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  1. Raindrops

    L.A's Lazy Artworks

    and here I Am after some decade finally able to add something new
  2. how i also wish leveling was faster so that we can focus on farming decent gears and join woe. I also tried to participate in IS but not lucky enough to get into the party.
  3. Raindrops

    Inventory Window.

    that's great, the pleasure is mine 👍
  4. Raindrops

    Inventory Window.

    look for setup.exe in your ragnarok folder. see the image below and you can try the option in the tick boxes and apply it. and see if it will solve your prob. hope it works. goodluck.
  5. Raindrops

    about forum signature

    Are signature size restriction depeneds on your profile rank? for example i am a santa poring rank and i tried to upload signature which has a ristriction of 400x100px only. but i noticed that others have larger signature and they are somewhat above santa poring rank so i thought that it could be connected to that.
  6. Raindrops

    Forum Chatbox

    oh yeah that's right im just a casual gamer, totally forgot about that, im still at my primitive time. LOL🤣 will try to visit there and see what's going on 👍
  7. Raindrops

    Forum Chatbox

    Topic Name : Add forum chatbox Describe your suggestion What is this? Suggestion for forum Why do we have to add it? Could give user more interactivity and hopefully add more entertainment in forum Who will benefit this? Anyone who visits forum Room for improvement? Open for suggestions
  8. Raindrops

    Game doesn't start,

    have you tried to check the setup.exe inside the folder and see if there are options in the graphic device dropdown menu? you could also try to play with the options in setup.exe like screen resolution, fullscreen/window mode. try to reinstall in different location maybe.
  9. Raindrops

    L.A's Lazy Artworks

    Progress is quicker than i had expected. Guess I have more time, might be able to continue this weekend. lol 😀
  10. Raindrops

    L.A's Lazy Artworks

    My newest work in progress art that will probably left unfinished. with my own poor shadow chaser as model 😂 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- History
  11. Raindrops

    Misleading Guildname

    Thank you for your action. 👍
  12. Raindrops

    Misleading Guildname

    Char Name: Hi Im Potato Violation of Rule: GM Impersonation Evidence: though he may not be doing anying bad it's still misleading to players specially for newbies including me. Using the guild name to imitate the format of a GM's title.