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  1. JDC

    LAVA trolling

    when doing lava on that time im so lagg and didnt know what happening but when my connection come back it has a war portal on my char IGN: LeDuj RockridgeRock is my dual then suddenly got warped on morocc then i got DC there when i came back got no crate receive btw im the Party Leader that time :LeDuj please do something on that player not just me but there's some people who wants to report him because of that doing . thanks
  2. JDC

    Cryan's Guide to Rebellion

    Sir can you please give me advice what Item/Equips do I need to get/invest first ? . do the thana card is the best to get first ? . Im just grinding in THANA 11 . sometimes hunting card for better ZENY . I just want to make my rebellion HUNTING CHARACTER just wat You did in video . THANKS in ADVANCE SIR
  3. JDC

    Rebellion Scarf Quest

    May I know where to FIND these requirements ?. newbie here ! thanks in advance Sheriff's Manteau [1] x10 Elite Shooter Suit [1] x15 Battle Boots [1] x15 Gun Powder x3000