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  1. Eshu

    Basilica missing dmg

    Basilica gives buff icon, but no dmg increase with either physical or magic attacks. Tested on undead/undead Orc Zombie and players with undead property (not shown) with holy light and attacking with Holy stick (holy enchanted weapon) no damage differences
  2. Skill adding +30 atk to both Stat and Weapon atk, when it should only be the latter, effectively giving 60 atk instead.
  3. 3rd class skill updates has this skill now able to reach a level 10 cap. This is the only skill I'm aware of that has had an issue from the previous patch (skill points -> increase skill level wise)
  4. Eshu

    Find This Spot #2

    Isn't it #3 and #5 that are needed still?
  5. Eshu

    Find This Spot #2

    sograt desert moc field 12; 156 108 IGN: Eshua
  6. Eshu

    Limit Tester Team

    Char Name: Eshua Time Zone: gmt-8 Time in LimitRO: 3.5months Time in RO: 15 years
  7. Eshu

    Find This Spot #1

    First image: Mjolnir Dead Fit F2(mjo_dun02) 51,58 roughly ign: Eshua