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  1. Joan DcRoux

    Limit HQ Michael's Equipment Upgrade

    in my humble question, why you need that set gears? IMO you cna arming and get more decent gears from monster drop or crafting
  2. Joan DcRoux

    random effect

  3. Joan DcRoux

    More Pet & Evolve Pet (With List)

    yesssss, more manly pets
  4. Joan DcRoux

    More Pet & Evolve Pet (With List)

    yes, for thing's about pet food, we can use their normal food. and for mvp pet ofc its lux food from genie. about pet talk, limit have thread about to make pet talk lines.
  5. Joan DcRoux

    Add a transform NPC for Fun in the game

    yes, i wanted to become moonlight when farming and doing solo. or become ninetail while chill at base. or another cute transform :
  6. Joan DcRoux

    Your Top 3 Fav monsters.

  7. Joan DcRoux

    More Pet & Evolve Pet (With List)

    oooff, after a hours edit the mistake. finnaly.
  8. Hello there, its Joan. im sorry in advance, while making this thread. as we know, Limit have a great Community, people seeing for getting Stronger and more powerfull, in other hand some people (me) maybe have enjoy the other side of Limit. Limit have many Monster who can be tamed. with taming item who is common drops or some is Rare which drops from deep inside dumgeon. we (me) enjoy playing with pets, walking it farming with it even just chill (afk) at town. so my suggestion is just add more tameable monster. here is my list, hope you can find your favorite monster inside. and of course another pet that don't need to evolve thats it. maybe i can add more in future as SUGGESTION so thank you for your time to read this. i hope you dont feel bothered bye my wish. and last, i dont push or try to make you working more than you can handle. but its just our (my) wish to limit. for a better experience and for better community. any way. thanks for GM Lai for this place.
  9. try to make vote bro. its seems fun since we just have some.
  10. Joan DcRoux

    Limit RO Vending Scrolls

    better, make limit selling item minimum at vendor 5 items or something. lot vendor selling just 1-3 item.
  11. its your birthday un.. !!!!!!

    happy become older and become moaaarrrrr cuteee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. onion


      Hahahaha thanks Joan! Here, meow still has some extra party pack for you: 🛍

      It contains candy, chocolate, and cute pet pictures of your liking! xD

    2. Joan DcRoux

      Joan DcRoux

      thanks..!!! i luv choco and chill with pet.

      and i hope its lewd pict of zealotus or miss sohee /shy/bo/bo

    3. onion


      (Oooo personally, I would +1 to a nice pic Zealotus BDSM session with Injustice hahahha hottest pairing)

  12. Joan DcRoux

    Add New Pets

    hmm i can make one, with link to this thread as honor to make suggestion for more pet. ill write some.
  13. Joan DcRoux

    Add New Pets

    can we UP this thread again ??? just as suggestion.
  14. Joan DcRoux

    Incitement to racial/ethnic hatred

    the golden is itachi uchiha from jabba guild.
  15. Joan DcRoux

    Daily Reward Reworks

    please add RANDOM TAMING ITEM.