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  1. Theodosia

    Sealed Cards

    I think in general, sealed cards can be a good idea. Giving the newer players, while suboptimal, but still good cards for their builds. However, before we go further into it let us ask and answer the following questions: 1) Who is the main target for those cards? Are those the new players who won't have a chance to get "real" mvp cards? Are those the PvP/WoE players? Someone else? 2) What is the main purpose of this card? To drain out the mvp cards? Seems unlikely, since if they will require MVP cards to make then its either a very poor and suboptimal decision or very select niche of people (PvP/Normal WoE) will ever get to use that. To provide options of low to mid levels? Something else We will need to answer those two before we can go into how to implement those cards at all :0
  2. Theodosia

    RK Racing Enchant bug

    @Lai Seems to persist. I posted some tests in discord. Posting here again: no thq 251+669 THQ 251+669
  3. This takes in effect the entire cast time reduction. Seems like your stats and such give you ~93.6% reduction then you add 10% reduction to the remaineder which is 6.4% then 10% of that is 0.64% Seems like it rounded down though as 93.6+0.64 = 94.24 but here its 94.2 Stat reduction and % reduction are multiplicative. Example: Sum of stats is 51 (20*2 +11) VCT reduction from stats is 31.1%: Now, lets add sni2 + ran1 in the mix. It should add +7% reduction or so: Conclusion: not a bug but battlestats shows TOTAL reduction, which is, by formula:
  4. Theodosia

    Rebel Gatling Fever Request

    Topic locked.
  5. Theodosia

    Rolling Cutter build best weapon

    You can try lava wave. It should be a bit easier and faster than sky wave. The couple of last few waves might require edp and fire/water enchants :0
  6. Theodosia

  7. Theodosia

    Racing Cap(Ninja)'s special enchant bug??

    Its less about that and more about the weapon. Only WEAPON ATK and EXTRA ATK are affected by the size penalty changes. It doesn't affect status ATK (bulk of your damage here) or anything like that. Since you are using the basic knife no refines and no nothing (since hat is not refined, no equipATK bonus), of course not a lot will change. For my RK this changes quite a lot both in test and in real fights @Karyu
  8. Theodosia

    Racing Cap(Ninja)'s special enchant bug??

    if 500 is 100% then 75% is 375 which is roughly around the damage you are dealing. Note only weaponATK and ExtraATK are affected by size penalty modifiers.
  9. -1 Godly enchanter's only purpose is to remove the randomness from some of the enchants. It is a premium thing that is now not updated and only in the game to be fair to the new players wanting the perfect enchants the same way oldies would have. Resets lack the main issue that gives Godly its value: randomness. Resets always reset the thing to the initial state. Adding another NPC like that, I doubt would provide anyone with any tangible benefits. Unless you are talking about resetting the enchants that are normally not resettable. If you are, then I am even more vehemently against this.
  10. Theodosia

    pendant of maestorm cant EQ on Rebel

    Afaik that's a fix for a previously bugged behavior. Rebels can't wear it.
  11. Theodosia

    kRO Update 2019

  12. Theodosia

    Vendors Page

    Afaik it might be due to the online DB not updating constantly. Its most likely that those shops were set up recently so the online DB didn't register them yet.
  13. Theodosia

    RK Racing Enchant bug

    Upon further examination it seems that there is some bonus added after using THQ. Seems like +15% to all sizes might be correct. The lack of +40 atk still seems to be the case.
  14. Theodosia

    Insulting via public chat

    Topic locked. Resolve interpersonal issues via PMs.
  15. Theodosia

    RK Racing Enchant bug

    Testing: Test 1 shows, without THQ damage in jitterbug was 16-18k and atk was 250+669 Ignore-sizes state procs correctly: test 2 Damage is within same range. atk still 250+669. should be 250+709 Conclusion: Either: 1) This bonus is not implemented 2) It is implemented but some different skill other than is triggering it.