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    He's my guildmate and I can't stand him. Probably up there with HeroicTales for me. also just to translate his jibberish into english. He still hasn't showed remorse, he's saying your name is guy and he's typo'd it into gay, so he's innocent. =.=
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    I think I did a similar thing where I accidentally stopped tracking the quest line before the fight. I didn't think it would've made a difference because it's only tracking. But thanks for pointing it out.
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    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc... I know the boss fight is not registered if player is dead or off screen and rewards will not be given out. But in both fights I had the boss in sight, my character was in line with the pack standing behind the melee classes. I was casting spells on the boss to the very end. I don't know how you want me to give steps because it's an instance that is done all the time. 1. Talk to Hugin outside in order to enter OGH, entered with party. I am not party leader. 2. Did the usual, allowed party leader to talk to all NPCs in the center, left then right of the first map. My party correctly spawned the first boss. 3. Stood in line with party, made sure i was close to fight I was no further than anyone else in my party and boss was on screen. I stood on the left side. Did not die and boss was defeated. 4. Talked to Varmundt and was not rewarded Temporal crystals. Boss fight was not realised as the questline still states Realized root of corrupt (0/1). 5. Followed party to next map despite multiple attempts at talking to Varmundt. He gave the dialog to proceed north as if I have already claimed my reward. 6. On second map, followed party to do the same. cleared mobs on the left and then right of the screen. Proceeded north to Amdarais. 7. During Boss fight, stayed close to boss, did not die when the boss was defeated. Was in casting distance of boss since I Lex Aeterna'd throughout the fight. 8. Talked to Hugin, still no contaminated magic or temporal crystals. Dialog asked if i wanted to stick around or go back as if I already claimed reward. Screen shot is made after the dungeon run is over. Can refer to Althar who was in party with me.