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  1. XxXsoloplayerXxX

    Cheap Farming "Gunslinger" "Rebellion" Farming Guide

    @Jimmy sir you can move to floor 11 or 9 if 10 is crowded Good luck ang Happy Gaming
  2. XxXsoloplayerXxX

    Cheap Farming "Gunslinger" "Rebellion" Farming Guide

    lets lend a hand lets give them free mini gun if their need it lets give what we can
  3. This Guide Is To Help Our Server To Gain more Popularity And To Gain More Newbie I know Other Will ignore This Guidev But Im Sure This Will Help Us to Make Our Server Much Better Why i Would Write or make Review ??? ~This Make Our Server "More Fun ", "More Exciting" And, "More thrilling" How To Start Writing Review??? Follow This Step Click or Copy This link Lets Register First After Registration Hover The Mouse And Click this "Member Page" Scroll down a bit And Click this Look For LimitRo Review Logs Click The Write Review To Start Writing And Rating our Server Before you Start "Writing" Please Read The Guide First Now Lets Start Remember What The Guide Told You Note : We Can Review Again Every Month And Lets Keep Writing Review For Our Server ~For Player That Already Review im Requesting To review again How To Make A review Again?? ~Lets Stop Complaining ,Lets Recruit More Player ,Lets Help each Other #LimitRO More Player More Fun More Fun More New Player Greeting From Asgard Bottom
  4. This Set price is 560 - Limit Group Coin For Armor ,Garment,Boots,Middle HeadGear 2.2m Zeny For Weapon ,Upper and Lower HeadGear Map to Farm: Magma Dungeon 02 How To go : Warper>>Dungeon>>magma>>Magma Dungeon 02 Zeny Rate : 40-55m per Hour Good Boost To Newbie That Dont Have Zeny To Buy Upgraded Farming Equips Where You Can Buy This Equips? Map: Limit HQ use "@go hq" Map:Vending Harvor use "@go 16" after buying all item If Your Running Out Of Mana You Can Buy This Box Using 30pcs Limit Group Coin Easy To Carry Because It Because This Potion Is Almost Weightless How To Get Limit Group Coin?????? Inside Magma Dungeon You Can Loot This 3 Item use "@alootid 7120 1036 1038" REMEMBER NOT @alootid "7120 " @alootid "1036 "@alootid "1038 " Copy This Alootid "@alootid 7120 1036 1038" Alt+M to Open Shortcut List Tab Ready To Farm????Go Back in Magmag 02 Upgraded"Gunslinger" "Rebellion" Farming This Build Need 100m below Map To Farm : Thanatos 10 How To go : Warper >>>Dungeon>>>Thanatos>> Thanatos Tower 10 Zeny Rate : 90-100m per hr Advantage: Unli Mana~Unli Hp Armor of Arship All Stats +1 MaxHP +1000 MaxSP +100 MDEF +10 AirShip Manteau FLEE +20 ------------------------ Reduces variable cast time by 20%. ------------------------ Reduces damage taken from Neutral elemental attack by 10%. Boots Of Airship AGI +1 Reduces after attack delay by 10%. ------------------------ Unrefineable [Airship Set(Armor, Manteau and Boots)] MaxHP +25% MaxSP +25% Increases movement speed Calf Diamondback Dex + 2, Weapon ATK Power + 2%. ------------------------ Increase long ranged physical damage by 5% per 2 refine rate. ------------------------ If refine rate is 7 or higher, increases [Round Trip] damage by 20%. ------------------------ If refine rate is 9 or higher, reduces SP consumption of [Round Trip] by 5%. ------------------------ If refine rate is 12 or higher, increases long ranged physical damage by 5%. ------------------------ Weapon: Gatling Gun Attack: 220 Rideword Hat A hat designed to mimic the look of a terrible magic book which attacks people. ------------------------ Randomly absorbs 8% physical damage inflicted into HP. ------------------------ Randomly absorbs 4% physical damage inflicted into SP. ------------------------ Drains 10 HP every 5 seconds while equipped. Card Needed 2 - Hunter Fly Card For Weapon 1 - Menblatt Card For Garment You have 100% Chance To loot AirShip set here Follow Guide To Buy Weapon,Cards, and Top Headgear You Can use "@trade "message" " Warning : Dont use Non English in @trade @main @recruit @help Channel Ready To farm In Thanatos 10??????????? Happy LimitRo Gaming Greeting From Asgard Bottom
  5. XxXsoloplayerXxX

    Newbie Leveling Guide

    Rebell Farming For Newbie is Coming in super cheap PRice 500 Limit Merit Coin and just 2.2m you can farm i think 40-60m per hour i need to calculate first to Post 100% Legit zeny per Hour
  6. XxXsoloplayerXxX

    Newbie Leveling Guide

    AFTER Graduating From Limit Academy And Before You Must Change Job Here Then just talk to Secretary until A Path Show up Talk to Granma Then go to Bounty Board and take quest From "C" ~ "C+" and "C++" Choose monster that you want to kill you can only pick 1 monster Per class Before You Start The Quest Hire Some Mercenary Best Mercenary To use ~Human Mercenary Bow Grade 7 You Can See The Monster Location in Quest Tab Warp In Monster Location Use Fly Wing TO Move With Your Mercenary Use Mercenary Skill To kill Monster After Finishing Class C quest Dont Claim the Rewards #Save For The Best After Finishing Class C+ quest Dont Claim the Rewards #Save For The Best When Your level Reach 50+ and Job 50 use Butterfly Wing to Get Back in Save point Or use @go Hq Then Change Job Back to your Quest Again After Finishing Class C+ quest Dont Claim the Rewards #Save For The Best After Finishing Class C++ quest Dont Claim the Rewards #Save For The Best When you Finish Class C,C+,and C++ Quest and reach 70+ Level you can now move TO this Dungeon TO level up Until youve Reach 99 stats that help you survive in magma 2 Keep Spaming Mercenary Skill Until Youve Reach Level 99/Job 50 Use Fly Wing again Then Rebirth After Rebirth Go kill Some Monster To Reach level 10+/Job 10 Use Mercenary Skill Again To Kill Monster Change Job Again After Change Job This Is whaT your Waiting FOr Now Lets Pass Bounty "Class C " ONLY Quest Then Dont Forget To change Job Before Passing Next Bounty Class After Change Job Lets Pass Bounty "Class C+ " ONLY Quest After Passing Bounty Class C+ Change job Again Then pass The C++Quest CONGRATULATION YOUR NOW HAVE A THIRD JOB CHARACTER THAT CAN JOIN LEECHING PARTY