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  1. Gelics

    Medical Boots do not reduce SP

    The correct program Item Script { [email protected] = getrefine(); bonus bHealPower,10+(([email protected]/2) * 2); bonus2 bSkillUseSP,"AB_CHEAL",([email protected] * 5); },{},{} Combo Script { [email protected] = getequiprefinerycnt(EQI_HAND_R); bonus2 bSkillUseSP,"AL_HEAL",6*[email protected]; bonus2 bSkillUseSP,"AB_CHEAL",10*[email protected]; bonus2 bSkillUseSP,"AB_HIGHNESSHEAL",14*[email protected]; } @Yuuki @Lai plz help :3
  2. 1.- SP 6180 without equipment 2.- Heal Coluseo spends SP 240 3.- But the skill spends SP 160 at level 3 (MAX SP 6180 - SKILL SP 160 = TOTAL SP 6020) 4.- I wear the +7 boots, it does not reduce the SP increases it (MAX SP 6180 - SKILL SP 160 - BOOTS SP 35 = TOTAL SP 5985) 5.- I put staff +16 and int +10, and change my MAX SP STAFF SP = (COLUSEO INCREASE SP 12 * REFINE 16) (MAX SP 6421 - SKILL SP 160 - STAFF SP 192 = TOTAL SP 6069) 6.- I put on my boots (MAX SP 6421 - SKILL SP 160 - STAFF SP 192 - BOOTS SP 35 = TOTAL SP 6034) The bugs in the boots: 1.- The Coluseo increases your SP 2.- The combo with the Recovery Light [1] does not cancel your SP expense
  3. Gelics

    How to kill Elena MVP being an AB?

    If this is very difficult, even having my old mitra +16 and my holy stick to +16 Not to mention a kades card
  4. Gelics

    Kitty Cyber Headphone

    @Lai please implement it
  5. Gelics

    How to kill Elena MVP being an AB?

    I want to finish this mission, so I can continue with the quest They know what equipment I have to put on, a basic one to kill her, I really have a very good team to resist but I can not kill her in 2 minutes, I hurt her up to 60% No longer the Bjiou MVP was demanding Suggestions please and do not tell me a Valkyrie Hammer +10 with 4 margaretha
  6. Gelics

    Soul reaper colors

    +1 Again ... 3 months
  7. Gelics

    Kitty Cyber Headphone

    @Lai but I've seen it with a char inside the game
  8. Gelics

    Kitty Cyber Headphone How do I get that hat? #20317: Kitty Cyber Headphone Kitty Cyber Headphone A costume with design of cyber colored cat ears. ------------------------ Enchant 4 Gemstones on this headgear with help from [Mato Mato] in Asgard! Costume: Headgear Defense: 0 Location: Upper Weight: 0 Level Requirement: 1 Jobs: All
  9. Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc...
  10. What is this? An enchantment guide Why do we have to add it? To compare other equipment, and know how much one can take to do it Who will benefit this? All Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? Put in all enchants% success Other Nothing An example is the enchantments of Biolab Headgear I would make a good decision, whether to make bio equip or Illusion equip Example the table Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Str1 x% x% 0% Str2 x% x% 0% Str3 x% x% 0% Str4 x% x% x% Str5 x% x% x% Agi1 x% x% 0% Agi2 x% x% 0% Agi3 x% x% 0% Agi4 x% x% x% Agi5 x% x% x% Vit1 x% x% 0% Vit2 x% x% 0% Vit3 x% x% 0% Vit4 x% x% x% Vit5 x% x% x% Int1 x% x% 0% Int2 x% x% 0% Int3 x% x% 0% Int4 x% x% x% Int5 x% x% x% Dex1 x% x% 0% Dex2 x% x% 0% Dex3 x% x% 0% Dex4 x% x% x% Dex5 x% x% x% Luk1 x% x% 0% Luk2 x% x% 0% Luk3 x% x% 0% Luk4 x% x% x% Luk5 x% x% x% Mettle Lv1 0% 0% x% Magic Essence Lv1 0% 0% x% Acute Lv1 0% 0% x% Master Archer Lv1 0% 0% x% Adamantine Lv1 0% 0% x% Affection Lv1 0% 0% x%
  11. Gelics

    Mora Enchants Archbishop

    I have these script And this programming only tells me that the 3rd slot can be with Critical5, HP500, Atk2, Mdef6 case 2: set [email protected], rand(1,1487); if ([email protected] <= 1024) { // Basic combinations // (raw: [email protected] increments by 16) setarray [email protected]_slot1[0],4710,4711,4720,4721; //Inteligence1,Inteligence2,Dexterity1,Dexterity2 setarray [email protected]_slot2[0],4711,4720,4721,4740; //Inteligence2,Dexterity1,Dexterity2,Vitality1 setarray [email protected]_slot3[0],4764,4799,4766,4788; //Critical5,HP500,Atk2,Mdef6 setarray [email protected][1], [email protected]_slot1[rand(getarraysize([email protected]_slot1))], [email protected]_slot2[rand(getarraysize([email protected]_slot2))], [email protected]_slot3[rand(getarraysize([email protected]_slot3))]; } else if ([email protected] <= 1026) setarray [email protected][1],4761,4761,4761; //Matk2 Matk2 Matk2 else if ([email protected] <= 1028) setarray [email protected][1],4712,4713,4713; //Inteligence3 Inteligence4 Inteligence4 else if ([email protected] <= 1030) setarray [email protected][1],4712,4761,4761; //Inteligence3 Matk2 Matk2 else if ([email protected] <= 1032) setarray [email protected][1],4712,4713,4761; //Inteligence3 Inteligence4 Matk2 else if ([email protected] <= 1034) setarray [email protected][1],4722,4723,4723; //Dexterity3 Dexterity4 Dexterity4 else if ([email protected] <= 1036) setarray [email protected][1],4722,4703,4703; //Dexterity3 Strength4 Strength4 else if ([email protected] <= 1038) setarray [email protected][1],4722,4767,4767; //Dexterity3 Atk3 Atk3 else if ([email protected] <= 1040) setarray [email protected][1],4767,4767,4767; //Atk3 Atk3 Atk3 else if ([email protected] <= 1487) { mes "[Relice]"; mes "Sometimes things just don't work out the way you want. I hope next time things go better for you. Until then, good bye."; close; } break;
  12. Gelics

    Mora Enchants Archbishop

    Is it possible to obtain as a final result, a triplicate enchantment of +6 mdef "?, on the Arch Bishop clothes set Shoes of Affection 3 INT+1 INT+2 DEX+1 DEX+2 VIT+1 CRI+5 HP+500 ATK+2% MDEF+6 MATK+2% INT+3 INT+4 DEX+3 DEX+4 ATK+3% STR+4 Shoes of Judgement 3 Shawl of Affection 3 Shawl of Judgement 3 Robe of Affection 3 Robe of Judgement 3 Bible of Promise Vol.1 [1] 3