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  1. MAXintPUREvit

    Disable @noks command at Gladiator

    Why do the server always need to adjust on "new players" ?? I just cannot get it.. I am also new to the server, been playing for a couple of months now. If I cannot participate in such event or instances that are out of my league, I will just enjoy those that I can. Just saying. Also, the server is super newbie-friendly already and even provided tons of guides. So for those demanding "new players", just read or watch them.
  2. No point in having high amount of heal if you or your party members can only 1hit by MVP. As of now, main focus of support class (AB & Sorc) is to keep the party alive by increasing Def & Mdef and casting protective spells such as Kyrie/Prefatio, Safety wall, Wall of Fog & Land Protect. It is also better to have decreased casting time & after cast delay to be able to spam these skills.
  3. MAXintPUREvit

    Cap's Guide To Norse Exorcism

    Yes, its quite easy. Because right now, I am just using a FAW double spell & costume CE with 4 tempest. I wonder how much the judgment shoes will affect it more, with Oratio being Lv5 only. Also, can Holy Stick be enchanted with Spell twice?
  4. MAXintPUREvit

    Cap's Guide To Norse Exorcism

    Tried this build now and all necessary skills needed except the Oratio can be maxed but like what you said, no more points for cantocandidus. Which I think is okay if you are not having more members on your party, you can just cast Increase agi. I want to clarify if Adoramus skill cannot be interrupted once casted even without gear or card that makes casting uninterruptible.
  5. MAXintPUREvit

    Suggestion about some mechanics

    The admin already made the game very easy and newbie-friendly compared to the official desktop version. Well, you will not understand this if you have NOT played any official DESKTOP version of the game before.