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  1. Sephylon

    Butler for the Richards Not Giving Quest

    33:00 of the video shows the quest. You select which race of monster you wish to hunt, and any monster of that race counts towards the quest.
  2. Sephylon

    Add Brooch of Hero

    Not yet, some time 2020. For the ab garment card, 100vp minimum
  3. Sephylon

    Add New Pets

    @Lai is Custom ones
  4. Sephylon

    Add New Pets

    What effects would these pets have?
  5. Sephylon

    Add Brooch of Hero

    change the headgear to this then Temporal Circlet (Archbishop) rest stays as is unless you want to use Adorare Staff [2] with Margaretha's Memory or Royal Cleric Staff [2] wouldn't use a 2h staff though unless you want to use mag glove enchants for temp circlets and royal cleric staff
  6. Sephylon

    Add Brooch of Hero

    The 10% aspd from it is nice I guess. Though if you're going battle ab, grace set and either the light of cure, illusion chip, or the valk drop would be a better accessory imo Gear Enchant Cards Racing Cap(Archbishop) [1] INT+3 INT+4 Racing(AB) Lv3 Fenrir Card Sunglasses [1] Greater Sanare Card Mob Scarf Grace Adora Robe [1] SP Consumptions -5% Magic Damage vs Race +5% Nightmare Amon Ra Card Rubber Hammer [2] Matk +10% Variable Cast -10% Magic Damage vs Boss +18% True Margaretha Sorin Card True Margaretha Sorin Card Purified Knight's Shield [1] Reduce Variable Cast 5% -5% Delay After Attack Ignore 60% Mdef of Boss Ancient Wootan Defender Card Grace Magic Manteau [1] Magic Damage vs Element +5% Magic Damage vs Race +5% Himmelmez's Phantom Card Grace Magic Boots [1] Shiny Teddy Bear Card Grace Magic Ring [1] Headless Mule Card Valkyrie Drop [1] Headless Mule Card Gear Enchant Costume Mitra High Priest Stone (Top) Costume Devoted Eyes High Priest Stone (Middle) Blessing of Angels Hight Priest Stone (Bottom) Priest Shadow Armor Adora Shadow Weapon Archbishop Shadow Shield Costume Valkyrie Wings Archbishop Stone (Garment) Priest Shadow Shoes Adora Shadow Pendant Adora Shadow Earring
  7. Isn't that an edda weapon? Edit Yeah that's an edda weapon. You'll get that with 17.1 specifically the December update Closed due to this being something that will be added with the client update and the 17.1 episode
  8. Sephylon

    Episode 17.2 Varmundt's Mansion

    So only normal db changes element and water db will always be water?
  9. Sephylon

    Want tips on how to beat Limit Island quest

    Been suggested before to add a link to the wiki on how to get those items Expectation is to grind for zeny to buy the needed items from other players. Also these quests are not official. Main draw of the shadow sets is the all stats +10. Bonus if it gives a boost to the build you're using. Socket enchant here: Enchant system here:
  10. Sephylon

    Want tips on how to beat Limit Island quest

    Lunetta? That place was made specifically to need a pt. Also you only need to kill a specific hp sponge of an mvp and can ignore the rest. Best bet is to get a doram. As for shadow gears check the wiki, its you best bff.
  11. Sephylon

    Illusion Crafting NPC bug

    next version means next maint
  12. Sephylon

    Add King of Spirit Circlet

    bump 32 votes so far
  13. Sephylon

    Add Brooch of Hero

    I'd say make this purchasable with Heroic Token from Vans or a new npc near him.
  14. Sephylon

    Butler for the Richards Not Giving Quest

    The quests exist on kro gm @Emistry무사수행&Page=1
  15. Sephylon

    Perverse Demon Mask[1] Materials Wiki is your friend