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  1. Mini Ifrit

    18-19 years fun no interest in WOE

    WOE is for kids I skip it
  2. Mini Ifrit


    Thanks that @search is handy at least now I know the Holy Grail never ever existed
  3. Mini Ifrit

    Specdrizzy here!!

    Cool Spec sorry Lord Spec this is my first ever Mech as I never managed to make one before learning so much here just ask around everyone is so helpful and it's nice to be on a server where there is no trashtalking racist crap Gravity's main RO server was bad for that. Back to play time
  4. Mini Ifrit

    New Player here to LRO

    Been playing a few weeks diff chars a little about me. Warning <Shock> I have played since Alpha and Beta so a long time. I'm 49 years old. 50 in 2 months When I started RO there were a lot of people my age more than there were kids. I played RO and Priston Tale. I do Sewage Waste Management for work yeah I deal with the stuff you flush away. Not married no kids have a great family, own my own condo and I still keep in contact with the original gang of friends I made in RO and RebirthRO which some have migrated to here from this is how I got here. This is a way better server and far more stable. Some of my friends see this game and don't believe this game is 18 years old. Older than some of the people playing it. My main chars are my Guillotine murdering bastard Sin and my Mech some of you back in the day may remember Riffy the Blacksmith <--- I miss the guy the very first Wind blade and Wind Katana changed the way people played and made Knights deadly Way back in RO before it was IRO he made a Wind Flamberge and until Gravity fixed it it wasn't 200% damage it was 400 % with that spear. RO has changed so much over the last decade with all the private servers and the owners and mods that spend a lot of time to make us happy. I played on RRO for 3 years but too many crashes and I gave up about 6-7 years ago I have not played for 6 years until last month and glad of the email I got to join here. If you see me in game mostly in vend area or Pront when not playing my Guillotine Sin is MiniIfrit. That's the one deadliest thing in the game unless there is something worse now om the last 6-7 years Nice to be part of the LRO family Garoshen
  5. Mini Ifrit

    2 Questions both related

    What is the going price if a Thanos Katar, I have a Megalodin build or what people used to call Excalibur I like to mob about 10+ of them and kill them in 3 hits. I will post my stats later I am only level 115 right now but in 10 levels I will almost have my stats where I want them. I just want to kill them for a week as vendors buying the tails for 35k each. Do you know if there is a guide to card prices as I have like 100 of them now. I have always pretty much played as LK or Hunter as with those I never transcended in IRO
  6. Mini Ifrit

    2 Questions both related

    I have a Guillotine Cross I need to know what elemental Petittes are weak to and what the best Katar based weapon is. 2nd I also hunt in Byalan 5 and 6 need to also know the best katar based weapon 6 is hard as hell. (Also is their a soup that is +20 agi for 20 mins?) Not played much in the last few year but I am an old player back from alpha and beta in 2002 back in the days of Chrissy we speak good Engrish I know there are others out there in their 40's like me. Love this server. Not much for the costumes but how does one setup paypal to donate to get extra gear or goodies, reply here or inbox me. Thanks MiniIfrit