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  1. Sephylon

    Add Kardui Ear Gladiator

    Already have the laphine staff as a drop from medusa, just missing the shield
  2. The skill has a duration of less than 1 second Used madness canceller Skill immediately ended
  3. Item in game states: INT +3 MATK +120 ------------------------ Randomly autocasts Illusion of Faceworm Queen when dealing physical attack. Item does follow the description from divine pride, leading me to believe its just a description error.
  4. Sephylon

    Add Kardui Ear Gladiator

    Glad or easier, give mage classes some love
  5. Sephylon

    Request Kirin Horn [1]

    Speaking on a pve side; accessory is kinda meh imo. Most classes can already reach 193 w/o this and per/pom is better for dps purposes. Demon redux is nice though if you can kill it fast enough, unnecessary. Access to lvl 6 agi is nice though. Would suggest this as a deep sea or castle drop item I suppose.
  6. Sephylon

    Add Kardui Ear Gladiator

    if its easier to get than mob scarf, sure. Add it to mr. wise or something easy.
  7. Sephylon

    Add The Illusion Dungeon Quest

    Bumping with the fix to is exp rates, illu duns becomes the best way to level, especially illu comodo.
  8. Sephylon

    Illusion Dungeon Entrance Quests

    Already did You've voted on it too
  9. Sephylon

    Add The Illusion Dungeon Quest

    @Karyu all illu quests so far are a 1x thing to gain entrance. Iro has illu vamp and moon details, with illusion frozen in the works.
  10. Sephylon

    Add The Illusion Dungeon Quest

    bumping up
  11. Sephylon

    Add King of Spirit Circlet

    bumping up
  12. Sephylon

    Stuff of Puffery Request

    can you provide a translation of that effect? It looks different' from dp's. =O
  13. Skill suffragium is giving a lower reduction than intended using the calculations on Reduction with magician's glove (10% vct) with similar stats as the report above is 73.10 With the skill suffragium at lvl 3 (20% vct) vct is 74.60% My calculations from the formula given show that the current vct reduction on the skill is 15.5 instead of 20
  14. Sephylon

    Rockridge Quest

    The option you want isn't available or there's no option for you to vote? =O As for a sense of achievement; my brain was too numb to feel any sense of achievement when I got mine, but that's just me . I burned out twice trying to get the thing. As for a suggestion to make them tradeable, there's one here
  15. Sephylon

    Fairy Soul Wrong VCT Reduction

    Level of fairy soul used on the test was 5 2019-07-06_21-44-36.mp4