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  1. I got TGK already, and I think better for survival, even with 50k hp some MVPs can finish SC in 3 hit. My IP is not very good because its very far from server, some seconds delay mean dead with paper HP.
  2. Thanks Im buying + 11 Sorcerer's sword and Im going to use heroic hidden armor with TGK card. Is it ok to build so ?
  3. This is my SC. I replaced kobold card with mavka on 2 evil glove. Is it better than 1 evil glove + 1 alchemy glove ?
  4. My target MVPs are Baphomet, GTB, Drake, OGH bosses. I cant solo any of them for now. I saw ppl solo 2 bosses in OGH without many potions used, how can they do that ? Currently I got a not very bad RG on same account that can solo most MVPs, I just like the way of auto spell so I created this SC.
  5. Im PVM type. Mostly I farm zeny in tha 10 then go around mvp, but my SC still cant do both
  6. Hi I'm pretty new to auto spell SC. I got almost all the equips in the guild except for Sorcerer's sword, but I still have problem with survival. Can auto SC healing without using potion. Please help !