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  1. Rohail

    Show yourself!

  2. Rohail

    Aktive spieler 21.12.15?

    Hmm bis zu nem gewissen lvl kannste denke ich in Rachel lvln.. aber naja ich hab seit 2 Jahren ungefahr nicht mehr gespielt von daher kann ich dir nicht verraten was momentan ne gute Variante wäre. Ansonsten in Mora mit ner Party oder versuchen zu mobben rolling cutter und tele so die Mobs nach und nach tot zu kriegen!
  3. Rohail

    Aktive spieler 21.12.15?

    In gar keiner! Bin gar nicht mal mehr am spielen.. ich komme nur ab und an vorbei haha
  4. Rohail

    Aktive spieler 21.12.15?

    hey du! aktive Deutsche gibt es vielleicht nur noch ein paar auf dem Server hier, der Rest ist nur noch so manchmal da. Zu der Frage ob es noch Deutsche Gilden gibt: Nö, hab ich zum letzten Mal wohl ungefähr vor 3-4 Jahren hier gesehen..
  5. Hahahaha thats why I always drop by once in a while! So funny how people always complain about their own faults. Hall of Shame whatsoever.. I bet Lai made more money than all the other servers and people are just jealous, because they can't manipulate people like that. And if its really such a bad server.. why can't let goooo
  6. Rohail

    Biete Einstiegshilfe an.

    Wenn du Hilfe brauchst, dann kannste mir ebenfalls einfach mal ne Nachricht schreiben
  7. Rohail


  8. Rohail


    c'est ne pas la verité monsieur
  9. Rohail

    Bier und Schokolade <3

    Du bist wohl recht neu hier ne ? Auf dem Server hier gibts sehr wenige Deutsche, einer kommt aus der Nähe von Aachen oder so und ich komme aus der Nähe von Frankfurt und von den anderen wenigen keinee Ahnung Wo biste her ?
  10. Rohail

    Custom nerf 175/60 skills

    Remove all skills and enable Trick Dead for everyone. Problems solved
  11. And also the Horns of that Cow Hat are random
  12. Rohail

    No to corruption?

    The thing is you cannot call this corruption. Limit RO has been like this from the get go, so this is "normal". How sad/disappointing/funny/raging/whatever it may seem to one or another. (Yes, there have been changes, but it all initiated this.. and noone who has been playing here for years can say that he/she didn't know that).
  13. Rohail

    Homunculus Guide (Discussion & Levelling)

    I think he meant Blue Potions to spam skills, which makes it faster, but that is not neccessary as well.
  14. Rohail

    No to corruption?

    We all know that real money was involved, if it was the right way or the wrong way noone knows and noone can confirm it unless you have handgiven proofs, which you won't get. Doesn't mean that it was the wrong way. @sheep poo: Yea, noone who grinded for that money ingame would do that, but the ones who earn tons of real money won't mind.
  15. Rohail

    No to corruption?

    Thats what I was trying to imply: IF I wouldn't need my money for other things I would have made +20 Shackles (+20 Shackles are totally useless, nvm the defense..) I am trying to compare the Shackles with white wing whatever gear, cause if people have that amount of money they won't care if it is useless or not.. they will just go for it. As for me I would actually would have made any Weapon/Gear which looks cool overupgraded (Tirfing, Tjungkuletti, Brionac, Sages Diary etc etc), even with the knowledge of it being useless in gameplay ^^ Same goes for the white wing set thingys. Perhaps..