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  1. KucingKucing

    Item Question

    on the wiki page it says: If you fail, you'll lose 30 special ores, and you'll need to collect them again and retry the game.
  2. KucingKucing

    Nerf Sura and Skill "Gates of Hell"

    this might be out of topic, but i thought performers (wanderer/mins) improvement was supposedly out with Shura improvements as per: https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3674-kro-update-schedule-in-the-first-quarter-of-2019/ @Cj can u clarify again? Or will there be another skill rework again for these classes..
  3. KucingKucing

    WoE Exploit

  4. KucingKucing

    Episode 17.2 Varmundt's Mansion

    oh hell yeah!!
  5. KucingKucing

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    voila: and
  6. KucingKucing

    LimitRO 17.1? Or stay 16.2?

    Was wondering if EDDA Biotech is included on ep 17.1 or that's totally a different story?
  7. KucingKucing

    Severe Rainstorm SC

    -Buffalo set, Marine Sphere for acc -For mid you have plenty of choices: Sigrun wing for extra aspd, robo eyes (slot or nonslotted), Imperial dragon wing (flee + perfect dodge), or even monocle (no effect, but just extra slot) -For lower: Golden fish, and spiked scarf i guess?
  8. KucingKucing

    Severe Rainstorm SC

    -I use jitterbug on my headgear, but if you have Violent Coelacanth, use this instead. try to +16 ur old sc hat. -Mid and low i use mobset - sunglasses for the extra slot. I hate tengu set as u need 120 str. But if dont mind spending 120 point at str, go for it. -Gloom or boitata for armor card. as an alternative, abusive with dex enchant is also good. -Card acc: singing and playing perre to complete jitterbug set. ive never really try using BS glove +emerald ring-; i use 2 emerald rings. do lemme know which one is better tho
  9. KucingKucing

    Episode 17.2 Varmundt's Mansion

    wish kro do something with the summoner class T^T
  10. KucingKucing

    Change Applause Sandals Quest Limitation

    poll has been made on this post:
  11. KucingKucing

    Doram's Spirit of Savage Skill

    hmm, i might need to repro the issue later. What about aiming the mobs at the end of the line?
  12. KucingKucing

    Doram's Spirit of Savage Skill

    i rarely use it, and this is the major weakness of physical doram - the lack of aoe skill. the long cooldown and lack of damage just doesnt cover it up... im not so sure how long is the cooldown but it says it is up to 20 secs? as per: https://www.limitro.com/forums/reportcenter/skillbugs/spirit-of-savage-cool-down-and-hits-r1637/ you can reduce it by using the race cap - (this might be the tips u r looking for) but to be perfectly honest i still prefer to use my laser of eagle because of the cecil proc. Lunatic Beat carrot can only be good if u use the entire elegant set - i still can hit 70-100k (? - i guess )without it, but it is a 'meh' damage. the best way for tanking, use 'STOOP' and spam picky. XD
  13. KucingKucing

    Adoramus Damage

    @Lai so my current adoramus damage is the real damage, or what..??
  14. KucingKucing

    Adoramus Damage

    For some reasons, my Adoramus damage been lower after the MT. I normally hit 2-3m to OGHH's mob but on the last run it was only hitting 1m - some even lower. Does anyone experience the same issue like me? TQTQ
  15. KucingKucing

    GX DD Crit Gear

    wait, so putting 2 blue lumis wont work then?