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  1. Miko

    Nova Explosion Formula

    Sadly, this is not enough to convince Inkfish. You need to provide LINKS to the official KRO formula. Also, You can't use IN-GAME skill description as proof.
  2. Miko

    Deep Sleep Lullaby Debuff not Working

    It's either that pre-rework's formula of Deep Sleep Lullaby was bugged or the reworked of this skill created a bug. This is no-brainer, Inkfish. A character with 1 INT should have 0 resistance to Deep Sleep. If we apply numbers to the formula you stated, "rate resistance: base rate - base rate (base rate doesn't matter because it zeros out) * int(1)*50/10000 " should equals to .005% resistance. So may I ask, if you still have it, what was the formula of the pre-rework?... If it ever got changed(which I dont think it did?) I've tested this myself, and it only proc'd 1 time out of 15 tries to a 1 INT 197/60 Arch Bishop. Baserate should be 72% according to your formula, Inkfish. Anyways, there's a clear indication something made the skill not functional post-rework. But it will take more than a screenshot to convince Inkfish that it is bugged (even though i think this report alone, and my findings is enough but clearly it is not) Cheers
  3. Miko

    Unlimited Humming not working

    @KucingKucing a better report would be that this skill somehow dropped my Comet Damage from 150k to 50k on Prontera Eggs. You're right, it's supposed to be increasing +20% All Elemental Property Magical Damage.
  4. Miko

    Sat Night Fever does not Work

    GVG Room is a place in main server, not test server, where people test for skills/items/modifications that reflects WoE Settings because there's no other way to test it other than actual WoE. So if there are changes that affects WoE, in most cases people will test it on the GvG Map. For future reports, GvG map name is @warp 2012rwc_04 @KucingKucingSkill works for me, double check for weapon because it failed when one of the caster has unequipped its weapon
  5. Miko

    Sharp Shooting A bit High Damage Bug

    LimitRO is not up to date to kro's current job rework. They've only released reworks for RK,GX,WL, and partially Genetic.
  6. Lauda Ramus is giving improper bonuses. The screenshots below shows skills getting their damage increased due to the buff from Lauda Ramus. 13k each Acid Bomb hit WITHOUT LAUDA RAMUS 14.2k each Acid Bomb hit WITH LAUDA RAMUS 6k each Gate of Hell hit WITHOUT LAUDA RAMUS 7.4k each Gate of Hell hit WITH LAUDA RAMUS 25k Dragon Breath hit WITHOUT LAUDA RAMUS 30k Dragon Breath hit WITH LAUDA RAMUS As you should know, these skills SHOULDN'T see increase in their damage because they are not CRITICAL DAMAGE. I don't need to show proofs... you should know how these skills behave whether official or custom. I am suspecting that it is currently giving +20% ATK.
  7. Miko

    Lauda Ramus BUG

    Alright, i'm re-creating a new post with clear sources.
  8. Miko

    Lauda Ramus BUG

    @Inkfish Sir, could you please clarify, are you saying that it's just wrong description ? I just want to make sure that Lauda Ramus shouldn't be giving +20% ATK dmg Thank you.
  9. Miko

    Verkana Runestone Bug Delay

    @Emistry It's still at 17-18 seconds delay. What did you fix here? edit: okay i get it--- it will get fixed after maintenance.
  10. Miko

    Lauda Ramus BUG

    it's giving +20% ATK DMG
  11. Reuse delay is currently at 17 seconds
  12. Storm Blast is an item, not a skill therefore this report is irrelevant pls change status to fixed thanks (in seriousness, move this to Item Bug)
  13. The Chaos effect is not working as intended, it does display the emote effect but causing players to walk abnormally is not working. 2020-08-17_21-08-55.mkv
  14. Miko

    Protection Gemstone Lv3 doesnt work

    Never rely on @battlestats it doesn't give you everything that you need to know. You have to test everything.
  15. -1, mainly because once it is "fixed" more bugs will appear and i'm honestly tired of it. Let's just admit that this is a limitro custom since it's been going on for years. KEKE