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  1. BungNov

    Newbie Questions

    What is your current job, gear and stat? We can start from there.
  2. BungNov

    [Help] Card Removal Service - CLOSED

    Hei guys, I read somewhere in the wiki that we can remove card from our equipment at admiral. But i cant manage to find the service mentioned. Where is exactly the position? Is it still doable? Newbie here 😃 Thanks in advance 😃 PS: FOUND IT at prontera =))
  3. BungNov


    Bapho JR in pront_maze_3 is the easiest, and the fastest to farm yggdrasil berry, as the spawn is quick enough, and the map is very2 small. Teleport and area damage will be your best friend =))
  4. BungNov

    Salam Kenal

    ashiaaap Kok pindah2 ya
  5. BungNov

    Ada guild yang rajin PVM?

    Masih setia PVM ngumpulin uang saku buat beli equip.
  6. BungNov

    What's your goal on playing limitRO?

    Im Nov, from Indonesia too. My goal? Just play for the sake of Nostalgia =))
  7. BungNov

    Server Time ke WIB

    Pake online tool coba "https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/" kek e server limit RO ada di canada (link)
  8. BungNov

    Salam Kenal

    Wellcome Biasanya sering liat pada ngumpul di payon. ak juga baru, baru maen sebulanan