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  1. Red John

    Gloomy Shyness Rework

    lmao, no logic involved sir im just saying u might have misplaced that 2.5sec FCT debuff. If u didnt removed it then its still broken coz this is not a 1 bug report and sorry for the messy report sir but pls check #3 aswell TIA
  2. Red John

    Gloomy Shyness Rework

    1. Instead of Gloomy Shyness giving FCT on targets.... the skill itself received it. Proof -> after reaching 100% VCT it still have 2.5sec FCT 2. After casting Gloomy onto a target. the target received these following debuffs Proof Before: After: . which is correct but.... the target didnt receive the 2.5sec FCT DEBUFF. 3.Pre-rework mechanic, Gloomy Shyness checks if these skills are learned(BUFF PART) and then gives DEBUFF IF NOT. so i tested and the SKILL CHECKER CODE is still there making them immune from the debuff if they learned the skills. (Red Square Part needs more testing, idk if it existed even before but it should REMOVE MOUNTS w/ that chances) Cooldown part is currently 60secs. I dont think i can push it to 10secs so its up to the GMs to BALANCE(a.k.a. Limitro Custom) it coz tbh, this skill is OP. but not following the new mechanic doesnt seem fun
  3. Red John

    Deep Sleep Lullaby Debuff not Working

    mind sharing where u got the rate resistance sir? i tried searching theres n o resisting deep sleep... only reducing its duration. this ones from iRO this one is from kRO (idk if its translation mistake) but still. it doesnt say u can PREVENT deep sleep from proccing if that resistance formula is official then the only thing u can do @KucingKucing is to suggest it(resistance rate) to be removed AND improve the duration reduction to keep it balanced coz right now u can only clear that 60secs by having 1k int. although idk if they would approve it coz its custom ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Red John

    Deep Sleep Lullaby Debuff not Working

    tried it many times, works but up to little to no chance making it not useful at all
  5. Red John

    Thorn Trap not Destroyed after Hit by Fire Element

    yea sure, but the report is still wrong, u cant destroy traps like that
  6. Red John

    Thorn Trap not Destroyed after Hit by Fire Element

    "target" referring to the ones who are caught in it, maybe u r referring to Thorn Wall??
  7. Red John

    Lauda Ramus/Agnus not working on whole map

    no it wasnt. and no, it should NOT
  8. Red John


    id say make a poll, but they dont really care about that so +1 on not removing silk bg, also your GX problem is not a valid point here, you know who u are
  9. this is your words not mine, its more like if your class is not meant to do it change your class/build, coz it sounded to me that `oh my super novice cant kill boss pls nerf so that other class/build has a "fighting chance"` anyways i guess you've won, have fun with your full attack build that you dont want to be compromised
  10. there isnt? hp/leech gears/cards are accessible if u dont want to spam hp pots, elemental resists too since its just bolts, and i do play a non shield class mid tier ranger and no i dont swap to shield+gtb just to pass thru thorns w/ the amount of op gears in the server yea MOST people already do solo but not EVERYONE but then again if u believe that its 'easy' why nerf it? i dont get the unfairness part, if u cant do it, dont do it
  11. the wall of flames exist and moves, but i think its set to a slower rate. i saw it move a couple of times whenever we take too long to finish the boss. i see, thx
  12. -1 on #3 and #4 hard mode schmidt has 712 LUK thats -142 crit rate so i doubt youll miss on 250 crit unless you are using a skill that uses only half crit rate like IB and CI the instance is already easy if u get used to it. if u make it more easier itll become boring and everyone will just go solo its "invulnerable mode" dont even happen so u could add that to #5
  13. Red John

    Silk WoE new balance

    or is it possible to do a custom nerf solely for SILK? lets say retaining the previous skill effects pre-rework? cause cases like Comet, its not that OP if u remove the debuff part or or reduce the dmg of those OP skills rather than banning them?
  14. Red John

    Bugged refiner

    choose one of the ores first?
  15. Red John

    Lucky bronze coins

    or just exchange coins to get higher tier coins? bronze coins into silvers into golds to keep the RNG essence of the roulette. nonetheless +1 to this bro