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  1. Theodosia

    Deepmines items

    Or limit bonuses only up to refine rate +10 Otherwise WK armor can replace Kiel just by itself
  2. Theodosia

    Deepmines items

    Bear in mind, jRO is different in terms of refinement with +10 being max there. If we to adjust it to kRO (if at all) probably all the "per refine" for balance sake should become "per 2 refine"
  3. Tested with a player using shattering storm. Repeated use broke the palace guard cap:
  4. Theodosia


    Record is closed. Use personal messenger for interpersonal disputes.
  5. Theodosia

    Limitless Island Bounty Boards

    Bump The problem persists :v
  6. Theodosia

    Ju Card didn't not Give 20% Bolt Damage on Books

    +16 chilly book: Cold bolt is 148% +16 chilly book + Ju: Cold bolt is 198% 198/148 = 1.33 increase Relative increase from +16 chilly book to +16 chilly book + Ju card should be 33% Which is about right, according to your testing They are the same bonus type, therefore they sum up.
  7. Theodosia

    16.2 Weapons Enchant

    They are not options? The divine-pride link clearly states they are enchants e__e @Lai
  8. Theodosia

    Can't invest Reseted Skills

    You need to have your job level -1 Since you do not get a skillpoint on job level 1
  9. Theodosia

    16.2 Weapons Enchant

    Gravity expanded upon Charleston equipment, adding ability to enchant more as a big patch (not quite an episode-sized one). For example, it added the enchants to the robot arms:
  10. Theodosia

    Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome to the LimitRO. There are some guilds always looking for new members. Be on lookout for their messages in recruit chat
  11. Theodosia

    Trash Talking in Main

    Can you provide more context? By this screenshot alone it doesn't seem like the player trashtalking anyone in particular or trashtalking at all.
  12. Theodosia

    Best job for newbies

    Welcome to LimitRO. Rebel or Ranger are considered the top pick for the starting player, with their gears being accessible and allowing for a good farming potential. Check out these guides for these two jobs here:
  13. Theodosia

    Emerald Ring bugs

    Currently Emerald Ring is giving +100% bonus (or so) to the Arrow storm skill. Tested on the test server: No Emerald Rings: 1 Emerald Ring: 2 Emerald Rings: As we can see, each subsequent ER increases AS damage by roughly 100%. Additional testing showed that it might be not just AS: No ER, normal atk: 1 ER Normal Atk: 2 ER normal atk: As we can see, each ER adds +100% normal attack as well. My hunch is it currently adds +100% ranged damage, that might explain AS damage. It shouldn't Nothing in the script indicates that. In addition: On double strife LV 10, each ER gives +10 dex, +10 agi + 10 vit and +100 atk. Currently +100 atk bonus is NOT added 2 ER: 1 ER: no ER: As we can see it only adds StatusATK due to increase in Dex. So currently ER gives improper bonuses to atk (it ONLY should affect arrow shower, double strife and Severe Rainstorm, nothing else) And doesn't give +20 atk/2 levels double strife.
  14. Theodosia

    Star Stone

    You can sell them to NPC but that's about it
  15. Theodosia

    Immortal Dog Tag[1]