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  1. ClubMarket

    Ores in deepmines destroyed by only one hit

    Still not fixed. Floor 8 ores 1 hit die. For 6 month now, no change. All the floors 1 to 7 are good. thank you
  2. Please remove restrictions on the Ancient Bronze Key (item #14391: Ancient Bronze Key). The players with End-game gear will buy this at reasonable price from other players. Other players will have new farming spot, no need for any equip. Can farm all day long. thank you in advance,
  3. ClubMarket

    bring back QUADRILLE

    I was making Celine Brooch for sale before MT, and it took 120 Vesper Core 01 to make one Celine Brooch in average. The drop is 25% from Vesper MVP. Need to kill 500 Vesper MVP to get 120 Vesper Core01. And all of the cores need to come to the one person. And if this is not hard enough, there is a chance to fail making the Celine Brooch. Not sure how much I will sell the Celine Brooch now. But got 2 for sale
  4. ClubMarket

    Deepmines items

    +1 for Fafnir Scale
  5. ClubMarket

    Novice Skill Points 108

    Today, 10/12/18 after the MT, when creating new char and graduating from Academy, novice skill point are 107. Not possible to change jobs with Admiral
  6. ClubMarket

    Deep Mine floor 9 will not drop E Elu

    Hello Lai, All the crystals are gone on the first floor. SInce now all the mobs in Deep mines are modified, can you please update monster database with properties and skills? thank you in advance
  7. ClubMarket

    Limitless Island [175+]

    here is the Wiki link
  8. ClubMarket

    Deep Mine floor 9 will not drop E Elu

    Thank you
  9. ClubMarket

    Deep Mine floor 9 will not drop E Elu

    Deep Mine floor 9 will not drop Enriched Elunium. Bellow is the list of items dropped on Floor 9, but doesn't drop E Elu Elunium Rough Blue Ore Tiny Gold Ore Cursed Ore
  10. ClubMarket

    Item not found in inventory

    It's not in the Eqp and not in the Faf, can you check the logs and see where it went? If you have time for that. Thank you
  11. ClubMarket

    Item not found in inventory

    Just now I tried slotting Cursed mad Bunny+0 and failed. A minute later tried slotting +12 Cursed Mad Bunny and had success message, but no bunny shied in inventory (See picture) Please advice Thank you
  12. ClubMarket

    Cash Safe Slot Ticket

    Hello, Some time ago we had Safe Slot Ticket in the cash store. Can we have it again please? thank you
  13. ClubMarket

    HD Oridecon and HD Elu

    thank you
  14. ClubMarket

    HD Oridecon and HD Elu

    I see HD Oridecon for sale in VH for 39mil(not the one from the cash store). Who knows how to get them? thank you
  15. ClubMarket

    Prepare the Fireworks, Rockridge quest

    I have problem doing "Prepare the Fireworks", Rockridge daily quest. The qaster will not drop the loot: 10x Deadly Poison Powder 1x Explosive Powder