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  1. -The skill is missing the Status resistance bonus. At level five, it supposedly gives 25% blind, frozen, petrified, stun, curse, sleep, silence for party members within 31*31 cells. -Kindly check on the battlestats screenshot below: -Elemental resistance is working just fine
  2. KucingKucing

    Mobscarf Set not Giving Correct Bonus

    CMIIW, but the mob scarf + sunglass alone gives the 2% demi reduc, and not from the str + luk combo. -agi vit: MaxHP +5%, Reduces after attack delay by 5%, Reduces damage taken from Demihuman monsters by 2% (so 6% if agi and vit 120, totaling in 8% with the above effect) -str + luk combo gives: Weapon ATK Power +6%, CRIT +5, Increases critical attack damage by 10%.
  3. KucingKucing

    Unnerfed Seraphim Coronet

  4. Well, that what is written on incoming changelog... But let's see if it will work or not...
  5. I believe this is caused of the revamp update; for the incoming update, gravity remove the dominion's impulse thus changing the pre-req for metallic sound. Let's wait for the MT today and see...
  6. KucingKucing

    Metallic Sound

    Wait for the MT. Seems like the revamp update kind overlapping; the next update will remove the Dominion's Impulse from the skill tree so the pre-req for metallic sound will be different
  7. KucingKucing

    why my +10 illusion armor A cant enchant?

    different enchanters... Ur illusion armor can only be enchanted by Module Modification that can be obtained once u r finished the 17.1 episode. Read this guide: https://www.limitro.com/wiki/OS_Enchants
  8. @Akin Golden X Pot to the rescue You might wanna add that at the Consumables part and I guess you can add Beam-Claymore OS for weapon; it is a decent weapon for beginner while waiting for your +16 Lindy
  9. KucingKucing

    Rune Knight Ignition Break - Fragomini Class Guides

    Now i understand why ppl opt for Mob set on their crit RK -.- honestly I still prefer the Gambler Set cuz i still love to hit and splash the enemy; just keep spamming the IB is so boring.. Oh, and for the budget options, you can also use the Illusion Booster for the Acc; can enchant it with Drain HP/SP, Stats (Luk Str, AGi or what have you) and Fatal.
  10. KucingKucing

    Returnee need some guidance

    The 16.2 update it not that important; the new armor from this episode (Consultation and Agenda) is kinda 'meh' compare to the Flattery and Abusive. The daily instances from this episode are Heart Hunter Base, and Werner Laboratory. The 17.1 is quite recent - at least for the full episode - so you might be able to catch up. There are two additional instance/quest from 17.1 which is OS Mission, and Core Mission. RK just recently got skill revamp so it is very good if you wanna continue your journey with your RK. Some new items that you might consider having now: - Dog Tag - new accessory that can you can craft from Gladiator. It complement your RK's Lindy Hop - Unexpected Fortune Armor - New armor that is good with your temporal luk boots (i assume u r playin crit RK). Craftable in Limitless island -Temporal Manteau Agi/Luk - New Manteau that complete your temporal set combo. There is a lesser version that you can buy in OGH entrance. -Illusion Armory (Armor and Acc) - Obtainable from the episode 17.1, and it is also enchant-able If you wanna switch to RG, Magical RG is your best options. Genesis of Ray is good af and you almost solo everywhere - Holy Element monster is your enemy. I believe that the Comodo Hat Festival already existed before, but in case you havent done it, please get this hat ASAP. Some new items: -Light Blade - Weapon for genesis of ray. Dropped from in Solar temple. This is enchantable -Robust Magical Armor - Magic version of temporal armor -Temporal Manteau Int - New Manteau that complete your temporal set combo. Same like above version. -Illusion Armory (Armor and Acc) - Obtainable from the episode 17.1, and it is also enchant-able Choose the B version for the magic build. -Preserve Demon Mask- Best acc to ignore def/mdef of monster. It can be used for your RK as well. Some other new thing: -Old Bio Nightmare hat is now enchantable - Idk whether it is available or not before. If ur RK use ORC, then enchant it. Read it here: https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Tomb_of_Honor -Acc from Geffen magic Tournament is now enchantable as well. -There are some specific skill shadow equipment to boost the particular skill. Detail can be found here: https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Battlegrounds -There are plenty of new weapons and armor that can be crafted from the new Illusion Dungeons, -Jobstones ! Enjoy, and welcome back~
  11. KucingKucing

    Jinrow's Lunette Island Comprehensive Guide

    Agree with @Maguiia. Normally, you just need Doram to root, and Scar of Tarou the hell out of Desire. Fact that you manage to kill it with ur Minstrel is awesome. Bravo~~
  12. KucingKucing

    Demihuman reduction gears?

    Here are some equipment that you can use for Demi-Human reduction: Top Headgear: -Poopoo Hat, Isabella Brown Hat, Flashy 2010 Indonesia Cap, Sign of Decade, Glorious Crown, I Love Limit, Cat Ear Beret, Red Pom Band Mid Headgear: -Blush of Groom, Protect Feather, Survival Orb (combo with Survival Circlet + Manteau of Survival+ Survival Shoes) Lower: Antique Smoking Pipe, Handekrchief, Mob Scarf Set, RG Necklace Set, Gambler Set Armor: -Holy Coat, Kardui Robe, Einherjar Armor, Glorious Suit, Siege Set Weapon: -Combat Knife, Valkyrie Knife (for Mage Class only), Survival Rod (Combo with Survival Shoes) Shield: -Thara Frog Card, Hervor Set, PKS (im not sure if the Demi reduc enchant working or not tho) Garment: -Kirin WIng (triple Cranial enchant will give 20% demi reduction) , AAW (enchant-able with Cranial just like Kirin), Glorious Muffler, Siege Set, Manteau of Survival (see combo above) Shoes: -Survival Shoes, Pilgrim Shoes (AB only as it is per Sacrament level) Acc: -Prontera Militia Glove, Celine Brooch (combo with Celine Ribbon) Shadow Equip: -Cranial Shadow Shield ETC: -Redux and Xredux Starstone Lemme know if i miss anything XD PS: -Siege set reduction only work in WOE and PvP -Doram is Small Brute, not Demi -Im not sure whether the Demi is capped at 98, cuz if im not mistaken player resist are capped at that point.
  13. KucingKucing

    Release the transcend shadow skill

    It is supposedly for extended class, not a transcend class. sorry sorry~