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  1. Sephylon

    Royal Guard guide(BP and CS type)

    Unless I'm mistaken, its a castle drop. I also saw some1 vending it 300m 2 days ago.
  2. Sephylon

    Royal Guard guide(BP and CS type)

    Deepsea treasures
  3. Sephylon

    Royal Guard guide(BP and CS type)

    Elemental convert scrolls. Elemental Converter[Fire] Elemental Converter[Water] Elemental Converter[Earth] Elemental Converter[Wind]
  4. Sephylon

    Furious Hero Card Bug

    Perhaps its a mistranslation then? Because from what I've seen in divine-pride, the description is as follows: Atk + 2% Adds a 0.5% chance of buffing the user for 5 seconds when performing a short-ranged attack. Buff: Level 1 Endure.
  5. Sephylon

    Furious Hero Card Bug

    I attacked eggs in the training ground on my ranger with a bow equipped. The card procced the endure effect while I was attacking with a ranged attack, and also gave it seemingly permanently instead of for 5 seconds. Furious Hero Range Bug.rrf
  6. Illusion staff of bordeaux is giving its +7 effect by itself without requiring me to equip a +7 illusion muffler. After some testing on the eggs, the damage of my eg with and without the illusion muffler equipped is comparable to each other. I had a conversation with someone before to help test the item, and we concluded that the staff is giving the 40% bonus damage. But since I get roughly the same results with out the muffler on, I've come to the conclusion that the weapon is giving the +14 total refine bonus of the 2 equips by itself.
  7. Sephylon

    kRO December Update 2018

    I feel like I've maid too many suggestions atm
  8. Sephylon

    kRO December Update 2018

    Earth spike's inclusion in boltijin makes me happy, plus the fact that its formula was changed so basically deals thesame damage as a lvl 10 bolt in the skill rebalance. Now if it could just be affected by double bolt it will oficially be the earth bolt I've wanted since 2002 lol.
  9. Topic Name Costume sniper goggles to be an upper only costume only and to get gemstone slots Describe your suggestion: To make costume sniper goggles an upper headgear only costume and to give it gemstone slots What is this? Costume sniper goggles is a 3rd job hat costume that doesn't have gemstone slots and takes up both upper and mid slots, I'm suggesting to make it take only upper costume slot and to give it 4 gemstone slots just like the other 3rd job costumes. Why do we have to add it? Other 3rd job headgear costumes are only upper headgear only and also have gemstone slots. Who will benefit this? Anyone who thinks that costume sniper goggles looks cool on their character and wants to put gemstones on it Will this change the system drastic? no, it's a costume and it isn't even used for bio headgears to my knowledge. Room for improvement? Don't think so Other none that I can say.
  10. Sephylon

    Costume Sniper Goggles

    The item Costume Sniper Goggles is incorrectly named Costume Sniper Googles in game
  11. Sephylon

    About Room of Consciousness

    I've recently watched vids on people doing room of consciousness and noticed that fenrir and the other girl respawns to damage bijou and arma. How did they get fen to respawn? When I do the instance I only see them once.
  12. Sephylon

    Jitterbug #3109 and #3108

    Yeah, I've only ever met the jitterbug that drops the instrument and never the 1 that drops the whip, and when 2 of them spawn they both drop the instrument weapon
  13. Describe your suggestion What is this: A suggestion to copy iro's customization of the items Modified Ring of Resonance and Modified Ring of Flame Lord. In iro, they disabled the sonic blow and asura strike proc from the modified combo as seen here and here for those who don't want to go to a different page: Set bonus with Advanced Ring Of Flame Lord: Adds a chance of doing one of the following when doing a physical attack: Meteor Assault, Occult Impaction, or Lex Aeterna. Set bonus with Advanced Ring Of Resonance: Adds a chance of doing one of the following when doing a physical attack: Meteor Assault, Occult Impaction, or Lex Aeterna. Why do we have to add it: To have a reason to use the two rings as a combo instead of just focusing on rofl in the early to mid game Who will benefit this: Auto cast builds, mostly mid to early tier till they can get better gear such as Evil Glove [1], Magician's Gloves [1], Magical Ring [1] or the like Will this change the system drastic: Don't think so, there are better gear to get than these for end game Room for improvement: Possibly; with the 2nd job skill rebalance, sonic blow will lose its attack motion.
  14. Sephylon

    Hi I'm totally new!

    If you're going gx, I've found rc build to be an easy build to start and farm with. Aim to get the nab set from mora, thanos katar from ghost palace, and ride word hat as a random drop from ridewords. Should cost you in the ball park of 50+m to buy them all clean. I use my gx as my skywave farmer to get poison bottles, pots, and egg scrolls. For end game builds, check out
  15. Sephylon

    Dragon scale loot not showing up on inventory

    check your favorites tab if its there, it seems to be lit up meaning something new is there