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  1. Just Suggesting Some Items to add on Lucky roulette specially the items on the Lucky Roulette is kinda... you know ? not much of a use anymore :(, it's not worth getting lucky coins from quest.. So if you guys think it's good to add some items, help me out with the Polls
  2. KittyCathy

    Nerf Sura and Skill "Gates of Hell"

    I understand your point of view but if you did read carefully , we cannot just miss the point of the one who wrote the report in regards with Ranger bomb, and RK with Significant amount of damage with 98% i dont agree with that. Rubick has completly pointed out exact values such as 1.5m being reduced to 30k only. Rubick also pointed out the fact that if you want to make that 1.5m damage you need full attack build and if you do, your damage reduction is going to suffer . Rubick also pointed out that if you did equip a full reduce dmage from GoH you will just be a punching bag and i agree on that.. i agree on you but not fully, it's like 90% agree to rubick with that precise information
  3. KittyCathy

    Putting bombrings at castle entrance²

    You just dont know me yet.. and yes you have accused me of something, Gustavo Foti..:)
  4. KittyCathy

    Putting bombrings at castle entrance²

    That's how it should be .. and for the most part im always calm. By the way, your habit of accusing is not really good not just in game.. the way you accused me of doing this just because you "thought" that someone talked to me is very childish..Im just giving Teradyne "The Benefit of Doubt" since he is not here to defend himself, and yeah I'm going to wait for GM Lai's investigation of the truth, either its a Punishment for Teradyne "and" Singularity (Singularity admitted that he used bomb poring) or it's a Public apology comming from you due to your incompetent accusation.
  5. KittyCathy

    Putting bombrings at castle entrance²

    Yeah you are.. that's what you said , proof? No proof? (Hearsay is not a valid proof not even in a legal court, try me.. you got long way to go)Go check your common sense or get your reasonality in check that'll be better..
  6. KittyCathy

    Putting bombrings at castle entrance²

    You "saw" , as I mention , how can you be so sure that it is him? Check log if it is him or no? Simple? Yeah I agree as I mention provide proper sanction to "those" who did it , and if your accusation are incorrect then what you "saw" is not right and seeing something doesn't give you a concrete proof of the act. Accusing someone about something that is not proven is not right, if you are not sure who it is then do not point a finger on someone else, it's a common sense. I repeat if proven not guilty I will be expecting a public apology from you. Also dont you incorporate me in game as if im doing this to win a game . I'm doing this because of how you act. It's not about Star or Ragnarok it's about you not thinking of something before you do things.
  7. KittyCathy

    Putting bombrings at castle entrance²

    Yeah go ahead.. check it , if it is proven then i suggest to give the accused with the correct punishment and Singularity as well since he did the same thing (with the screenshot that i have provided it's 100% concrete evidence and Singularity even admitted it), if not proven guilty , I will be expecting a public apology comming from you since you accused him without a concrete proof, the mere fact that you requested for an investigation means the screenshot that you have provided is not concrete enough to cover your accusations, he might not be defending himself but I'm here to defend for him. Don't even dare accused me of doing this with your baseless accusation of me being asked to do so . Is that how you do things? You keep on accusing without even a proper proof?
  8. KittyCathy

    Putting bombrings at castle entrance²

    Well if this is going to be pushed.. then i suggest we need to mention some who did it as well, that is from silk last week its Jambu castle and the only person in there is a friend of mine (Warlock) and Singularity (Mechanic) that is a concrete proof that the bomber is Singulary unlike your photo who can be someone else.. but you dare mention a name.
  9. KittyCathy

    insultive toxic behavior IGN: SeaBlue

    You only Screenshot the moment I said those things, but you didn't include your insults? haha don't act like your the victim here, that screenshot doesn't prove that i'm the toxic one cause, players know me and they also know you hahaha Even Lai knows how Toxic you are that's why you have been banned permanently haha
  10. KittyCathy

    insultive toxic behavior IGN: SeaBlue

    Thanks for all the Support Guys Love you all ❤️ I'm still doing Daily DT catch me up guys ❤️ it's fine though everyone knows Boogeyman / Kadita's attitude . Thanks for your concerns guys ❤️ -SeaBlue Here
  11. KittyCathy

    insultive toxic behavior IGN: SeaBlue

    First of all you're the one who started it, I just played your own game. Cause you deserve it in the first place "bogeman / Kaditha" all players in Ragnarok knows how toxic you are, now that you have a taste of your own medicine you are now crying? haha
  12. KittyCathy

    Monthly Task 005

    Character Name : KittyCathy Facebook Name: Pau Pau Link :
  13. KittyCathy

    Your Body Part

    Char Name: KittyCathy Part Description: My Hand Why I love it : I'm using it to play LimitRO and for work as well, it's also used to hold my special someone's hand ❤️