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  1. when farming at Scaraba Dungeon 2, i accidentally hit an Easter Egg and got teleported to the Bunny Dream Land map. After my timer's up from that map i re-equipped all my gears and CEs except for my Pendant of Maelstrom with G.Scaraba card and i haven't selled a loots after that event so im 100% i didnt selled it (its not OP so i got no intentions of trolling the Devs and im pointing the bug that just happened lol) i tried to look at the 4 sections of my inventory of that char that im equipping with that item. Inventory [Usable/Equips/Etc/Faves] = NEGATIVE Storage [Every Section / Used the Search bar by entering the word "Pendant/Maelstrom/Pendant of Maelstrom/Mad Berseker"] = NEGATIVE Other Char's Inventory [including my 1 char that have 2 PoMs equipped] = NEGATIVE still not there
  2. At the Description, Izaac will offer 1 Limit Group Coin for an amount of an item listed below. It says that 1 LITTLE EVIL HORN is to 1 LIMIT GROUP COIN But when I deal Izaac, the amount of LIMIT GROUP COINS are only half the amount of LITTLE EVIL HORNS that I have so I think the amount should be [2 HORNS is to 1 COIN] but please make it [1 is to 1] Char Name: Boss Henry Sy / Whitesmith
  3. Drnl18

    kind of player

    im selling an item via @trade and letting them to pm me their offers then this player PMed me that i should put my offer if im selling and i tell him that someone's offering then he replied that he's expecting a price if he's buying an item but i just tell him to stop chatting me if he dont want to offer then close the chat with him but he's still chatting me as u can see on the SShots.
  4. Drnl18

    Dullahan Ring of Death accessory

    do the item implemented here?? http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=10031
  5. Drnl18

    Gepard Shield Error - Gepard:GT Code 1

    up still occuring
  6. Drnl18

    Gepard Shield Error - Gepard:GT Code 1

    WTF??? this still occurs! i turned off my firewall. i can watch stream videos without lagging so i doubt its my connection. can you fix this? sheesh
  7. Drnl18

    Gepard Shield Error - Gepard:GT Code 1

    Thanks for responding! got it working now
  8. :GT C help?
  9. Drnl18

    Hey there! any Pinoys??

    which server you play?