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  1. Roninfang

    My Art

    well as this thread says its for posting art stuff so might as well share my online portforlios I am also open to commissions/freelance work if anyone wants to commission me for 3d or 2d art of something
  2. Roninfang

    Shadow Equipment

    been checking the forums bit confused how to acquire them how do i get shadow equipment generally?
  3. Roninfang

    How much are VIP coins?

    How much are VIP coins? bit confused says on the site its 100,00 Sek but on one of the threads its 100 Sek
  4. Roninfang

    Suggestion about some mechanics

    "And mobile works differently than PC. They are both very different games even if they share a title. Mechanics for mobile would fit mobile play more. I mean, you can pretty much just leave your phone or emulator on and the game will just continue on auto killing monsters for you." i know mobile is still different from PC just making some suggestions ^^ and some the changes they did for the mobile if it will be a good idea if to do something similar for PC ragna
  5. Roninfang

    Deleting Characters

    Tried but no delete under delete reservation button is showing up ah wait works now i guess it was just lag
  6. Roninfang

    Deleting Characters

    just want to know how to delete characters? when i tried deleting 3 of my characters since didnt like the name and gender...character is still there and some sort of text appeared 1 month 8 days something..what is that for?
  7. Roninfang

    Suggestion about some mechanics

    Just a suggestion after playing ragnarok online mobile of maybe someway to implement LimitRO later on since felt like its a good change i like how the developers still kept most of the old mechanics of old RO but made some small changes in certain things for improvement A. I dont mind the alchemist skills needing an item to be able to use makes it fair but i wish a. there was a way to make it easier for them to farm b. Marine Sphere...well hows it set for Ragna PC makes it way to unusable... enemies/players can simply destroy it also too much of a hassle having to set it up i like what changes they did for Ragnarok Mobile/Eternal Love since currently playing an Alche and Monk there for the ALche changes they did MARINE SPHERE it comes in 2 versions both automatically hit the target so you can use like a normal attack skill like bash, double strafe etc Basically the animation it looks like the Alchemist summons it and it appears on top of the enemy and kinda drop down on target like a mini grenade so yeah autolock which made it easier to level the Alche even if your a pure brewer build now heres the difference of the 2 version Basically Marine Sphere has 10 levels in Ragna Mobile first 5 does like normal damage but the catch is it doesnt use up any items of course skills like Bowling Bash and such outdamage it BUT at least the big trade off FINALLY alche gets a skill that they can use for leveling that doesnt use any item when you hit level 5 you unlock likes a stronger version of it called Parasitic Bomb or basically like doubles/2.5x damage higher so thats a big damage boost but the catch thats when it uses up a Marine Sphere bottle per cast/throw BUT the main thing i like what they did with the Marine Sphere is weaker version doesn't use up any item so you can use it like a normal skill AND more important finally it automatically drops down on the target like a mini grenade no more effing hassle of setting it up etc like in old ragna So its still fair cause sure Marine Sphere it still weaker compared to most of the attack skills of the other classes but it doesnt use up any item and automatically hits target so Alche whether your a battle, int or pure brewer they finally get at least one decent skill they can use for leveling that doesnt use up any item but aside from most of the Alche skills in Ragna Mobile is still very the same from the old Ragna PC alche/genetist/biochemist skills Another huge change they did for the Alche is you get to keep the Humunculus now like you can summon Lif, Amister or Vanil...basically when you put them to rest and summon either one of the three they keep theyre level and skills but of course catch is still you can only summon one a time among the three but at least no need to pick which Humunculus to keep and you cant name the Humunculus or would it make the alche to unfair if it would applied in a private server like this? B. Monk for acolyte there is no more Demon Bane and Divine Protection skill they removed it from the acolyte felt like a good change since felt like spending 20 points to unlock monk skills was a waste of skill points Agi up now is a passive buff that comes with Blessing Acolye get a new passive skill Mace/Fist Mastery untill level 10 long story short damage increase if using Mace ,Fist type weapons or bare handed ------------ this one would be nice its more of a cosmetic suggestion Monk/Sura's etc animation would be nice its a bit randomize everytime monk does a normal attack especially male monk the normal attack animation just looks so boring I like what they did for the Teakwon that the normal attack animation is a bit random at times so that wont look that boring wish there was a way to do the same thing to the monk class like everytime they do a normal attack at times the animation would look different abit to give it a better sense the monk is doing some sort of random punch combo
  8. Roninfang

    Best/fastest way to farm zenny

    As expected found some player selling acid and bottle grenades but cant seem to find players selling plant bottles though. I just hope farming for materials for the plant bottles should be fairly quick cause enjoyed using the summon flora/hellplant skill of the genetist also. Anyways wanted to ask whats the fastest/best way to farm zenny with these classes/builds since these are the job classes/builds i really enjoy playing in ragnarok online and always play as in pretty much any ragnarok online server AGI/STR Sura INT/VIT Genetist ...really enjoyed the genetist it was just a hassle farming materials for the bottles...which reminds me havent found the npc for the cart cannon ammo yet. Wheres the npc for that? VIT/some str and int for the skills but mostly used it for tanking/support/some heal for the party with my friends usual weapons is spear and shield - Royal Guard Magic Ninja/Oboro Bow Rogue AGI/STR Axe Mechanic ...... Ill probably use the Royal Guard more often for farming or tanking in parties
  9. Roninfang

    Acid, Fire and Plant Bottles

    How about for the plant bottles?
  10. Just curious what is this race/class good at? Cause last time i played ragna private server its been a long time the doram.class wasnt implemented yet
  11. Roninfang

    Acid, Fire and Plant Bottles

    new to this server , checked the market noticed havent run into a merchant selling those so wanted to ask whats the best place to farm for the materials for it? because one of my old mains was a Genetist since i dont play that often actually now a days because ive played some private server before some npc would be selling the item and at other times there would a be a few merchant players selling the bottles needed to use the Alchemist's skills
  12. Roninfang


    New to this server so wanted to know where to people/players here buy or sell items? is there like a marketplace npc or like a "place" where all the merchants are vending?
  13. Roninfang

    Question About Features on this server

    ic but well hmmmm considering the drop rate i guess shouldnt be that big an issue/shouldnt take too long to stock up on supplies though how many players are probably vending in Prontera? 4. Been playing ragnarok eternal love/Ragnarok Online mobile...gotten used to the AutoAttack system in ragnarok eternal love/mobile so wanted to ask if there is something like that here? No clue about this, I don't play the mobile ic....just beginning to miss old ragna after playing Ragnarok Eternal Love/Mobile a bit.... but since am i bit busy...the autoattack etc system in Ragnarok Eternal was a big help one more question since one of my old mains was a Genetist... is there an way to make my humunculus like just stay in place and just auto attack/auto skill whatever i am targeting? cause back then it was such a hassle my Vanil accidentally attacking the wrong target and my vanil getting killed so often ><
  14. Roninfang

    Question About Features on this server

    I am not new to ragnarok online used to play it often way back but beginning to miss the game again and want to play it again a bit anyways few things i want to ask about this private server 1. how many players usually online? because games like this usually more fun with other players 2. One of my mains usually in Ragnarok is the Genetist so wanted to ask are the acid and fire bottles can be bought from an NPC? 3. how easy is it to earn zenny here? 4. Been playing ragnarok eternal love/Ragnarok Online mobile...gotten used to the AutoAttack system in ragnarok eternal love/mobile so wanted to ask if there is something like that here?