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  1. Improbable

    Windmill'd after getting Cursed Circle

    bump from 2016 to 2018
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    Attendance Timer

  3. Improbable

    Wasting the slot at the vending harbor buying lane

    Report reply Lai 2,831 Posted May 26 Changed Status to Closed This is no longer a crime. Market freedom.
  4. Improbable

    Wasting the slot at the vending harbor buying lane

    market is freedom, no?
  5. Improbable

    Attendance Timer

    Topic Name : Attendance timer Character Names: Improbable Describe your suggestion What is this? - Attendance Timer Why do we have to add it? - To know the exact time before receiving daily prize. Who will benefit this? - Everyone i think. Will this change the system drastic? - No. Room for improvement? - No. Other Example in paint:
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    Helper Recruitment

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    Monthly Task 005

    Improbable Алексей Адельгейм
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    Easter Egg Decoration

    Char name: Improbable Wish comment: God grant health, happiness, love. Be kind, do not be like me.
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    Monthly Task 002

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    Monthly Share 001

    Improbable Алексей Адельгейм VK - Facebook