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  1. Kai


    Then I hope you don't mind removing the +16 stuff that we're all aware that you gave to them <3 and also, hope you wouldn't mind banning people doing RMT on FB (I can try to prove it if you want) counts as cheating also right?
  2. Kai


    It's useless to argue with someone who's ignorant, just go back to Lai and keep sucking his dick.
  3. Kai


    To all of Lai's asskisser, hope you have fun, oh and just a tip of advice, instead of buying +16 equips, stats, illegal items basically, spend it on your family, not on a stupid game. Lol, hi Asskisser 1. Bitch please, you're not in our guild, you don't know jackshit how we get the stuff. By the way, about LOUIE, that guy bought STATS from LAI and we PROVED IT, though not publically because of this reason(people QQing and being a tryhard lawyer). Before you accuse us of cheating, think about the people who played this server since day 1. And thanks to that, those people became rich beyond imagination the first day that this guild woe'd in past years, Fallen, The Forgotten and now Kit Kat. So you cannot say that we cheat, those people were generous to give its members equipments, donates by spending their own zeny/money to buy them. Sure we might've had some bad apples in the guild, but we chose to kick them out. Before you or rather anyone in this forum tell us that we can't balance shit, then byall means, you do the testing yourselves, get official sources, and spend hours to balance this out, cause we're done helping this helpless server.
  4. Ey Lai, goodluck with this server. Not that I really care. Have fun running a dictator.

  5. Kai

    Limit isn't a limit! Hi!

    You're such a bully Kyou-Chan ):
  6. As a western player (and there's quite more than what people assume), can we have two spotlight event? (Western and Asian?). OR do a rotation as what @aramiden has suggested.
  7. Kai

    Limit isn't a limit! Hi!

    Ey !! Would love to see ur drawings sometime ~ There's a lot of friendly people in the server so you won't be lonely~ (:
  8. Kai

    Custom Quests for Item's we have missed?

    Original Version of all DPGs (More variations for headgears, cos rn silk specifically, its all the same and it really is lame @[email protected]). Some of the headgears I'm listing, some of them are from Cash Shop, some are obtained through quests, and some I've no idea where to get them, but make them obtainable through quests (can include 5-10m zeny, like with 3rd job headgears to help with zeny sink?)
  9. Kai

    Red tailed ribbon 5801 / Ribbon of bride 2stats

    Pretty sure we all know why it was changed and its quite obvious. lel. @Lai does the quote 2 replies above me ring a bell? How is this being close to kRO? Don't give us a fucking useless reply if you're not even gonna bother reading this and realizing your mistake in the first place. Oh and, way to go scamming people of their materials, time, and EFFORT just to gain this ONE headgear. List of unannounced changes (ones I know) Farming Donate Tokens Vote for Cash Points And this
  10. Kai


    KK. Define normal please? i thought we aimed to be close with officials? Or is this stupid headgear, a headgear that took a tremendous amount of effort, time just a stupid customization??????? Look at the script and tell me if its wrong. Ps. Theres two of the same headgear name but one is MDEF+ Item Script{ bonus bAllStats,2; bonus2 bSubRace,RC_DemiHuman,10; bonus2 bSubRace,RC_Player,10; if(getskilllv("AL_HEAL")==10) { bonus3 bAutoSpellWhenHit,"AL_HEAL",10,20; } else { bonus3 bAutoSpellWhenHit,"AL_HEAL",5,20; } },{},{}
  11. Kai

    Event Shop

    This needed to get bumped.
  12. Kai

    You find, you win #6

    This still up? Map: Hugel Field 07 Coordinates: 79, 203 IGN: Kakurai
  13. Kai

    Event Shop

    Bump~ Additional: Token of Siegfried Megaphone (For those people who love using it)
  14. Kai

    Change WOE Castles

    Aite. Thx
  15. Kai

    Change WOE Castles

    Blub blub? Blub.. @ontopic when can we expect this?