarot Carding is pretty fun and I like using Severe Rainstorm and Arrow Vulcan. lol =]
  4. Nenirue

    Hello everybody!

    I've been playing Ragnarok ever since I was in Middle School but the server I played on doesn't exist anymore. Anyways, I decided to try this server out and I just wanted to say hi! =]
  5. Nenirue

    What are you listening?

    Mmm I used to listen to a lot of Hip Hop and R&B growing up but now I just
  6. Nenirue

    Do you play any other game?

    League of Legends, Guild Wars, Dungeon Defenders, GTA IV, Diablo III, Lineage II, The Sims, Guild Wars 2 =]