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  1. iHadesEmperor

    Stolen By VendorugaS

    The deal was that I was suppost to give him 9 costumes +4 Shadow chaser shadow weapon, in exchange he would get my shadow chaser shadow weapon from +4 to +10. Instead he logged off/on for continuosly 5minutes. Not asnwering my PMs. I took screenshots of both deals, Its weird like that, i dont know why, but as you can see, we trading the items and the deals showing as completed in the chat tab. If i can't get my items back, I want him IP banned at least. The game aint suppost to be about cheating, this is a good private server, its all about having fun and sharing ideas. Not beeing a jackass like this guy. I HOPE THIS GUY GETS WHAT HE DESERVES. ITEMS= Succubus Doll Ifrit Eye Robo Eyes Panda Rabbit Dice Hat Dark Age Cap Fallen Angel Valletta Fairy Feathers Costume angel Wing Ears +4 Shadow Chaser Shadow Weapon They might seem garbage to ones, but im 3 weeks old in this server, it means something. Even for 1z, thiefs can't be out there, it ruins the quality of it. Thank you ADM, helpers and the Players that helped me in #main chat. wish you the best. IGN#The Jokker
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    VVV Guild de volta a ativa!! ~~R>Brasileiros

    Fala galera tranquilo ? Add in-game Hukia Pao ou The Jokker