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  1. Theodosia

    wrong swap time for Green Atroce

    Assuming the kill time is correct: 19:45 + 240 to 260 minutes = 23:45 to 00:05 Assuming the kill time is 1 hour ahead (since sometimes I think it is): 22:45 to 23:05 Server time at the moment you have shown is 22:16. In no way it is indicative of an incorrect behavior.
  2. Theodosia

    Spell Fist Interaction With Splash Effects

    From the youtube videos on this channel: It seems that Baphomet card works as follows: 1) Bapho triggers on hit. Bapho same element as weapon. 2) Anything that modifies normal strike atk and crit also modifies bapho (Giant Growth is ATK modifier) 3) Skills like triple attack or spell fist do not seem to affect Bapho. Might require tests but I am fairly confident since Giant's Growth damage is not a skill but a modifier for normal attacks, it should affect bapho.
  3. -1 Instead I would suggest changing the percentages altogether. As per my investigation of iRO it seems our chances in general are extremely low to the point of being comical. On iRO almost everyone has lv4 or lv5 and its considered midgame whereas lategame starts at lv8 and up.
  4. Theodosia

    Old Detachments Ring

    People worry about "OP this" and "OP that" all too much. Items are either usually added to introduce new builds, make gaps easier to bridge for the equipment or to push the classes further. This seems as the latter. I have some other arguments but frankly I am just too tired with this dumb trend of "oh, this looks like its useful for a build, lets nerf/not add it". And big minus one to the idea that if something on the official is OP it will need to be nerfed to be implemented. Its a very dangerous game. But hey, I am on hiatus now. You do you guys.
  5. -1 to forcibly preventing bulk buys. +1 to promoting wiki more. If this is a really big issue, then an automated message once every few hours could also work.
  6. Theodosia

    Episode 17.2 Varmundt's Mansion

    @Cj Randgris + Reginleif combo is flat 50% increase. Overall better than those situational ones but still, more gloom-likes is good.
  7. Theodosia


    Inkfish is right about type B. There is evidence from kRO for CC that I can attest for. Pyroclastic (fire endow) in the kRO sources did not affect Cart cannon neutral on Flamel (Fire 4) It used to be that you could endow CC, it got changed a few years back. Higher DPS was most likely because only ammo element counted as holy while the weapon was neutral and aspersio making both holy. As of right now, for CC ammo type converts ALL convertable atk types to ammo element.
  8. Theodosia


    Afaik on kRO only cannonballs hard-endow the weapon elements (as I showed to Lai before with Genetic + Pyroclastic still being able to hit flamel on a very recent kRO patch) For Bows it seems arrows are not hard-endows?
  9. Theodosia

    Episode 17.2 Varmundt's Mansion

    I believe the main thing for genetics being strong is the applause sandals. Adding considerable ACD and stat boost to allow the instacast. Regardless of that, the class is not THAT overpowered, compared to some other ones currently in the meta. Afaik currently both here and on kRO proper the SS ranger is the king.
  10. Theodosia

    Meteor Assault + EDP

    So I wasn't crazy being unable to find it.
  11. Theodosia

    Meteor Assault + EDP

    I trust Sigma. But I couldn't find anything on MA myself when I tried to confirm or deny it. No korean sources mention MA and I was unable to find and kRO vids sadly.
  12. Theodosia

    Episode 17.2 Varmundt's Mansion

  13. Theodosia

    Revive Wave Mode Once Again

    Crabs in a bucket.
  14. Theodosia

    Revive Wave Mode Once Again

    I mean if someone goes through all that effort, that's good on them, right? And it will stabilize. Right now people are flooding the market with +9s because its still a new feature. But like with +7 tickets before that, it soon will just become not as profitable to hunt for them again and again. If you spend a couple of hours, switching between accounts and taking 15-20 minutes on each and getting like 1 +9 refine in 5-6 runs or more, you are now getting ~150 or 200m Alternatively I would suggest decreasing +9 ticket drop rate somewhat, perhaps to the original +7 drops, if that is such a bother. But that's not the point of this topic.
  15. Theodosia

    Revive Wave Mode Once Again

    Isn't lava account restricted like the rest? If no, it should be. And the chances from Lava are pretty low. I was doing it pretty regularly and still to get a single +9 armor But on the topic: I would suggest a full revamp of sky and forest in the future. They need a clearer vision to them. The maths on them are all over the place. But for right now, as Lai said, it might be too early. Perhaps after 17.1?