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  1. Jhaay

    Help for Thanatos floor 10 farm

    thank you for this... gonna keep my RG then .. and ima start making rebellion for farming..
  2. Jhaay

    Help for Thanatos floor 10 farm

    Oh isee .. that might the reason why they have tuna belly skill . thanks a lot .. im currently checking for the rg guide .. =)) is this also good for farming @ thana 10?
  3. Jhaay

    Help for Thanatos floor 10 farm

    hi guys . kinda new to this game xD , currently farming @ thanatos floor 10 btw w/ my rebellion and i see some paladin"forgot the 3rd job name lol" using skill called tuna belly?? hmmm .. forgot the skill name .. and im just wandering why cant i see the skill tuna belly after i create one lmao.. and also can someone help me with what equipment for a paladin to farm @ thana10 .. thank you so much in advance ..