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  1. Knivs

    Sonic Blow CD

    @Aerilith Sonic Blow was changed. Its animation has been reduced to 1 action. It also has a cooldown now, like EDP. So ACDR doesn't affect it.
  2. Knivs

    Sonic Blow CD

    Is it possible to reduce the cooldown on Sonic Blow ? If so, how ?
  3. Knivs

    Undead Army Dog Tag and JDR combo

    @chliz Isn't it a "weapon atk" bonus that the dog tag gives ? Meaning that the bonus depends on your Eq. ATK ? Also, where is this place ?
  4. Knivs

    Undead Army Dog Tag and JDR combo

    @chliz I don't know about you but my damage went down by 50% :s
  5. Knivs

    Undead Army Dog Tag and JDR combo

    Ah. Makes sense actually, since RACE damage modifiers already cover everything. Welp, I'd like to apologize to all GX with this combo. Our damage is going down :s
  6. When combined with a refined Juliette De Rachel, the Undead Army Dog Tag increases damage on every size and race except for small size as you can see in the gifs below. 1) No gear other than JDR is equipped. As you can see, the "Damage Increase" section of @battlestats is empty. 2) The Dog Tag and JDR are the only items equipped. The "Damage Increase" section of @battlestats contains now 4 lines instead of 5. It is missing "Weapon Target Size: Small 50%". P.S: The item was working correctly before the maintenance that took place 2 weeks ago of this report.
  7. Knivs

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    Another suggestion :
  8. Knivs

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    Suggestion : Add Fenrir Chain
  9. The skill lasts for 2min55s instead of 3min.
  10. Knivs

    Severe Rainstorm SC

    Any alternatives to Jitterbug for accessory cards ? That card set is too situational to my taste. As for mid and low HG, Mob set is out of my reach and putting 119 points in STR as a ranged char doesn't seem very appropriate. Do you know something else I could use ?
  11. Knivs

    Severe Rainstorm SC

    Hey guys, I'm planning on making a Severe Rainstorm Shadow Chaser for the lolz but kind of have no clue on what to get for the build or what skill to copy with Plagiarism or what cards to get. Could someone help me out please ? I made a quick gear setup with equipment from the top of my head but recommendations are highly appreciated : +10 Old Shadow Handicraft Master Archer Lv5 : (Card?) Middle HG? Lower HG? +12 Excellent Dexterous Armor : (Card? Byorgue maybe ?) +12 Narcissus Bow : (Cards? Double True Trentini I guess?) +10 Temporal Dex Manteau : (Card? Menblatt probably?) +9 Temporal Dex Boots : (Card? Blut Hase maybe?) Blacksmith's Glove : (Card?) Emerald Ring : (Card?)
  12. Knivs

    KS and very disrespectful player

    Oh yeah... this guy... Gathers a mob but kills yours first then deals with his. You could be far away from him and he'd still aim at your mob. Super annoying.
  13. Knivs

    Ice Pick

    What is more effective on high def MvPs : Ice Pick in main hand and a 4 slotted offhand or Ice Pick in offhand ?
  14. Knivs

    Regeneration Potion

    Does Regeneration Potion increase White Slim Potion's healing ?
  15. Knivs

    DD Crit Max ASPD

    @spdnep 181 + Indo Warrior Cap + Gambler Seal + Heart Poker's In Mouth + +15 Crimson Dagger with Soheon Card + +9 FAW Double Fatal3 ASPD+1 + CE with 4 Gemstones Speed Lv3 = 193.