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  1. Red John

    Silk WoE new balance

    or is it possible to do a custom nerf solely for SILK? lets say retaining the previous skill effects pre-rework? cause cases like Comet, its not that OP if u remove the debuff part or or reduce the dmg of those OP skills rather than banning them?
  2. Red John

    Bugged refiner

    choose one of the ores first?
  3. Red John

    Lucky bronze coins

    or just exchange coins to get higher tier coins? bronze coins into silvers into golds to keep the RNG essence of the roulette. nonetheless +1 to this bro
  4. Red John

    Changelogs - Lesser RNG

    Alliance not up? if not please check this out thanks
  5. Red John

    Guild setup

    whats with your reply man, im asking politely was it not polite enough? if not im deeply sorry, im just wondering why GM Lai go against the vote. Thx +1 to implementing it differently on different WoEs
  6. Red John

    Guild setup

    which exactly? idk how hard it is to change the value 24 into 36, and tbh idk which WoE @vincentcen was referring to coz silk is doing fine w/ 24 guild cap, but hey everyone agreed right? so why not go with that vote?
  7. Red John

    WoE Everyday

  8. Red John

    Purple Ferus Card giving WATK% instead of ATK%

    i always thought that atk% is weapon atk coz i compared previous descriptions like TG card before and now
  9. Red John

    WoE Everyday

    or just scatter the current WoE sched? so people dont get drained in one day, then use the normal woe time slot for every woe?(can be discussed) so its like 4 woe days but not consecutive.
  10. Red John

    the BUTTON received Daily login items

    item mails can only be claimed at town
  11. Red John

    Loki's Whisper Drop Rate Boost

    yea im fine with this getting rejected now, i just took the chance to post this to forum so it could get discussed coz as i said lai agreed on discord, just didnt want to waste my time being a tryhard then it'll get approved when its no longer necessary. thx guys ❤️ also im not the one who suggested it on discord i just thought it was a good idea before.
  12. Red John

    Loki's Whisper Drop Rate Boost

    bump alternatives are Increasing mob spawn Adding Loki's Whispers to OPB/OBB Changing Required mats for Reload Shadow (which i hope not, i started farming again coz of boost)
  13. it gives 1% chance to drain 1% of damage as HP instead
  14. Tried it before for like 3 days probably 12 hrs total of farming i only got 6, i dont think i could go on coz its tiring so i stopped then one day i saw someone suggested on discord, GM Lai kinda agreed on it idk if he forgot it or he changed his mind. Its been a month since then so im reviving this, this time on forums so it could actually get discussed.
  15. Red John

    Hasty Shadow Set doesn't give bonus movespeed

    maybe that -3% is the bonus given by the set if it is,it doesn't give that much