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  1. TooFast


    To see what the server thinks of this kind of behaviour and precedent it's willing to set. I also forgot to add that he was spamming main chat throughout woe in capslock similar to below.
  2. TooFast

    Item Release Suggestion

    Item Name: Magician's Glove Item ID: 28507 Official Server: iRo Just a quick question on whether there are intentions of removing the right handed restriction like in iRo. Being unable to utilize this with undead dog tag for WL makes undead dog tag seem unusable for WL, which seems a bit weird for hard end game item.
  3. TooFast

    VincentQZ AFK in BG

    @Ressentiment Your english is so bad I don't actually know what you're saying that I have to reply to two different interpretations. Lol "If be honest for me you was the same afk like that guy. But who care. (both don't play for win)" Either you're throwing a blind accusation at me, asking me to be honest with you that I afk'd as well. Then I ask @Lai if blind accusations on the forum is permitted. Or you're saying who cares even if I afk'd on BG because apparently(again, is this an accusation without evidence?) I don't play to win. and if that's the case. Well I guess... there it is lads, time to pack it up. Ressentment has spoken. He's thrown out the almighty who cares face. @Lai, clearly you should amend the rules on afking in BG because who cares? Do you care? And just in case, since I've realised a whole bunch of people don't understand sarcasm here. My attempt at saying @Ressentiment, your opinion is the only one that matters is to highlight the irony that it really doesn't. The answer to your big "who cares" is funnily the only opinion that matters(Lai) cares. The rule won't exist otherwise. And man do I hate explaining irony.
  4. TooFast

    Proroca Shoes

    When I made mine, only took 3.
  5. TooFast

    VincentQZ AFK in BG

    @Ressentiment Issue is over, still salty. Great demonstration of ignoring an argument and engaging in whataboutism.
  6. TooFast

    VincentQZ AFK in BG

    This is part of the problem when punishment severely exceeds the crime. Are all instances of AFK in BG worthy of permanent ban as stated in the rules? And if so, the burden of proof required would then need to be high. You can't punish petty instances of it. Yes, I agree completely the evidence here can be circumstantial. But I doubt players would be able to provide evidence of a higher quality anyways. Even HeroicTale's final straw last week, he claims the screenshot to be circumstantial which is true. I doubt context of his entire conversation were entered as evidence. However, this is why I've included complaints from others players. This isn't an instance where I am trying to pin the crime on someone, it was observed and it frustrated many. We lost most games when he was on the team. Let me just address the above response. The screen shots about him playing? 1 screen, and he was also spooked after Lai came. He was active every BG after that, and I made no such claim that he was afk throughout that period. This is the equivalent of me screenshotting myself playing RO to prove I don't bot. 1-3 seconds? Um, no. There are time stamps on the screenshots. It's about 1 min 9 seconds in the first instance of afk and that is only what was captured. 3 minutes in the 3rd instance. I think I submitted some other screenshots that were not part of the post, but there were more shots taken between the time gap showing there is the same player marker afk in spawn. I agree, 2nd instance was only 5 seconds, which is even less than warp in time. I don't think I took enough screen shots for that so it's only my word vs his word. The way I see it, the guy was definitely taking advantage and afking for free badges. The way he's trying to prove what he did through discord and suggesting it was 1-2 seconds worth of snap shots is just plain bogus. Suggesting he was a complete newbie and doesn't know what he was doing also doesn't quite make sense. He seemed to play fine with expertise after he got busted and scared by Lai. Even in his own screenshot, he has his hotkeys lined up to green pot. That does not look like a complete newb who was afk'd to try figure out what to do in battlegrounds, nor would a newb go completely afk, they would wander around being lost rather than standing still. He was also systematically joining every round/game. Edit: Sorry I wrote before I saw. I agree, it's not serious enough for a bigger punishment. A recorded warning is probably best. Thanks Lai. Just in case I didn't upload for some reason, clearer time sequence of the 3rd instance I caught on SS. From what I previously posted starting at timestamp 37:45. Next 4 screenshots 38:09 (pink icon) 38:42 (pink icon) 39:39 (character hasn't moved) 40:34 (I died, pink icon still there) 40:43 (posted before already, character still there) If this was an instance of.. "he didn't know better". Misdemeanor is best course of action. I totally agree and would let it go. But please don't try argue the route of he didn't afk.
  7. TooFast

    VincentQZ AFK in BG

    Yea, Lai responded to the complaints and tried to catch him. But he came out of afk when it happened. But I told Lai I had SS evidence that i was going to upload.
  8. TooFast

    VincentQZ AFK in BG

    First three screen shots, he was afk in base, didn't warp in. Next two screen shots were in a different game. From spawn he ran the opposite direction, did not want to participate. You can tell from the time series on the top right hand side, team has already moved forward. He then reluctantly followed me into the battlefield because I kept complaining about him being afk. There were efforts to run into areas where he thought people would not notice him but because I followed him he ended up going to the middle. Our team wiped that time. Next 2 screenshots are images of our team in the midst of battle while there is someone staying in base. My cursor is on VincentQZ's pink dot as he stays in base. Next 3 images are of another game where he stays in spawn afk'd again. You can clearly see the team has already left the area on the minimap. Last 3 images is taken of main chat, another independent player complaining about afk of the same player. I think for the proof section, there were other screenshots too showing his cursor on minimap not moving.
  9. TooFast


  10. TooFast

    Childish Behavior

    He's my guildmate and I can't stand him. Probably up there with HeroicTales for me. also just to translate his jibberish into english. He still hasn't showed remorse, he's saying your name is guy and he's typo'd it into gay, so he's innocent. =.=
  11. TooFast


    I think I did a similar thing where I accidentally stopped tracking the quest line before the fight. I didn't think it would've made a difference because it's only tracking. But thanks for pointing it out.
  12. TooFast


    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc... I know the boss fight is not registered if player is dead or off screen and rewards will not be given out. But in both fights I had the boss in sight, my character was in line with the pack standing behind the melee classes. I was casting spells on the boss to the very end. I don't know how you want me to give steps because it's an instance that is done all the time. 1. Talk to Hugin outside in order to enter OGH, entered with party. I am not party leader. 2. Did the usual, allowed party leader to talk to all NPCs in the center, left then right of the first map. My party correctly spawned the first boss. 3. Stood in line with party, made sure i was close to fight I was no further than anyone else in my party and boss was on screen. I stood on the left side. Did not die and boss was defeated. 4. Talked to Varmundt and was not rewarded Temporal crystals. Boss fight was not realised as the questline still states Realized root of corrupt (0/1). 5. Followed party to next map despite multiple attempts at talking to Varmundt. He gave the dialog to proceed north as if I have already claimed my reward. 6. On second map, followed party to do the same. cleared mobs on the left and then right of the screen. Proceeded north to Amdarais. 7. During Boss fight, stayed close to boss, did not die when the boss was defeated. Was in casting distance of boss since I Lex Aeterna'd throughout the fight. 8. Talked to Hugin, still no contaminated magic or temporal crystals. Dialog asked if i wanted to stick around or go back as if I already claimed reward. Screen shot is made after the dungeon run is over. Can refer to Althar who was in party with me.