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  1. Knivs

    Evil Dragon Armor

    A +8 Evil Dragon Armor heals more than a +10 Evil Dragon Armor, roughly twice as much. In the following tests, I'm over 70% weight capacity to disable natural regen. I'm also fully geared up to make the difference in HP leech noticeable. Not wearing any other item with leeching capabilities. 1) +8 Evil Dragon Armor heals around 12% of Max HP 2) +10 Evil Dragon Armor heals around 6% of Max HP
  2. Knivs

    Limit Tester Team

    Char Name: Knivs Time Zone: GMT+1 Time in LimitRO: 1 year+ Time in RO: 2 years
  3. @Inkfish I see. Won't be using irowiki as a reference from now on then. Understood. Unfortunately, couldn't find a reliable source that gives info on the subject at hand. But for what it's worth, I know for sure that Dark Illusion didn't cancel RC counter in LimitRO before. Of course, I understand that you can't change things just based on what people say. So subject closed I guess.
  4. @Inkfish Hum.. backslide doesn't cancel the RC counter. That's what the gif I posted showcased. Yes it's true that, currently in LimitRO, using other skills doesn't cancel RC counter (except Dark Illusion). I know we don't like iro around here but it has the most detailed skill database in English. At least for skills that didn't get updated in recent years. Didn't really have a choice.
  5. Knivs

    Undead Army Dog Tag and JDR combo

    @Emistry "no specific target" and "all targets" aren't the same thing ?
  6. Knivs

    Cloaking Exceed SP Cost

    @Lai Can you re-open the topic so it gets fixed pls ?
  7. Knivs

    Tengu Set wrong bonus

    In LimitRO, the tengu set gives a 10% bonus to long-ranged physical damage and a 10% bonus to Weapon ATK Power.
  8. Knivs

    Undead Army Dog Tag and JDR combo

    @Emistry I acquired a +16 JDR just to do my own tests. With that, the Dog Tag increases my damage by roughly 50%, which doesn't seem quite right (should be 80% right ?). Could you please have another look at it ?
  9. Knivs

    Cloaking Exceed SP Cost

    @Lai So this display is wrong ?
  10. Knivs

    Tengu Set bonus

    According to divine-pride, the Tengu set is supposed to increase physical damage against all sizes. But in LRO, the set increases Weapon ATK%. Though I clearly remember that the set used to have the bonus listed by divine-pride on LRO. Then it got changed for some reason. It was at the time where Turtle General card's effect was changed from giving a 20% bonus to physical damage against all sizes to a 20% Weapon ATK bonus. So... what's going on here ? Divine-pride : + LimitRO : +
  11. The Rolling Cutter counter resets after using Dark Illusion when it shouldn't. (This interaction was working properly 2 MTs ago, that's why I noticed.)
  12. Cloaking Exceed's SP cost is currently 50 when it should be 45.
  13. With Katar Mastery at level 10, Assassin Cross Stone (1st) only increases ATK by 10 instead of 20. 1) Assassin Cross Stone (1st) off, Katar Mastery level 10: 2) Assassin Cross Stone (1st) on, Katar Mastery level 10:
  14. Regeneration Potion only lasts for 15min instead of the described 30min. (It also used to last for 30min about 2 MTs ago.)
  15. The garment only increases Neutral resistance instead of all elemental resistances. 1) Garment off. All resistances are at 5% because of Cursed Magic Mail. 2) Garment on. Only Neutral resistance has increased by 7%.