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    PET TALKs challenge!!!!!

    Character Name: P h i Pet Talk: Civil Servant <CIVIL_SERVANT> <hungry> <feeding>Appreciate the food, but this isn't even enough for preliminary exam back then.</feeding> <feeding>No… Energy… Can't…. Think….. Properly…..</feeding> <feeding>That's enough punishment for me, my liege!</feeding> <feeding>Are you going to keep this on? I might have to find a better master to serve.</feeding> <hunting>Can I take a detour back to my village? I haven't been there since the imperial exam!</hunting> <hunting>Can any adventurer earn enough not to be hungry like this? Surely yes?</hunting> <hunting>This much work, is even more than cramming for my past exam! I'm starving and tired!</hunting> <hunting>I once considered to be just a hunter-farmer instead of a civil servant, I'm starting to regret my decision.</hunting> <danger>So much pressure, so little time and health left, and I'm famished too!</danger> <danger>Before you die, can I ask for a promotion letter?</danger> <danger>I might die of hunger, and you, might be dead after this.</danger> <dead>Is it possible that you're not my master? Master wouldn't just die leaving me famished like this.</dead> <dead>The dinasty is doomed, the kingdom is doomed, no one can help us anymore.</dead> <dead>Zaijian master, see you in the next life.</dead> <stand>Chop chop, let's go and find some food shall we?</stand> <stand>I'm starting to have vision of a tunnel of light, with our examination cells at the end of it.</stand> <connect>Welcome back, I'm starving, anything to eat?</connect> <connect>Anything would be good right now, I can even try to eat that domovi!</connect> <levelup>I'm glad I can see your breakthrough before I die from starvation.</levelup> <levelup>An enlightened ruler worries about not knowing his people's starvation.</levelup> <levelup>So you leveled up by letting me starve?</levelup> <perfor_1>Let's settle this between the two of us! Will you feed me or not?</perfor_1> <perfor_1>Let's us test our strategies in battle, not on your people..</perfor_1> <perfor_2>Could I avail upon someone to lend me a hand and feed me?</perfor_2> <perfor_2>Let's play a game, will I die from exhaustion, or hunger?</perfor_2> <perfor_3>The time is now, huyaaah! *grooowl*</perfor_3> <perfor_3>Showing the result of cultivation is a difficult one, even harder, while starving.</perfor_3> </hungry> <bit_hungry> <feeding>A little more would be good, my liege. Thank you.</feeding> <feeding>That's some energy for me to work with!</feeding> <feeding>My liege, please be more punctual next time, I'm quite hungry.</feeding> <feeding>This is just enough for now, let's find a stall so that we both are good.</feeding> <hunting>My journey to the imperial examination wasn't even this hard!</hunting> <hunting>Can we collect some specimens from these monsters for cooking tonight's dinner?</hunting> <hunting>My liege, these monsters might be good materials for shaokao.</hunting> <hunting>Surely becoming a cultivator aiming to be immortal is better than being a civil servant.</hunting> <danger>I'm a scholar before a fighter, can I run?!</danger> <danger>One does not simply fight this much enemy, let's escape now.</danger> <danger>According to the Doctrine of the mean… Forget it, let's run.</danger> <dead>Master, you're not strong enough here, let's go back and eat first.</dead> <dead>How long will our dinasty last, if even this much is already killing us?</dead> <dead>Even the poorest could join the educated elite's rank, but not the dead!</dead> <stand>Does the smell of food inspired you to move? I surely am!</stand> <stand>According to the Book of servants, we're now in a low energy level due to hunger.</stand> <connect>Welcome back my liege, your humble servant suggests that we eat first.</connect> <connect>Nokia.. Connecting people… (dizzy)</connect> <levelup>If we pass jinshi, most adventurers would need to make an appointment to talk to us in person.</levelup> <levelup>Great work… Food plz…</levelup> <levelup>Impossible! I'm thing hungry and you just leveled up? What kind of master are you!</levelup> <perfor_1>Doing this while starving truly leaves a bad taste in my mouth.</perfor_1> <perfor_1>There's no way starving your people works, let's try other strategy.</perfor_1> <perfor_2>Doing this really got me contemplating my career choice.</perfor_2> <perfor_2>My skills are the result of years of seclusion, and hunger, like now…</perfor_2> <perfor_3>Master, will we eat after I do this?</perfor_3> <perfor_3>I think I can do this once, or maybe twice, but after that, let's eat.</perfor_3> </bit_hungry> <noting> <feeding>That hits the spot, let's grab some wine?</feeding> <feeding>What you provided here is better than what we had during our exam.</feeding> <feeding>We used to prepare food for ourselves during the imperial exam.</feeding> <feeding>Yao Jun won't end like that if he served master like you.</feeding> <hunting>This servant will keep up with you.</hunting> <hunting>There isn't enough monsters here, let's find more over there.</hunting> <hunting>This experience will be much appreciated by his highness!</hunting> <hunting>I think the path of cultivation is a good one, but serving the public by being a civil servant is also good.</hunting> <danger>After all these time, I still haven't mastered horsemanship to run from situation like this.</danger> <danger>Wo ai ni means I love you, let's escape now.</danger> <danger>Seriouslee, not even Bruce Lee would be here, let leave.</danger> <dead>My liege, you're not strong enough here, let's go back and study more about this place.</dead> <dead>Your sacrifice is one stepping stone for the glory of our kingdom.</dead> <dead>This isn't how you write dead in Chinese, master.</dead> <stand>My liege, where are we headed to this time?</stand> <stand>Ming Dynasty exams also favoured knowledge of the Four Books, what's your favourite?</stand> <connect>Welcome back my liege, let's get going!</connect> <connect>The force is strong with this…. Oh, hi master!</connect> <levelup>I think I just got an enlightenment.</levelup> <levelup>My liege, you did it!</levelup> <levelup>Imperial exams are not won by knowledge alone! We need to train our bodies!</levelup> <perfor_1>Muahah... Hahahah! I am impressive!</perfor_1> <perfor_1>This is an important technique, watch me and try this!</perfor_1> <perfor_2>So you've come to show me your technique? I won't lose to you!</perfor_2> <perfor_2>This is the skills that helpers here taught me. Check the online helper on Asgard's board!</perfor_2> <perfor_3>Acts like this doesn't even need my skills!</perfor_3> <perfor_3>And this, is the result of my part-time cultivation!</perfor_3> </noting> <full> <feeding>With the right amount of fullness, comes the right amount of wisdom.</feeding> <feeding>Let's grab a drink together when we're done, my liege!</feeding> <feeding>With this much food, I think I can achieve a good concentration.</feeding> <feeding>How do you want me to express my gratitude?</feeding> <hunting>I think I saw the nine classics manuals there. Can I take a look?</hunting> <hunting>Walking too fast might not be safe for our digestion.</hunting> <hunting>By doing our best, we support the emperor and the kingdom!</hunting> <hunting>Those corrupt eunuchs, must be exterminated before they grew stronger</hunting> <danger>My liege, don't die yet, I still have to go back for palace exam next time.</danger> <danger>Run, I will hold them back! Maybe..</danger> <danger>Such incredible strength! I wonder if we can last.</danger> <dead>My liege, let's find a place to cultivate in seclusion, we might find a way to breakthrough.</dead> <dead>I think that the Chinese character are hard to learn, but please bear with me instead of dying so fast.</dead> <dead>Let's have a short break after this, you seem tired my liege.</dead> <stand>My liege, I almost got a breakthrough, why so sudden?</stand> <stand>A vast land awaits us.. Let's venture together and conquer them all!</stand> <connect>Welcome back my liege, where should we go today?</connect> <connect>I am one with the force and the force is with me. I am one with… Oh, welcome back!</connect> <levelup>This is the breakthrough I'm talking about! Congratulation!</levelup> <levelup>My liege, when can I be like you?</levelup> <levelup>War requires an army, exam requires a scholar!</levelup> <perfor_1>Muahah... Hahahah! Look at me master!</perfor_1> <perfor_1>Master, try out this technique, I'll show you only once!</perfor_1> <perfor_2>This here is the technique I learned in my previous path.</perfor_2> <perfor_2>Master, did you know you can do this too?</perfor_2> <perfor_3>Strengthen! Power up! Focus! Hiyah!</perfor_3> <perfor_3>Look at the result of my cultivation! You can do it too!</perfor_3> </full> <so_full> <feeding>My liege, I'm too full, but thank you!</feeding> <feeding>Do we have enough food for the day? I think you gave me too much just now!</feeding> <feeding>Although I'm good with language, I can't find the right word to thank you!</feeding> <feeding>Too much food, I'm too full to think of anything, let's burn some calories!</feeding> <hunting>Can you do that again master? I think I can get a good angle this time.</hunting> <hunting>I had experience with appendicitis, and it wasn't nice, let's slow down a bit.</hunting> <hunting>My liege, during the Qing, we're not allowed to serve our own home district as a civil servant.</hunting> <hunting>Ooooh, this looks like the scene from legend of the condor hero!</hunting> <danger>My liege, according to the manual of servants, this is the perfect time to run.</danger> <danger>Hold out until reinforcements come!</danger> <danger>We cannot fall here my lord, out dinasty needs us!</danger> <dead>My liege, combining my knowledge and your potential, we can surely come again here one day.</dead> <dead>My lord, why did you die alone leaving me behind?</dead> <dead>You want my master's head? Over my dead body! Oh wait..</dead> <stand>My liege, I was just thinking that we should start moving.</stand> <stand>Is it my turn to show my skills?</stand> <connect>Welcome back my liege, one moment, I'll adjust my pants.</connect> <connect>Take hold of this moment, the force is strong!</connect> <levelup>So many things are MADE IN CHINA! That's how strong our kingdom has become!</levelup> <levelup>I can see the dismay on your rival's face master!</levelup> <levelup>Who are you, I can't recognize you anymore o_o</levelup> <perfor_1>Hmmmm…. My sense is tingling…</perfor_1> <perfor_1>Master, I think I just broke my dantian from overexerting it x)</perfor_1> <perfor_2>This here, is one excellent move, and I don't really show this to people undeserving.</perfor_2> <perfor_2>Nothing is hidden from my vast wisdom! Muahahaha!</perfor_2> <perfor_3>Hahaha! Begone!</perfor_3> <perfor_3>My cultivation method doesn’t follow the will of the heavens!</perfor_3> </so_full> </CIVIL_SERVANT>
  2. Phiisland

    Mora Enchant

    I did enchantment for Light of Cure 3x, and Mora Coins are already deducted (total of 6 coins), NPC also mentions that it went well, but the item stays the same.