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  1. Drnl18

    Rude Player

    this player should be ban way way back before. this person is so demanding and rude. remember he's asking where to hunt this where this mob located by spamming the @Main @Help then swearing. Even my friends kinda angry bout him from his obnoxious behavior when they r in a party run. hope u remember me [Loki Shadowalker]
  2. Drnl18

    Black Sprites

    how to fix this?? not just my characters but to some players too, on mount or their actual character's sprite. the @refresh command fix this temporarily on my own characters when using duals but from other players it wont work
  3. Drnl18

    Lost Costume

    Transferred my Mistress Horned Coif costume from my main account's Royal Guard to my 2nd account's Shadow Chaser by dropping and quickly picking it from the ground and yes there is a notification and message that I had picked up the item and even wear it after i picked it up. This happened at 29th of July 2019 Monday ph time when i logged in this account. I checked all my characters on this account and in my main account (JLeonard18) - all tabs in Inventory - all tabs in Storage - didn't sell a thing using my Character (Royal Guard on JLeonard18 and Shadow Chaser in this account) with that Item. - Logged in both accounts at https://www.limitro.com/ - Checked both account inventories and every character's using "Ctrl+F" command with the words: Mistress, Horned, Coif, Mistress Horned Coif *i know its just a CE but i voted the server to get vote points everytime before logging in to the game. kindly check the missing item Mistress Horned Coif costume on both of this accounts logs: JLeonard18 & Drnl18 TIA Lai or Devs
  4. when farming at Scaraba Dungeon 2, i accidentally hit an Easter Egg and got teleported to the Bunny Dream Land map. After my timer's up from that map i re-equipped all my gears and CEs except for my Pendant of Maelstrom with G.Scaraba card and i haven't selled a loots after that event so im 100% i didnt selled it (its not OP so i got no intentions of trolling the Devs and im pointing the bug that just happened lol) i tried to look at the 4 sections of my inventory of that char that im equipping with that item. Inventory [Usable/Equips/Etc/Faves] = NEGATIVE Storage [Every Section / Used the Search bar by entering the word "Pendant/Maelstrom/Pendant of Maelstrom/Mad Berseker"] = NEGATIVE Other Char's Inventory [including my 1 char that have 2 PoMs equipped] = NEGATIVE still not there
  5. At the Description, Izaac will offer 1 Limit Group Coin for an amount of an item listed below. It says that 1 LITTLE EVIL HORN is to 1 LIMIT GROUP COIN But when I deal Izaac, the amount of LIMIT GROUP COINS are only half the amount of LITTLE EVIL HORNS that I have so I think the amount should be [2 HORNS is to 1 COIN] but please make it [1 is to 1] Char Name: Boss Henry Sy / Whitesmith
  6. Drnl18

    kind of player

    im selling an item via @trade and letting them to pm me their offers then this player PMed me that i should put my offer if im selling and i tell him that someone's offering then he replied that he's expecting a price if he's buying an item but i just tell him to stop chatting me if he dont want to offer then close the chat with him but he's still chatting me as u can see on the SShots.
  7. Drnl18

    Dullahan Ring of Death accessory

    do the item implemented here?? http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=10031
  8. Drnl18

    Gepard Shield Error - Gepard:GT Code 1

    up still occuring
  9. Drnl18

    Gepard Shield Error - Gepard:GT Code 1

    WTF??? this still occurs! i turned off my firewall. i can watch stream videos without lagging so i doubt its my connection. can you fix this? sheesh
  10. Drnl18

    Gepard Shield Error - Gepard:GT Code 1

    Thanks for responding! got it working now
  11. :GT C help?
  12. Drnl18

    Hey there! any Pinoys??

    which server you play?