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  1. SacredAxe

    Anlyze wrong duration

    duration approximately 2 seconds.
  2. SacredAxe

    Watery Evasion Skill Bug

    Fixed. tested by SacredAxe👍
  3. SacredAxe

    Snow Flake Draft damage increase

    @Lai but this guy checked damage and is not 100% per charm. Could you show formulas?
  4. SacredAxe

    Ninja Wind Charm wrong amplifying

    skillratio on 5 lv = 600% bonus(10 charms) = 1000% so you boost = matk*(600+1000)% you contradict yourself.
  5. SacredAxe

    Watery Evasion Skill Bug

    not fixed
  6. SacredAxe

    Fairy's soul wrong variable cast reduce

    1,7% on 5 lv???
  7. SacredAxe

    Fairy's soul wrong variable cast reduce

    Thank you very much
  8. SacredAxe

    Fairy's soul wrong variable cast reduce

    Where did you find this formuls? And what is mean 1-30.8% after sign equal(=) ???
  9. Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc... description from LimitRO:
  10. Description cards: Kick and Kick card: Lock step card: Kick step: according the description: these set's doesn't work on self destrucion. Skill description: self destrucion: With set self destrucion consumes 2 Magic Gear Fuel. I am sure that it also work(not correctly) with Charleston card, but i haven't this card and I can't test it. Video:
  11. SacredAxe

    Mechanic Verus Armor [1] cannot enchanted

    Thank you @rvmanzanojr I was going to make report, but you was faster)
  12. SacredAxe

    Magma Eruption in Mado

    IN MADO: when I use magma eruption skill deal 0 extra hit.( also I get message in chat: skill has failed) NO MADO: skill deal 1 extra hit. example extra hit: also you can watch video.