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  1. Sephylon

    RNG Random Number Generator

    Enchanting system, Specifically bio5 and hugel race. Having spent 4k Mysterious Medal on the racing hat, only to have it stay a lvl 1 enchant is a huge slap on the face. Also its hard enough as is to get a lvl 5 bio lab enchant, let alone get it to 10. I suggest to either up the chances of the enchant upgrades, or to have a method that makes it so that failure no longer downgrades them. About the Loot boxes, instead of changing the current boxes, why not add new ones? There's a demand for a different kind of loot box, with less rng, if the forums are to go by. That or have an npc that buys the unwanted stones for 50-80% of their cp value. Let us play the game to recuperate the remaining 50-20% of the cp value lost by the current in game methods like events, instances, party bounties, etc.
  2. Sephylon

    Give more value to zeny 😀

    Those garments need to be +16 at a minimum to even compete with a max enchanted faw/gwing, and even at +16, the bonus utility of gwing beats it out for classes like gen who need the bonus hp to survive, and faw is still superior damage wise. Please remember our versions are nerfed versions from Old Glast Heim Updates Hugin's Associate has arrived. Offering to exchange 20 Temporal Crystals into a mantaeu of choice. Note: Those mants has been nerfed in LimitRO, double check description ingame or our web db. Temporal Str Manteau [1] Temporal Agi Manteau [1] Temporal Vit Manteau [1] Temporal Int Manteau [1] Temporal Dex Manteau [1] Temporal Luk Manteau [1]
  3. bumping @Yuuki item doesn't seem to be fixed in main or test servers
  4. Sephylon

    Einherjar Armor not give Set Bonus effect

    found another bug with it that it gives bonus atk and matk per refine on the armor
  5. Sephylon

    Status of base level is gone

    Visual bug, your exp bar stops showing at 181+ but is working normally. Just keep leveling.
  6. Sephylon

    Vagabond Wolf location?

    Which wiki? More accurate to use @whereis
  7. Sephylon

    Vagabond Wolf location?

    Its a rare spawn, only 1on the map Best bet to find 1 is et
  8. From the database Spectral Spear The creator of this formidable Two-Handed Spear sacrificed his own life to forge it, resulting in a curse that will try to dominate the wearer's soul. ------------------------ Increases physical damage inflicted on Shadow elemental monsters by 20%. ------------------------ Increases physical damage inflicted on Demon and Undead monsters by 20%. ------------------------ Reduces damage taken from Shadow elemental monsters by 10%. ------------------------ Reduces damage taken from Demon and Undead monsters by 10%. ------------------------ Gains 50 HP when defeating target with melee physical attacks. ------------------------ Randomly inflicts Confuse status on wielder when dealing physical attack. ------------------------ Weapon: Two-Handed Spear Attack: 170 Weight: 200 Weapon Level: 4 Level Requirement: 75 Jobs: Swordman
  9. Sephylon

    GMT Enchant has Var Cast INCREAE

    And its increasing your var cast?
  10. Sephylon

    GMT Enchant has Var Cast INCREAE

    When was it enchanted?
  11. Sephylon

    RNG Random Number Generator

    My problem with the rng in Limit ro is that items like Shield of Death [1], Heart Card in Mouth, etc are locked behind lootboxes. Some of these items are needed in certain builds and forces people to either try to gamble until they get it, possibly getting addicted to it, or buy from other players for 40vp minimum ( though lets be honest, its going to be 50vp+). Another gripe I have with Lro's rng are the deep mine items. Collecting all those items just to have a 70% chance to fail does not feel good. If those items are just too good, increase the requirements of those items making it harder to make them, don't give us a 70% chance that everything we just did will go down the drain due to bad rng. Finally, the method that the class gemstones were released, not having a way to choose which one you want while also being able to get duplicates, is not for me. When I use my money, I would prefer to get what I want. I am fine however with cosmetic items like ce being inside loot boxes, as they don't add much to the game. These are just my opinions on the matter.
  12. Sephylon

    Increase Reward from Illusion Quest

  13. Sephylon

    Heart Card in Mouth incorrect effect

    Original jro text ハートのエースで作られた トランプカード。 これをくわえれば、 気分はギャンブラー。 ――――――――――――― クリティカル攻撃で 与えるダメージ + 5% ――――――――――――― [ギャンブラーシール]と 共に装備時、追加で Aspd + 1 クリティカル攻撃で 与えるダメージ + 2% プレイヤーから 受けるダメージ - 2% [クリティカルスラッシュ]で 受けるダメージ - 100% 純粋なDexが10上がる度に 追加でクリティカル攻撃で 与えるダメージ + 2% 純粋なLukが108以上の時、 追加でAspd + 1 クリティカル攻撃で 与えるダメージ + 2% プレイヤーから 受けるダメージ - 2% 純粋なLukが120以上の時、 追加でAspd + 2 クリティカル攻撃で 与えるダメージ + 4% プレイヤーから 受けるダメージ - 4% 通常攻撃が スプラッシュダメージになる ――――――――――――― 系列 : 兜 防御 : 0 位置 : 下段 重量 : 30 要求レベル : 80 装備 : 全ての職業 google translates it as follows: Made of ace of hearts Playing card. If you add this, I feel like a gambler. ―――――――――――――――― In critical attack Damage done + 5% ―――――――――――――――― [Gambler seal] and When equipped together, additional Aspd + 1 In critical attack Damage done + 2% From the player Damage Received-2% In [Critical slash] Damage Received-100% Every time Pure Dex goes up to 10 In addition critical attack Damage done + 2% When pure Luk is more than 108, In addition Aspd + 1 In critical attack Damage done + 2% From the player Damage Received-2% When pure Luk is over 120, In addition Aspd + 2 In critical attack Damage done + 4% From the player Damage Received-4% Normal attack It will be splash damage ―――――――――――――――― Series: 兜 Defense: 0 Position: Bottom Weight: 30 Required level: 80 Equipment: All occupations which agrees with what theo says
  14. Wb @Zohan 😃. We've got our wiki up and running now. Would like to ask for your permission to move your guide there. If you wish to do it yourself, you can ask Lai about it too. We're currently trying to move all our forum class guides to our wiki. Your guide there is currently just a link here