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  1. Indra

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    Yes... Just disable it on bg pvp and woe... And let them in pvm
  2. Indra

    Survivor rod combo bug

    It should be inc damage on demihumand magic race like red pom band
  3. Indra

    Survivor rod combo bug

    Survivor shoes and rod combo doesnt increase magic damage on demihumand
  4. Yes.. +12 and it should be give medium/huge difference.. I hope it fix soon
  5. @Lai @Yuuki please fix next maintence
  6. I see... Only shiny tedy bear broken... Not only rog, adoramus but also other holy magic too
  7. Divine pride desc It should inc damage holy property magic damage like headless mule.. But the effect missing
  8. It doesnt improve damage for ray of genesis and adoramus... The desc and script should same as headless mule...