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  1. Theodosia

    Elemental Resist Bug

    Seems like this bonus is additive in our formulas to the resistances. I think iRO version shows it should be multiplicative :0
  2. Theodosia

    Hello everybody!

    Hello and welcome to LimitRO! Enjoy your stay and if you will have any questions, feel free to ask in here, in game or in our discord ^^
  3. Theodosia


    Welcome back to RO! And a warm welcome to LimitRO! I hope you will enjoy the renewal If you will have any questions, ask in here, or using @help command in game or in our discord server!
  4. Theodosia

    Power Abuse?

    This issue was closed by the GM. Move your arguments to the private messaging. Locking this report.
  5. Theodosia

    Server location

    Hello there IIRC our server is geographically located in Canada.
  6. Theodosia

    Afk Farming

    Report locked. If you have something to argue with other players, solve it in private messages.
  7. Theodosia

    Log in, Donations and tips

    1) Better contact Lai about it to make sure. For both 2 and 3 I would recommend either starting as a rebel: or a ranger: Both of these classes are working very well even with starter equipment and the guides have a decent amount of detail on mid to late equips. For the prices on them you can always check on discord or in @trade or @help channels in the game
  8. Theodosia

    Problem (?) with costume gear

    Old cash shop headgears were retired in 2017 I think
  9. Theodosia

    Epiclesis Bug Report

    1) Currently Epiclesis does not remove entities out of hidden status (Tested with smokie card effect) 2) Currently Epiclesis only gives the caster bonus HP and it is +25% regardless of the skill level
  10. Theodosia

    Help for Thanatos floor 10 farm

    Hello, they are using the following equipment: Tuna belly is a doram buff skill, not an RG attacking skill
  11. Theodosia

    Heat Barrel Bug

    RAthena won't count. Please use official, preferably kRO, sources.
  12. Theodosia

    Heat Barrel Bug

    As this report mentions Heat barrel does not affect the skills DIRECTLY. The increase from the heat barrel is additive, not multiplicative to the skills. It is only multiplicative towards normal attacks. HB with skills: Skills Without HB: Note that the damage variance (based on the weapon level) does affect the skills. But overall without HB the damage was 9k to 10.2k With HB it was 10k to 11.5k Normal attacks: Normal attacks with HB: As you can see the atk is clearly multiplied with about 600-800 added to it. Which pretty much corresponds with what is added to round trip. In conclusion, unless you have a verifiable official source that Heat Barrel SHOULD multiply the damage of the skills, the current behavior is correct.
  13. Theodosia

    VincentQZ AFK in BG

    Report is locked
  14. Theodosia

    Rebellion Scarf not autocast 100% buff

    @Han MaFor that part I can explain Each item has its own proc rate of 5% Each one of them separately makes a check to see if it hit that 5% mark Now, we have 4 outcomes: Neither item procs One item procs The other procs Both proc So anything but the first outcome will proc the buff. Chance of neither of them proccing is 95% Meaning we need to miss one 95% chance and then another. So total probability is 1-(0.95)^2 to proc or 9.75% A little bit less than 10% if we just add them up.
  15. Theodosia


    Tested and confirmed: Seems like quest being put in the pending was the reason for the kill not counting. Same test, but this time quest was not pending.