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  1. Joan DcRoux

    Angry Mouth

    we have here, with different name, i though its angry snarlAngry Snarl drops from mobs at einbech dun 2
  2. Joan DcRoux

    TT without any reason

    i just join ET party, i click the et tower entrance but suddenly send back to alberta town. and this is happen. i dunno what his problem to me, since i dont feel insult him or doin something that made him angry. i just shocked why i got send back to town and get CD. he just "**** you dude" me..
  3. Joan DcRoux

    Change the reward from achievment npc

    somebody vote no. might it be my hater. piff on you hahahaha
  4. Joan DcRoux

    More Pet & Evolve Pet part 2

    again UP this thread we need refresh content on limit nowadays
  5. as far as i know player ragnarok is really addicted to COSTUME. you can proof it by ask everyone who play ragnarok. cute form, bad ass form, weird form. we have this style. achievment challenge is one of top best thing's from LIMIT. we can have great tittle, cute tittle. with really hard quest from it. killing ten to thousand, become adventure who searching treasure spots all around ragnarok world. we struggling to death but yeah its really enjoying play with friends, party team work to find all hidden spot around city, field and dungeon. we get thorught hell to get this Achievement Coin. and we notice the reward from NPC is really unworth it. this box really just contain trash in our opinion, and the other prize is just +7 ticket refine, which is we can get this easly from another. so here I wanna suggest to CHANGE THE REWARD. from this old to the new prize. we need good reward from our hard work i suggest need to COSTUME EQUIP as reward. make it like seasons event. exchange the coin for CE. since we need time and efford to get this coins. i laready have some CE as reward, if this get approve by LAI. and we pray for this. get some example for the reward CE and here some of people who support this suggestion as i talking here
  6. Joan DcRoux

    NPC That Convert Equipment into costume

    YES OR YES we need this too
  7. Joan DcRoux

    Is pvp RG good in Limitro?

    RG pvp usually get devo skill. they just full tank. and they only can be seen on BG silk. on woe too but it just a bit few of them. full redux is complicated
  8. Joan DcRoux

    Some newbie question for finding a monster

    and you can check limit wiki, and go see illusion dungeon section. some monster only can find inside there
  9. Joan DcRoux

    How to change Job from novice to thief?

    limit ro have npc Admiral in every city. you can talk to him for everything. like change job, buff/ heal, remove card. reset stat/skill point, get mount by option Rental. and try to get phone from headquarter, it'll give you many option for accesing limitless island and checking instance cooldown
  10. Joan DcRoux

    Limit HQ Michael's Equipment Upgrade

    in my humble question, why you need that set gears? IMO you cna arming and get more decent gears from monster drop or crafting
  11. Joan DcRoux

    random effect

  12. Joan DcRoux

    More Pet & Evolve Pet (With List)

    yesssss, more manly pets
  13. Joan DcRoux

    More Pet & Evolve Pet (With List)

    yes, for thing's about pet food, we can use their normal food. and for mvp pet ofc its lux food from genie. about pet talk, limit have thread about to make pet talk lines.
  14. Joan DcRoux

    Add a transform NPC for Fun in the game

    yes, i wanted to become moonlight when farming and doing solo. or become ninetail while chill at base. or another cute transform :