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  1. BelugaWhale

    Insulting via public chat

    Thanks for your opinion Karyu. Well said. I understand that this issue is not worthy of being read by Lai. My point here is that this guy followed me all throughout the map for like more than 30 minutes and was trying to KS my mobs (literally walking beside me while using Roundtrip Skill). I asked him to stop through PM, several times. He did not stop and still continued to follow and try to KS my mobs. So i went main chat. You can read what I said in main chat in his SS. As for Lai's verdict, I know you have rules for not saying bad things in main chat and I apologize for saying bad stuff in Main chat. It won't happen again. As for these two people who walked beside me while trying to KS my mobs, I mean what I said in Main chat You want to quit RO for what I did? It's up to you. You were at fault, you were being rude to me. Stop trying to act like victims here just because i called you an "asshole". Welcome to reality ---- Respect one another >> you will be loved do something rude to others, and you will be called asshole
  2. BelugaWhale

    Insulting via public chat

    OF COURSE I can 1 shot mobs in th10. Do I have to prove it to you?? LOL. You think I'm planning some kind of scheme to weaken my damage so I can blame others? Are you kidding me? Why would I do that? This is getting ridiculous. I don't want to reply now. You are dodging the MAIN point again. I'll tell this for 1,000th time. RESPECT players, DO NOT follow them all throughout the map while trying to KS their mobs. Plain and Simple. Case closed. spread love not hate Regards to your friend.
  3. BelugaWhale

    Insulting via public chat

    I said "I can report you". I did not say "i will report you". Those two sentences mean different things. Can means I could do it IF I want to. Poor English understanding? Not my problem. Yes i can single shot mobs but you walked beside me all the time while trying to KS me. That's why i said. You were "trying" to KS me. You are dodging the main point here, RESPECT players, DO NOT walk beside them or follow them all throughout the map for 30 minutes while trying to KS their mobs. End of discussion.
  4. BelugaWhale

    Insulting via public chat

    Aggro issue? The main issue here is to RESPECT all farmers. Do not keep on following a player all throughout the map and try to KS his/her mobs. I have been farming th10 for a very long time. I've met players like you, (players who KS mobs) but when i PM these other th10 players to stop KS, they stop and all is good, we farm happily together. Same thing happens when i accidentally KS some of their mobs, i carefully farm and make sure that i don't get to KS them again (that's called respecting one another). But you two did not stop, you two did not listen to me. I asked both of you to stop KS in PM, and guess what you did? You kept on following me and trying to KS me. And yes, it's as if you were acting like a child. (what else would you call it?) All the KS warnings that were shown in the SS are the proof of you following me all throughout the map and trying to KS me. I repeat, RESPECT all players. DO NOT follow them all throughout the map for 30 minutes while trying to KS the mobs along their way.
  5. BelugaWhale

    Insulting via public chat

    1. at first, i TRIED to pm you to STOP KS my mobs and look at what you REPLIED 2. THEN, So after i PM'd u like 3 times telling to stop KS'ing my mobs and STOP following me in th10, u still kept on doing it (here are the proof of you trying to KS) --- i wasn't really gonna report u in forums even after your childish act so i didn't get a SS of our messages. 3. I went to main chat because after i discussed it to u privately, (im basically asking him to "please" stop KS mobs and stop following me on th10), because you were following me for like half an hour or so... and it was kind of annoying (being followed wherever my char walks and trying to KS mobs). 4. now you reported me. let's not waste everyone's time with this shit. i just want to farm th10 nicely, u tried to KS me several times, i ASKED you to STOP via PRIVATE MESSAGE. then you still continued KS'ing like a mad man. so I went main chat. P.S. i never threatened to ban you. i asked you nicely to please stop KS (as u can see on my SS). but you still kept on harassing me while farming so i said, stop or i'll post on forums. P.S.S. i've got more SS of you trying to KS my mobs and i got tired of doing more SS because you followed and acted like a kid following me in th10 for like half an hour or so. GM lai, i apologize for wasting your time with his report. i tried to settle things with him through PM in game to STOP KS, but instead, he acted like a kid and followed me while trying to KS. he was at fault and he reported me. lol Btw i think this is your friend. he was trying to KS me for a long time (couple of minutes) so i decided to talk to him in PM. Same issue he tried to KS me, i asked him in PRIVATE chat to stop KS, then he still continued to KS me. (here are the SS proof of KS) TL;DR: You and your friend tried to KS me in th10 countless times for about half an hour or more. i asked both you and your friend in PM to stop all the KS. both of you did not listen so i went to main chat.