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  1. Asturian28

    Double Crit Katar

    Afaik, the double crit is not mentioned in status window, to test it, make your crit stat 50+ and using katar, it will always be crit in every normal attack.
  2. Asturian28

    Undead Army Dog Tag and JDR combo

    I know what were they trying to say (and most of gx with dog tag + jdr combo set trying to say) . It's the final damage dropped after this fix, regardless what the 5% per refine actually means, the final damage should be drop since the effect was mobs size factored with mobs race. Emistry did the correct thing related to this, but personally I hope the damage of this item set will increase after some correction in the future.
  3. Asturian28

    fire dragon armor multiple bug

    Up for this,,I'm personally expected this item will be corrected prior next MT @Lai @Inkfish
  4. Asturian28

    Ancient King's Twin Blade Bug

  5. Asturian28

    AFK in BG

    @lai so you perma ban me?
  6. Asturian28

    AFK in BG

    Hi there thanks for your report btw.. I don't think I know you, yet you sincerely reported me.. But here's my explanation, It was briefly lag during bg hardly could move and also it was dinner time in my country and so yeah I'm having meal with my family and I joinbg and left it. After I finished my meal and look into bg,,still lag and I no longer join in it.. I played hours of full bg since afternoon until midnight yesterday, and you reported me for some match that I couldn't do anything about it?
  7. Asturian28

    Ancient King's Twin Blade Bug

    Dear Rasuak, You got a point,,but it should be higher damage on lvl 150 eggs since it has higher def than lvl 50 eggs based on the item description.. The conclusion is, this item is "NULLIFY THE DEFF OF ALL MONSTER" instead of inflicts more damage depends on target def as per the description. CMIIW @Lai @[email protected]
  8. Asturian28

    Ancient King's Twin Blade Bug

    Please enlighten me @Lai @Yuuki
  9. Asturian28

    Ancient King's Twin Blade Bug

    Any statement on this, buddy? @Lai @Yuuki
  10. Asturian28

    Ancient King's Twin Blade Bug

    @Lai @Yuuki
  11. Asturian28

    Halloween Chef

    @Lai I would like to participate in this event too,,however some ingredients are not available in my country. Can I use a subtitute materials?
  12. Asturian28

    Ancient King's Twin Blade Bug

    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc... However, during weapon damage test on dummy, The damage done on LV 50 dummy and LV 150 is just the same, on some occation damage done on LV 150 dummy even lower than LV 50 dummy Weapon test on Dummy LV 50 - Skill used 'Cross Impact' damage per hit 10k Weapon test on Dummy LV 150 - Skill used 'Cross Impact' damage per hit 10k (no damage increase on LV 150 dummy) In my opinion, this item has no additional effect on higher DEF enemy. Please give some clear statement regarding this item whether this item is already correct or it is really a bug Best Regards
  13. Asturian28

    Make a Video

    Character Name: Asturian Video Link: Description: Daily Activity of mid Geared RC GX soloing room of consciousness