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  1. Icy Kitsu

    Ban Idle Farming

  2. Icy Kitsu

    Introduce DT on BG

    Maybe put a reward for both, but a higher one for bg1. As you said, bg2 is quite lively compared to bg1. Faster, more rewarding, does not need top-notch gears to participate (and it's all the more true with all the restrictions that were brought those weeks...), etc. . It can be something like: 10 CP for 25 wins in BG1 10 CP for 50 wins in BG2 Those in addition of the current rewards of the two BG.
  3. Icy Kitsu


    There are many examples of these, and the one I'm showing is quite soft (I'm not taking a screenshot each time... others probably do).
  4. Icy Kitsu

    Sara's Memories - NPC not triggered bug

    I'm like 90% sure I was the party leader though. I'll try again later ^^
  5. Icy Kitsu


    "NOT CONTAMINATED BY FEW PEOPLE WHO NOT ABIDE BY RULE JUST BECAUSE THEY RICH OR MAYBE OLD PLAYERS." +1 If you actually manage something, I'll pay you a beer or two... but I doubt something's gonna change.
  6. Icy Kitsu

    Sara's Memories - NPC not triggered bug

    Nope I was the party leader and I was alone (I did create the instance : )
  7. Icy Kitsu

    Daily Attendance

    There's a bug, but it's on the display. The Silver Coin are the correct items that should be displayed and that you should get
  8. Icy Kitsu

    RNG Random Number Generator

    I like the idea of Deep Mines NPC update to get an item with 3 times the amount of materials needed with 100% chance. The thing is, those slotted gears (Vesper Core 01 and 02) being there is such a bad thing. Most of the rest of the materials can be obtained through farming (instances, quests, ordinary monsters, etc.), I don't see the point in bringing those 10x slotted things in there. Better replace them with something else that can be farmed through time AND CANNOT BE bought (like Honor Token or Limit Merit Badge). Ok for the egg scrolls. FAW/AAW/GW/Kirin for such prices is not useful. Better not add this thing and let the players try with the Lucky Tickets. Socket enchant success chances was OK at the previous rates. The only thing that's not OK is the requirement of slotted gears for things like Deep Mines or Deepsea. I don't see the problem if you need only 1 or 2 of these for a build with the previous rates (as told in my first point).
  9. Icy Kitsu

    Vagabond Wolf location?

    Vagabond Wolf is on those maps indeed (Hidden Dungeon 1 and 3)
  10. Icy Kitsu

    +12 Weapon refine achievement bug

    Well it was kinda hard for me to prove that the condition was "refine to +12 by any means" as the achievement text is not that precise (I didn't know that it was "refine to +12 using normal bradium only). Thanks for the answer
  11. Icy Kitsu

    +12 Weapon refine achievement bug

    It wasn't a doubt, but facts: The achievement says "Successfully refine a level 3 weapon to +12". I refined a weapon from +11 to +12 with HD Bradium from Cash Shop successfully The achievement wasn't unlocked. At that moment, without any more data, that's a bug. A player said that it was intended and only normal refining unlocks the achievement -> I'm grateful for the data, but it's not from a staff, so it's not a valid proof that it is a bug or not. Lai confirmed that it was intended . At that moment, it was confirmed not being a bug. Only then. But I just read this for the "Closed" status: "Also for reports we cannot reproduce or need more information. In this case just add a comment and we will review it again." So this is the bug workflow. Weird... but ok, I'll take note of that for the future.
  12. Icy Kitsu

    +12 Weapon refine achievement bug

    Is this a bug or is this intended?
  13. Icy Kitsu

    +12 Weapon refine achievement bug

    Ow, sad! Is this a bug or is this intended?
  14. I had a +11 Dagger of Crimson that I tried to refine with HD Bradium from Cash Shop. Successfully refined it to +12 but the achievement wasn't unlocked.
  15. Vicious Mind weapons's enchants cannot be seen when put in guild storage: