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    Best Warlock Gear Right now? 04/30/2020

    Hello I have been leveling a Warlock in the new Limit Ragnarok server Since comet got rewor I thought that was the best idea to pursuit as a build. Any recomendations in what kind of gear I should get I am just using the advanced edition of the limit gear your get in LimitHQ Thank you for your help My best regards
  2. Cyph3r

    Monthly Task 004

    Character name: Folken Wolverson Facebook name: Paulo Aguiar Link:
  3. Cyph3r

    Afk in BG

    Someone from @Main was hunting people to play bg explaining to just AFK to have the minimum players to play. I thought this was an accepted mechanic I just read the rules about this. It will not happend again. Thank you for your understanding
  4. Cyph3r

    Easter Events 2018

    Excellent guide. I am just having hard time founding the chocolate pies I know they come from Thief Chocos but I cant find any of them. Thank you for any help.
  5. Cyph3r

    Alternative way to get Silvervine Fruit

    @Akabane Could you be a little more specific on how do skywave? I was trying to find information about it but I cant find anything it is a dungeon? instance? Thank you very much for your help