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  1. Mokusei

    [Solved] Quest-problem: Doha's secret orders

    I dont have discord. I will check this out tomorrow. Thanks for now!
  2. Mokusei

    [Solved] Quest-problem: Doha's secret orders

    Or can I restart this quest? Somebody who knows how?
  3. Mokusei

    Which year were you born? :o

    Bevor 80? O_o ... ähm no! I'm not your mother!
  4. Mokusei

    Your goal in RO life?

    Easy: To get as far as I can Because: I'm a lonewolf ... I have stress on my work, which I do not need to have here. I hope for a quiet and fun free time, to walk at my pace.
  5. Tjena! Jag tycker att det är kul att vara här på LimitRO och jag hoppas att hitta några landsmän Okej ... jag lurar er lite nu jag är nämligen tysk och född i Tyskland, men jag bor och jobbar redan i Sverige sen några år och ska komma bli svensk Ingen chans att jag kommer flytta tillbaka ... ja, jag vill leva, jag vill dö i norden Finns det några svenska här? O,o
  6. Mokusei


    For real!? O__O
  7. Help! O.O I started doing Doha's secret orders quest and it went well. But in the end (questpoints 21/22) I didn't check if I had 11 from each one items (you know, 11 Clotted Bloodstains, 11 Strange Magic Stones und 11 Frozen Piece of Skin). The strange magic stones was just 10 (-.- yes, how stupid). Now if I want to go get 1 more I get the message: "Found traces of something. Was arranged neatly." How can I solve this? Some ideas? 😕 Thank you very much!
  8. Mokusei

    [Solved] Attendance: D-day

    Alright! I will ignore this :D Thanks @ll!
  9. Mokusei

    [Solved] Attendance: D-day

    I wonder what should happen if 31 days have passed ... What does "D-day" mean? Thanks a lot for the answer!
  10. Mokusei

    Homunculus Guide (Discussion & Levelling)

    @Lai It works great! Thanks
  11. Mokusei

    Homunculus Guide (Discussion & Levelling)

    I wonder ... how do autofeed work!? It feeds very fast I guess. Somebody who can tell about this little more? Thx!
  12. Mokusei

    [Solved] MirAi crashing the game

    Noooo .... how could them do this? Damn! So I dont have to think anymore about this ... Now it will be hard for me Poor Gelee ... he will die!
  13. Mokusei

    [Solved] MirAi crashing the game

    Yeah! I see ... ... but why? AzzyAI is for difficult for me and my gelee doesnt react at all! I need something, that I can understand easy XD Any ideas? Thanks a lot!
  14. Mokusei

    [Solved] Achievement Coin

    Alright ... O.o Thx!
  15. Mokusei

    about forum signature

    Very nice because I want to have the same as you OR Thanks a lot