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  1. Eshu

    RNG Random Number Generator

    Btw he's a tester and donator too
  2. Eshu

    RNG Random Number Generator

    Technically speaking: you weren't one of the people I was thinking of when I made the post lol I did hear about yours after I think. I think everyone doing it understands the level of chance behind this which is part of why more people are angrier than before, its just asking players to do this for items to unlock/make builds viable is heading towards p2w. The point I was trying to address is that of appeal to gaining/keeping players not of a person's understanding of the basis.
  3. Eshu

    RNG Random Number Generator

    tl;dr RNG is needed but I wanna do instances (not forestwave) multiple times rather than spam opening my egg scroll or slotting 2k items for RNG on top of that. RNG in instances still gets me other stuff so I feel like I got something out of it and less discouraging. RNG on the RNG: Needing to slot 10 items at a 10% (think its 10 for vesper cores) chance and then having a 30% chance on top of that to even make the item. We have this with 2 items via limit island. I will not ever attempt this since I don't feel like random having 2-3 of the cores needing like 40 attempts which has already happened to me on this server. Could care less bout the fail chance overall on attempting for the item itself on the island. This just feels excessive more than anything RNG cash loot box: Class stones: Most of the stones are w/e but some actual enable multiple build options like Sniper Mid (or whatever the sharpshooting one is) due to lack of other shadow gears here, a couple others are good, most are nothing too special vs other gemstones we have. So far with this I've seen screens of one your helpers even opening 24 boxes and not getting one of the stones wanted from the epic box. When I asked them what happened I already heard others dropped 80 vips and still can't even get their full set (maybe half of it at most?). If I'm donating to the server I wanna actually get something out of it, not a chance. I got irl casino's for that to rip me off lol. Endgame players: np. Rest: goodluck! RNGegg: How many Egg Scrolls do we need really vs how many more are we going to get? I'm personally getting tired of opening Egg Scrolls and not getting the item I want in there after 900 Mad Bunny scrolls only to hear someone gets a Heart Card in Mouth after like 12 Invis Eggs that cost even more(at the time). Bounties take a long time to grind that many merit badges. The Eve Natalia changes were welcome addition, but even that has a minor rng game (20-40 merit). Forest Wave is a blessing but holy damn am I tired of doing that for hours and getting nothing from it. Give some attention to other features that haven't seen life. Bounty Boards A and S give those hammers out for -months- and have no use still, achievement system could be fleshed out way more (heard its currently impossible to even get the max ranking) possible to add timers to instances like how Faceworm has it, rewards for people with best times at end of month etc.. Old version of headgear maker made people go out and farm more things, can some future stuff be added to this? It helped the market too by adding more options for people.
  4. Eshu

    Basilica missing dmg

    Basilica gives buff icon, but no dmg increase with either physical or magic attacks. Tested on undead/undead Orc Zombie and players with undead property (not shown) with holy light and attacking with Holy stick (holy enchanted weapon) no damage differences
  5. Skill adding +30 atk to both Stat and Weapon atk, when it should only be the latter, effectively giving 60 atk instead.
  6. 3rd class skill updates has this skill now able to reach a level 10 cap. This is the only skill I'm aware of that has had an issue from the previous patch (skill points -> increase skill level wise)
  7. Eshu

    Find This Spot #2

    Isn't it #3 and #5 that are needed still?
  8. Eshu

    Find This Spot #2

    sograt desert moc field 12; 156 108 IGN: Eshua
  9. Eshu

    Limit Tester Team

    Char Name: Eshua Time Zone: gmt-8 Time in LimitRO: 3.5months Time in RO: 15 years
  10. Eshu

    Find This Spot #1

    First image: Mjolnir Dead Fit F2(mjo_dun02) 51,58 roughly ign: Eshua