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  1. KucingKucing

    Chat Box Did Not Disappear

    yes, this is main server
  2. KucingKucing

    Chat Box Did Not Disappear

    -Chat box do not disappear if choosing 'NO'', preventing to talk to Spica -No issue if we want to Skip it
  3. KucingKucing

    Silk WoE new balance

    Seems like we are at an impasse XD
  4. KucingKucing

    Cap's Noob Guide to Battle Bishop

    i would not invest much on luk - i know the idea of crit AB is fun, but lets face it, this aint not melee class - unless u really in it for fun. The thing with renewal is that, it is really skill oriented.. If u notice on the video, the one that really killed the mobs was the Psychic Wave, not the crit itself XD As you said that u wanna use mob set, better allocate some dex as mob set (int+ dex) bonus is superb... This guide was written when Mob set combo was not existed yet..
  5. KucingKucing

    Cap's Noob Guide to Battle Bishop

    Hi again @Romester, XD - Headgear: No doubt for racing capt, but try to enchant it if it is possible. Greater Sanare or Jitterbug (depend on what you put on ACC) - Mid Low: Mob Scarf (extra Slots - and you can put Mistress here). Eventually you want to boost your magic power more. Or yeah, you can use CD on mouth, and any other mid slotted gear for your extra card. - Armor: Illusion Gear B enchant Double Magic ACD. Card: Nightmare Amon Ra (it is practically a must for Adoramus build) - Shield: CMB/CMB [1]. Although I recommend to use PKS (shit is expensive tho), but you get extra ASPD plus you can enchant it - Weapon:There are 3 options that I can suggest and all this are 2 slotted weapons so u can use both of the cards on your list. 1. Exorcist Bible [2]. Drop form Solar, boost Duple Light, increase afterdelay attack, Book Type of Weapon (enchantable) 2. Saint Spectre. Drop from Solar, boost Adoramus + Holy Damage, Mace (enchantable) 3. Uilto-OS: Quest 17.1, Bost Adoramus + Holy, increase after delay attack, Mace (enchantable) -Garment: if u need ASPD, then yeah Battle Surcoat. But should you get 193 already, change to FAW/GW/ Temporal Mant (int/agi). Depends on what you wanna boost (Crit or Magic) - Shoes: Temp int/temp luk. With enchant Spell + Runaway magic. - Acc, varied from your build (more auto cast magic, or boost your adoramus) 1. Celine Brooch + Evil Glove (more magic) 2. Mir Max ATK, or Illusion battle Chip (INT, LUK, SHARP, Spell, Magic Drain enchant, the options is yours) card: headless mule to boost your holy damage, pere set if you use jitterbug, the mvp EL1-A17T autocast hell Inferno, jewgeliant, auto cast phsycic wave level 1 No issue on Shadow set, prefer the whole AB set.. Cheers~
  6. -Hmm, for starter you can get Dog tag; it works nicely with your Lindy Hop. Put Gigantes Card on it (2B for Tag and 300M for Card) -You can use Blue Lumi for early game, although I prefer BS Gloves for Ignore Def (800m-1B?). Eventually you wanna have PDM, but that is for another day. -I prefer FAW Max Fatal if you have any, the end game would be Temporal Agi Manteau (Clean around 3.5B - 4B). -Enchant your shoes with Fighting Spirit Lucky Day/Bear's Power; refine to at least +9. (Ref tix is around 90m? U can get it for free form egg or ur attendance). FWQ will be your end game card- I still dont know how to summon Miguel, and you can use Deep Sea Merman as well. -Enchant your Lindi with Sharp2FS, or Double FS. Get Thanatos (1.5B), Corrupted Wanderer (300m), or True Seyren (idk the price) -Get Illusion Armor A with enchant Double Power ACD (craft it, or buy it, Power Module is 150-200m, ACD 300-400m, frgot about the armor). -Armor card Gloom (1.5B), C. Bapho (25-30vips) or Reginlef (idk how much this card is) -Some ppl prefer mob set for additional slot, you can use Deepsea King Dramoh to combo with ur Deepsea merman -The current meta is IB, so ORC with Acute enchant is preferable, you can use V coel, Purple Ferrus for the card.
  7. OS weapon is, what's the word... meh... Some are good, some are just unusable. So to make it more "Usable", I suggest that Lai release these following headgear: Stripe Hat : https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/400049/kRO Ignis Cap: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/400022/kRO Phantom Cap: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/400044/kRO Red Clark Casquette: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/400021/kRO Great Magician ceremonial Crown: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/400054/ Scorpio Celestial Coronet: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/400059/kRO Sagittarius Celestial Coronet: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/400061/kRO This item is cash shop item from kRo, so I guess we can release it via crafting (custom limitro). TQTQ..
  8. KucingKucing

    17.1 Quest bug

    yeah, you need to reenter the pub again. was worried that i couldnt find him
  9. KucingKucing

    rune night (dragon breath build)

    U can check the this guide: https://www.limitro.com/forums/topic/15075-bous-theoretical-rk-guide-discussion-purpose-only/?do=getNewComment
  10. KucingKucing

    Ignition Break Shadow Weapon Not Working

    Can we reopen this report, or need to submit a new one as it is not fixed yet
  11. ah that's Kim from kro
  12. KucingKucing

    About Shadow Random Option Tooktak Box

    i read it somewhere it needs to be +7 - i frgot where i read the reference tho. U can try it tho whether the it is right not; use physical and magical set for trial test
  13. KucingKucing

    About Shadow Random Option Tooktak Box

    is ur plasterer shadow +7?
  14. Will you be continuing the guide with other RK Build? Oh, and I notice that you did not put ATK Starstone. The Starstone in lro is added as a final modifier so it won't be calculated early on the DB formula. My friend already tested this, and for some reasons ATK > Long Stones... XD
  15. KucingKucing

    Illusion Electric Eel/Guitar Does not give Cooldown

    @Lai can we put this on incoming mt?