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  1. XerophynX

    Boy's Cap [1], C class Socket Enchantable Armors

    go to asgard walk street go to asgard walk street
  2. XerophynX

    weapon blocking issue

    why is it that the weapon blocking skill gets deactivated once you press the weapon blocking skill again? Is this some kind of a bug or just misbehaving?
  3. XerophynX

    Costume Acquisition Improvements & Adjustments

    im neutral with your suggestion but hunting CE's is a matter of PATIENCE. i know how you feel since i've been in that position. its a great achievement once u got the item with LOW rate and LOW respawn rate of the monster. i hunted gambler seal CE in swift carat and the bumblebee headgear in elusive luciola vespa.
  4. XerophynX

    enchantment of Mr. Upgrade

    How many enchantment can Mr. Upgrade do with the Upgraded Weapon?
  5. XerophynX


    with the current changelog that the bio lab hats is now enchantable i think that the exchanging of some item into energy debris will be a hassle going in & out of the bio 5 and as well it will consume zenny. A player is required to gather numerous energy debris to convert into cursed fragment before he/she can enchant the item. A new NPC outside the slum will be much appreciated. TIA!
  6. XerophynX

    bring back QUADRILLE

    where is the quadrille located?
  7. XerophynX

    Farming Spotlight (Gourmet Day)

    i rather suggest that is to increase the drop rate & fasten the respawn rate all the items on tuesday.
  8. XerophynX

    bring back QUADRILLE

    hope others will agree to this so hoping other players will respond also.. previous post will be the result once these 2 items are not restored..
  9. XerophynX

    bring back QUADRILLE

    correct me if im wrong. with the current changelog replacing the manuk & splendide shop into midcamp NPC. i notice that quadrille was removed. hope u can bring it back.
  10. XerophynX

    Unable to play

    The client made a patch.. After patchin g this error came in and i cant play..
  11. XerophynX

    Card Recycling

    Topic Name (Recycling of un-used cards) Describe your suggestion What is this? Recycling of un-used card thru gambling or lottery Why do we have to add it? So that un-used can turn more into a useful item Who will benefit this? All players Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? Other