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  1. KittyCathy

    insultive toxic behavior IGN: SeaBlue

    You only Screenshot the moment I said those things, but you didn't include your insults? haha don't act like your the victim here, that screenshot doesn't prove that i'm the toxic one cause, players know me and they also know you hahaha Even Lai knows how Toxic you are that's why you have been banned permanently haha
  2. KittyCathy

    insultive toxic behavior IGN: SeaBlue

    Thanks for all the Support Guys Love you all ❤️ I'm still doing Daily DT catch me up guys ❤️ it's fine though everyone knows Boogeyman / Kadita's attitude . Thanks for your concerns guys ❤️ -SeaBlue Here
  3. KittyCathy

    insultive toxic behavior IGN: SeaBlue

    First of all you're the one who started it, I just played your own game. Cause you deserve it in the first place "bogeman / Kaditha" all players in Ragnarok knows how toxic you are, now that you have a taste of your own medicine you are now crying? haha
  4. KittyCathy

    Monthly Task 005

    Character Name : KittyCathy Facebook Name: Pau Pau Link :
  5. KittyCathy

    Your Body Part

    Char Name: KittyCathy Part Description: My Hand Why I love it : I'm using it to play LimitRO and for work as well, it's also used to hold my special someone's hand ❤️