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  1. 1 - Angra Mantis only works for thief class. See part 4.* 2 - Luminous Blue Light Stone is better than Perverse Demon Mask since it gives 22% crit dmg and 3% reduce after cast delay wont do much. If you are worried about the high def monsters, just use a Thanatos instead of 2 True Seyren cards. 3 - Gambler Seal and HPM set gives 13% higher crit dmg than Mob scarf combo but you will lose HP, 18% atk, some variable cast time and a slot. Both are good and is up to you to decide what you want. 4 - Deep Sea Merman Card is a better option for Boots slot. It gives +4 atk per 15 base STR and 15% crit dmg if Sea King Dramon is equiped (head slot)*. Sea King Dramon is a weaker version of Violent Coelacanth card and also reduces your HP by 5%. 5 - A +16 Temporal LUK Manteau gives 24% crit dmg and is not cheap. It gives 7% atk bonus but i dont know if gives you a better dmg in the end. You can get 32% crit dmg with a +9 FAW and also a bit of raw atk and some Neutral resitance.
  2. Haeva

    Changelogs - New MvP

    Im also waiting that. Please hurry up a bit with that and the skills animation upgrades, Lai.
  3. Haeva

    Changelogs - Cooking improvements

    What about fixing rune crafting? Edited* - Already fixed lol but its not in the list =P
  4. Haeva

    Changelogs - OS Mission Instance

    Any idea of when we can expect Edda Biolab?
  5. Haeva

    Changelogs 17.1 & Rune Knight Update

    Its on Discord
  6. Haeva

    17.1 Quest bug

    Im with the same problem so ill be happy if u tell me where i find him
  7. Haeva

    Changelogs - QoLs

    I've read this post 3 times and didnt found the RK upade part....i belive you forgot something in this changelog 😥 Now ill go back to the corner of the room and start the waiting game again...
  8. Haeva

    Changelogs - Warlock Rebalances

    Bug Fixes Fixed some items job masks, some card bonus that triggers with certain base job. Fixed some Twisted Clock tower monster spawn. Rune Knight Skill Rebalance ? More info soon. THIS....PLEASE. I NEED IT NAOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Haeva

    Cecil damage resistance?

    Thats probably when she use agi up and you miss your hit. Guns must have a passive that guarantee a hit just like blacksmith and that 60 dmg is that hit when u miss.
  10. Haeva

    Changelogs - Fixes

  11. Haeva

    Changelogs - Slow progression

    Any news about RK update? Im ok with slow content release but im dying for skills updates.
  12. Haeva

    Changelogs - 17.1 Illusion

    where is the shop npc?
  13. Haeva

    Changelogs - Calm your butt down.

    Yay...why are we not in 2020 yet?
  14. Haeva

    Changelogs - Calm your butt down.

    Yeah, i know that. My question was more about the need of the launcher update for the RK skills. If we dont need that then it means we can get the skills update anytime and not only after the update. ^^