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  1. LaLaurie

    Heart Card in Mouth incorrect effect

    If its Jro item as Theo stated and in Jro database its said to give player reduction then i don't see any reasons for this item to be changed. @Lai You can close the report i guess
  2. LaLaurie

    RNG Random Number Generator

    @Noein Safe unenchanting feature has been added along with the new Gemstones, you can check it at Mato Mato. Of course it requires a payment to save the CE.
  3. LaLaurie

    Heart Card in Mouth incorrect effect

    @chliz Is this item Kro or Jro? If its jro, then your statement about Kro is totally weird... With logic like that we shouldn't even have this item, also items can be designed for PvP and PvM purposes at the same time, fact that it has PvM effect doesnt mean that it shouldnt have Pvp one -.-
  4. LaLaurie


    @J K Skill formula has been updated after the rework patch, It's up to @Inkfish whether he wants to share a new formula or no. So your statement that nothing has changed damage wise is incorrect from the beginning. Also this Iro formula is outdated, we don't follow it anymore, so its obvious that damage is also different
  5. LaLaurie

    Fire Resist Potion Bug

    Using ID 12118 Fire Resist Potion. Duration should be 20 minutes After 20 minutes instead of timing out, it goes into the negatives I've been told that it's same for: ID 12119 Cold Resist Potion ID 12120 Earth Resist Potion ID 12121 Thunder Resist Potion (Haven't checked myself tho)
  6. LaLaurie

    Item Lost upon entering Easter Event Map

    @Drnl18 Personally i and my friends have been farming this event for a long time and also i know many players who were annoyed by sudden teleportations while farming, but i've never heard that anyone has lost something there, so there is really high possibility that it has nothing to do with the Bunny Dream Land. If you want to prevent things from getting lost or dropped you can use our command @itemlock which prevents items from being dropped. Also reason why i think that it is not a bug is that if it was a bug, you wouldn't have been only person complaining about it and if it happened only to you during the whole event(almost two weeks already), i'm certain that it has nothing to do with event
  7. LaLaurie

    Revamp BG 1 and BG 2 rewards

    @Zombie We already have daily quest for Bg 1 that gives Battle Tokens as a reward, if you want to suggest revamping bg 1 then yes, i agree that something needs to be done, but this something definitely isn't ruining already existing system of bg 2 o.o
  8. LaLaurie


    Well i don't think that this is a bug, you were participating in Battlegrounds. In WoE, PvP and Bg its impossible to have uninterruptable cast, none of the cards like Phen or Armors like Orlean work, so if you can please provide ss from non pvp area and after that if the effect of an item still doesn't work, it will be fixed.
  9. LaLaurie

    Illu Nurse Cap Buff Icon Missing

    @Yuuki Yes
  10. LaLaurie

    Kaite don't give bonuse damage

    @Inkfish This is current Kro description of Kaite Source: This is the patch that you mentioned Source: It says 400% of all physical damage. Its not specified that Kaite should increase melee damage only o.o.
  11. LaLaurie

    Izaac's New Limit Coin Exchange Rate

    @Lai It should be 2 : 1, its description bug.
  12. LaLaurie

    Stronger Party Bounties

    "Bounties are made for leveling, but they go only up to level 160, leaving people with no really good options to level from 170~185 other than leeching instances from other players" You can still do the bounties after lvl 160, its only fact that you can't use grandma maps for leveling, but you can still hunt them on their original fields/dungeons.
  13. LaLaurie

    Weapon Blocking Duration Bug

    1. Used skill Weapon Blocking, It lasts for 3 minutes 2. Waited for the timer(3 min) to expire. This GIF shows last seconds before Weapon Blocking expires, as you can see it stops on 1 second and after that its going into negatives.
  14. LaLaurie

    Snow Flake Draft damage increase

    About cooldowns it should be like this. Source: