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  1. Joan DcRoux


    my pet is gone. like is just in my side. i feed him aon a minute ago. i take some water. but i dont buy anything weird on my char. when im going to check his level hungry. POOF.. its gone i mean how???? its still on my side just like usuall. but no response about right click or alt + J. his bar is zero. but i just on under some minutes. its willow pet. just got yesterday. omg.. im shacking right now
  2. Joan DcRoux

    Incitement to racial/ethnic hatred

    the golden is itachi uchiha from jabba guild.
  3. Joan DcRoux

    Daily Reward Reworks

    please add RANDOM TAMING ITEM.
  4. Joan DcRoux

    Marshall Guard Stroll back

    this guy wastinng his time in mora doing chat his self. i mean while im making holy water. his alwayt mumble in chat like "i try" "fauth" soomething like that, i dont remember to take ss. this guy is creep me out man
  5. Joan DcRoux

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

  6. Joan DcRoux

    Protist art

    hahahahhahahaa.... cool draw sven.. im your fans now
  7. Joan DcRoux

    AFK in thana10

  8. Joan DcRoux


    hope this "ACCIDENT" never happen again. hope lai know how to do with this guy.
  9. Joan DcRoux


    "accident". how can pt leader leave like that.
  10. Joan DcRoux

    summoning mvp on hq

    hope whoever have that MF pet, not die. fear the loyal point drop
  11. this adudoo player kick all member party for DT party without telling any soul. just kick me out and disband the party. its wasting my dt time. pls LAI do something. in first ss, is game charger telling "kick out the party" on second ss, sven telling me this
  12. Joan DcRoux

    add more pet and boss type pet.

    if i can more suggest 1. more evolve pet. we know there is alot pet we can taming and some of them cannot be evolved :'( so yeah. example : goblin, all kind goblin can be evolved to goblin leader, baby dessert wolf to adult dessert wolf. etc 2. human pet ? yeah its sound ridiculous right. but i and many people out there want some npc as a pet or something like that (mercenary) like celine kimmy, or sarah, bijou, or loki fenrir too . we can and only hope this can be true. 3. fix talk line of some pet its kinda sad wacthing a pet talking like poring. pls fix it
  13. hello there, i know its not urgent or most important thing. but i must report this. teddy bear evolved as you can see, there is option for evolve to xmas teddy bear right?. i explore all wiki but find nothing. its only abndoned teddy bear so i think its bug or GM not updated this option. so yeah my loyal ted(teddy bear) i try evolved. and tadaa as i though, it not become xmas teddy bear. its abandoned teddy bear :'( move on, so please fix it or do something like bring a real option for xmas teddy bear, not abandoned teddy bear. thanks for gie me chance for talk this
  14. Joan DcRoux

    add more pet and boss type pet.

    demm even here too ? give back event pet , give back our events
  15. hello there, its me the weakest player. just become pet tamer to enjoy this lovely game, may we add more pet like poring and friend ? (metalling deviling etc). and some boss monster ?? you know, not all enjoying killing each other. i my self enjoy game with pets. heal my soul from real life. if it not possible, just up drop item taming or some acc for some pets. thanks, regard and respect