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  1. Mr. Cash has been a success for Limitro, helping new players venture into the instances, without being selective (as before). Endless Tower is not done because it is: 1.- tedious 2.- is the same as Central Laboratory 3.- if you are new you must go up the whole floor In my point of view I prefer Charleston Crisis, for its Charleston Component, since it can make: 1.- charleston items 2.- enchantments items 3.- slots items 4.- and some of the best quest (Valky hammer and dagger) But you who think :)?
  2. Gelics

    TEMPORARILY Revert Varetyr Spear Cooldown

    Let the process progress, the wizards are worse their CDs, you have to wait for the new CD items
  3. I will leave a comment and leave slowly It is more scary an hat +20, weapon +20, shield +20, armor +20, shoes +20, garment +20, Which a normal LimitRo player would have, is very rare And I estimate that it would take about a year to have an item +20, and this should be one that plays more than 10 hours per day. they have more power than a +10 enchants, and the worst thing that +20 only the rich (donor) can get to it in less than 1 day Being afraid of a blackout from #29065: Mettle Lv5 to #29070: Mettle Lv10 by +18% atk If they complain about an imbalance by WOE NORMAL, they are about the refines not about other new things that they implement.
  4. Gelics

    Add Brooch of Hero

    Item Name: Brooch of Hero Item ID:32222 Official server: iro, jro Source Links: Which year was this item released in officials: IDK Describe short how to obtain it in official server: IDK Describe how good this item is, for which job benefit: acolyte, merchant and swordman class How should LimitRO release this: Deepmines, Deep Sea, Tamago in morse cave
  5. Gelics

    Ban Idle Farming

    -1 Commonly people who complain are envious. I was in your same position wanting to save a fucked up build to have a lot of money but the truth of all this is the following: 1.- If you complain so much make yourself one "as I complained I made one" AND I SAW THAT IT IS EXPENSIVE AND NOTHING EASY, it is a lot of investment and it takes me 3 months to do it 2.- If you complain about the LAG is the / effect 3.- Thanatos 10, is not the only place of farm, invest in your build in another character, as well as others invest in MVP characters and take their economy there. 4.- I have been that character who stays in autospell and I realized that for every hour I raise 25,000,000 zeny and when I move 100,000,000 to 150,000,000 because 40 mobs will not appear in the same fast space. 5.- The devaluation of the VIP is because I enter a guild super donor. 6.- Read the next advances. RO realized that users were making Autospell being AFK farming and it was legal, so there will be an update where the damage reflect does not cast the AutoSpell 7.- When you get this char autofarm or complain, stop slacking and start doing it Postscript: I am an AutoSpell that moves in thanatos 9, 10, 11 and 12, I generate 100,000,000 zeny per hour and I find it more than winning 25,000,000 in one place And all the people I see who complain, are players in 10, by experience or see players in 9 and rarely in 11 Finally, it is an advantage that on one floor there is an AUTOFARM, if an AUTOFARM is only clearing its area, (12 mobs) and the point that there will be no more in its area will arrive, those 12 will be scattered on other sides, which gives you More mobs to kill and less stretches to walk.
  6. Gelics

    Add Valkyrie Drop

  7. Gelics

    disrespectful,rude and KS player

    I still told @Lai that it is abuse and he doesn't care, he says that with @noks and that is a mistake even being 1 vs 1 of mob removes it.
  8. plz vote:


  9. +1 People think of pvp and woe and not the new dungeons that are there, the mvps green are very heavy and strong equipment is required again
  10. Gelics

    Increase the dropping of the Maya and Mistress

    It's true another How do I create a survey?
  11. It is unfair to me that all mvps your characteristic item has a drop of 100% and of these 2 mvps 2.5%, unbalances by totatility the difficulty of some quest. Example: Scroll Name Reward Materials Cursed Knight's Shield (SS) Cursed Knight's Shield [1]] 50x Shining Spear Blade 30x Zelunium Ruff Officer (SS) Ruff Officer [1]] 50x Fang of Garm 30x Zelunium Fancy Feather Hat (SS) Fancy Feather Hat [1]] 50x Gemstone 30x Zelunium Amistr Beret (SS) Amistr Beret [1]] 50x Young Twig 30x Zelunium Spell Circuit (SS) Spell Circuit [1]] 50x Fragment of Rossata Stone 30x Zelunium Smokie Transformation Leaf (SS) Smokie Transformation Leaf [1]] 50x Darkred Scale Piece 25x Zelunium They ask for the same amount and see that the Maya and Mistress their item drop is 2.5% Young Twig drop 2.5% Mother's Nightmare drop 2.5% And all other items have 100% drop I suggest you have 100% drop
  12. Gelics

    Bug Ring of ArchPriest

    Epiclesis = SKILL SP (300) - DECREASE % SP ( 5% + [ ] 5% ) = 270 - DECREASE SP ( ] 100 ) = 170 MAX SP (5926) - SKILL SP (170) = 5756 But do not give that, Layers and the error is that the SP% of the combo instead of reducing increases because it gives 200 SP spending Epiclesis = SKILL SP (300) - DECREASE % SP ( 5% - [ ] 5% ) = 300 - DECREASE SP ( ] 100 ) = 200 MAX SP (5926) - SKILL SP (200) = 5726
  13. Gelics

    Bug Ring of ArchPriest

    I will test if: When combined with Cure1Lv:Luk + 2Perfect Dodge + 5Reduces cooldown time of Epiclesis by 10 seconds.Increases Healing skills by 3%.Reduces SP cost by 5%.Reduces SP cost of Epiclesisby 100. also reduces his SP
  14. The Heal Coluseo skill, its base of healing is the same power as the Heal skill, and increases if it is in party
  15. Gelics

    Bug Ring of ArchPriest

    What is written in red does not work 1.- First I show the spending of SP Coluseo Heal COLUSEO HEAL = SKILL SP (160) - DECREASE % SP (0%) = 160 - DECREASE SP (0) = 160 MAX SP (5830) - SKILL SP (160) = 5670 2.- I equip my accessory Ring of ArchPriest + card ( #4913: Essence of Evil Intelligence Lv3), Give me these bonuses (LUK+2, INT+4, STR-4, etc) COLUSEO HEAL = SKILL SP (160) - DECREASE % SP (5%) = 152 - DECREASE SP (0) = 152 MAX SP (5926) - SKILL SP (152) = 5774 2.- I equip my accessory Seal of Basilica, Give me these bonuses (INT+2, DOUBLE #4804: Catholic Lv1, etc) COLUSEO HEAL = SKILL SP (160) - DECREASE % SP ( 5% + [ ] 5% ) = 144 - DECREASE SP (30 + 30 + [ ] 20 ) = 64 MAX SP (5975) - SKILL SP (64) = 5911 But do not give that, that's where I see that the 20 SP points are missing from the combo COLUSEO HEAL = SKILL SP (160) - DECREASE % SP ( 5% + [ ] 5% ) = 144 - DECREASE SP (30 + 30 + [ ] 0 ) = 84 MAX SP (5975) - SKILL SP (84) = 5891 3.- The following combo, does not increase anything with the Archbishop2Lv, But Archbishop1Lv, Catholic1Lv and Cure1Lv it works: