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    Another Gepard shield 55 error

    I saw that post too, I have had no other programs running besides the game. so I don't think it's that.
  2. Lunar Beat

    Another Gepard shield 55 error

    Anytime I click the middle-mouse or either of the side mouse buttons in quick succession, I get this lovely error. Gepard::IG: 55::0 Macro tool has been detected! I have no macro programs open or running to my knowledge. I had a few auto-clickers and Autohotkey installed but not running and tried deleting them but that had no effect. I've tried running the game with it being the only thing open and that too didn't help. Removing dinput from the files prevents the error from taking place but I could no longer use middle mouse or either of the side buttons. (aka mouse4 and mouse5) I would appreciate some help with this problem.