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  1. Haeva

    Cecil damage resistance?

    Thats probably when she use agi up and you miss your hit. Guns must have a passive that guarantee a hit just like blacksmith and that 60 dmg is that hit when u miss.
  2. Haeva

    Changelogs - Fixes

  3. Haeva

    Changelogs - Slow progression

    Any news about RK update? Im ok with slow content release but im dying for skills updates.
  4. Haeva

    Changelogs - 17.1 Illusion

    where is the shop npc?
  5. Haeva

    Changelogs - Calm your butt down.

    Yay...why are we not in 2020 yet?
  6. Haeva

    Changelogs - Calm your butt down.

    Yeah, i know that. My question was more about the need of the launcher update for the RK skills. If we dont need that then it means we can get the skills update anytime and not only after the update. ^^
  7. Haeva

    Changelogs - Calm your butt down.

    Limitro need to upgrade the launcher version to get the new update on RK skills? Hope not
  8. Haeva

    RNG Random Number Generator

    My sugestion on the rng of crafting equipments is to give back some % of the material (depending on the failure chance) if the craft fail. This will keep the rng factor but lessen the pain.
  9. Haeva

    kRO Update 2019

    Any news about other RK skills updates?