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  1. Jill

    Changelogs - Slow progression

    when will the new mado gear be released? @Lai
  2. U fixed it now or next mt? coz i try again and same no stats added
  3. I tried it with a ranger, my valkyrie knife +9 and didn't add additional stats to DEX and INT
  4. I wear costumes wings but i can’t seen in my char
  5. Jill

    Cap's Guide To Norse Exorcism

    Do u get acolyte shadow set hard? I searched for a long time but didn’t get it even though i only need to search acolyte shadow earring. maybe you have some for other possible?:(
  6. Jill


    Mau tanya ne, kalau enchant di mato mato bisa pecah gak y? Thx