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  1. I'm not sure where I see Neutral Reduction in your post there.
  2. The card does not grant +30% Dark Resistance when worn. Please account for natural minuet variance in damage. Picture #1 Shows the test subject, Swordsman lvl8/jlvl1 just 1 poring kill. The only piece of gear he has is +0 Muffler [1] With Prison Breaker Card. In his inventory are 100 Holy Elemental Scrolls (12280) Picture #2 Shows my Mecha equipped with Dark Cannon Balls. Picture #3 Shows the damage on Knight without Prison Breaker Card, Neutral element Armor. 612460 Damage. Picture #4 Shows the damage on Knight with Prison Breaker Card, Neutral Element Armor. Do note, @battlestats does not show the +30% Dark Resistance. 604261 Damage. Picture #5 Shows the damage on Knight without Prison Breaker Card, Holy Element Armor. 734035 Damage. Picture #6 Shows the damage on Knight with Prison Breaker Card, Holy Element Amor.
  3. I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard time sustaining my +10 food habits with the cost of them either at Farrah or BG. I suggest the cost of these items be cut in half.
  4. Farlhart

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    *Summons thread from the dead* to say: +1 to Storm Stone, Juggernaut, Sniping Veil
  5. Most classes have received a major boost in damage (GX,Sura,RK) leaving some of Rebellions damage left to be desired for in silk PvP. Since Expert Archer and Fighting Spirit mods have been banned from this mode, I feel that this is a good time to bring up rebellion damage to par with the other classes. By allowing: Dustfire - Shotgun Black Rose - Revolver Burning Rose - Gatling Gun The Finisher - RIfle Revenge - Grenade Launcher They are on par with Calf guns without access to EA or FS enchants. Now if this seems a lil' self serving, you'd be forgiven to assume so, with me as a Rebellion main. However, I do see that other Rebels are growing the scene and I think this be a nice addition over all. It's my hope that this time, I can gather the server (your) support. So what do you think?
  6. I equipped the Oxygen Mask. I typed @battlestats and looked at the list of resistances I should have. It did not show up on the list of resistance, while wearing the mask.
  7. Farlhart

    Avenger Guns Gives Wrong Attack Points

    Lol wow, I don't know how this needs to be spelled out for ya, but it wasn't just the Shotgun that was broke-which was the only thing corrected. It was the RIfle, Grenade Launcher, Gatling Gun and Pistol that needs correcting too.
  8. Farlhart

    The Current State of Silk PvP and Limit RO.

    Lol thanks for showing de wei.
  9. This thread is for all of Limit RO to read, digest and educate themselves over the decisions Lai and his team has made. Many of which we're haphazardly made with little to no thought or reasoning behind them. This is for YOU Lai. I have been here since January of last year and I like many others, have witness all of Lai's doing since then. Those who don't know me, I'm Farlhart I main a Rebellion class, and i specialize in Silk PvP settings. Do pay attention as the subjects laid before you outline many core problems that go unaddressed. This will be long... Recently, Tierra Gloria expansion has been released on this server. However, with the recent updates made by Lai and his team, most of the items are banned from Silk play! WITH NO REASON TO BACK THOSE DECISION UP. This list https://www.limitro.com/wiki/tutorial/17-feature/59-silk-mode will show every item that is banned from this game mode, many of which severely impacts game play and character balance. Rebellions we're especially hard hit by these changes, namely with the new guns that we're released. Let's take a look at these items and talk about the actual reason why they should NOT be banned in the first place. My first examples will be comparisons between Calf guns and the Tierra Gloria guns. Just for those who do not understand weapon level and refine: Level 3 weapons = +5 Attack per refine (@+7 = +35 Attack) Level 4 weapons = +7 Attack per refine (@+7 = +49 Attack) also note, while not yet implimented. All of the Tierra Gloria guns are suppose to enchant-able at Malangdo (@go 35) with the maxium expected enchant of either: Fighting Spirit 8 (+27 attack, +5 hit per enchantment) Expert Archer 6 (+12% Range Damage) which two enchants per weapon is the maximum being: +54 Attack/+10 Hit, +24% Range Damage or +27 Attack/+5 Hit and 12% Range Damage. Tierra Gloria weapons are stronger when properly enchanted but within reason, in comparison to other items when looked at, class-to-class. Firstly, Calf Death Adder versus Dark Rose: @ +7: Calf Death Adder offers +219 Attack, 15% attack speed, 15% Range Damage compared to Dark Rose which offers +185 Attack, 10% Attack Speed, 15% Range Damage Notice that because of Dark Rose's base damage and weapon level. At the same refine-it already deals less damage. Now lets throw on enchants. FS8 Double = +239 attack, which yes is higher than Death Adder. You lose out on not having Range damage enchants instead. EA6 Double = 39% Range Damage but the weapon is still +185 attack in comparison. EA6+FS8 = 27% Range Damage/+212 Attack which seems pretty balanced if you look at this over-all. Next is Calf King Cobra versus Finisher: @ +7: Calf King Cobra offers +279 Attack, 15% attack speed, 15% Range Damage compared to Finisher which offers +235 Attack, 15% Range Damage, +30% Anti-Material Blast/Mass Spiral Damage Same case as the first example in difference in damage. The core difference being that Finisher is geared to increasing a Specific Skill damage. Again, same argument in stats for Finisher. FS8 Double = +289 attack, no additional Long Range Damage. EA6 Double = 39% Range Damage but the weapon is still +235 attack in comparison. EA6+FS8 = 27% Range Damage/+247 Attack which is also balanced. Calf Diamondback versus Burning Rose: @ +7: Calf Diamondback offers +269 Attack, +2 Dexterity, 15% Range Damage, +20% Round Trip Damage compared to Burning Rose which offers +235 Attack, 15% Range Damage, +30% Fire Rain Damage Note that neither gun is good at specializing in the other's main damage boosted stat. Round Trip is not as strong with Burning Rose as Fire Rain is not at strong with Calf Diamondback. The stats with a properly enchanted Burning Rose: FS8 Double = +289. Again, no additional Long Range Damage. EA6 Double = 39% Range Damage but the weapon is still +235 attack in comparison. EA6+FS8 = 27% Range Damage/+247 Attack. Calf Anaconda versus Dustfire: These weapons deserve the most attention as they are tied to the main kill skill for Rebellions- Slug Shot. A skill heavily criticized by the Ragnarok community. @ +7: Calf Anaconda offers +244 Attack, 2% Max SP, 15% Range Damage, +20% Banishing Buster Damage compared to Dustfire which offers +235 Attack, Low Chance of Blind, +15% Shattering Storm Damage, (When combo'd with Armor-piercing Bullet) is suppose to grant +30% Range damage. Dustfire stats when properly enchanted being: FS8 Double = +289 attack, with possible +30% Range Damage /w Combo. EA6 Double = +24% for a total of +54% Range Damage /w Combo. EA6+FS8 = 12% Range Damage/+247 Attack, +30% Range Damage /w Combo Dustfire is clearly stronger, however there is a switch that must take place and that is going from Purifying Bullets (Holy property) to Armor-piercing Bullets. Armor-piercing Bullets are Neutral property type bullets and thus makes you susceptible to things like Ghostring Card, Raydric Card and other Neutral property reducers. This weapon only serves to tie over the damage need to have this as an effective main skill to fulfill the role of a killer class. My last example is Calf Python versus Revenge: @ +7: Calf Python offers +409 Attack, 5% attack speed, 15% Range Damage compared to Revenge which offers +385 Attack, 20% Range Damage, +15% Dragon Tail Damage Revenge is geared towards Dragon Tail for Silk, but notice the Calf Python does not help that damage at all. Dragon Tail NEEDS this boost as in comparison to Slug Shot, the damage is lacking for the skill sacrifice you need to make in order to play it. While Revenge is stronger, Calf Python is just weak as a weapon choice in comparison. FS8 Double = +439 attack, +20% Long Range Damage. EA6 Double = 44% Range Damage but the weapon is still +385 attack in comparison. EA6+FS8 = 32% Range Damage/+412 Attack which in comparison to say Dustfire, falls right in line with where it should be. IN ALL THESE EXAMPLES, every weapon is limited and balanced by the +7 modifier. There is no reason why these should be on the Silk ban list. The only one that I can find is that Lai did not take into consideration ANY of these examples before hand and decided that these were "too OP" to his standards. THATS FALSE. I also bring to your attention one card that has been unfairly exemplified to the rest. Elvira Card: https://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=4577 This is the only magic damage boosting card that has been banned compared to: Mavka Card, Headless Mule Card, Dwigh Card!! There is only one explanation I can think of and that was: Ninja's Lightning Jolt skill is too strong, instead of correcting it to a Single hit attack, its currently a x3 hit attack. So lai's lazy response was to not allow anything to boost it instead. Warlock's Soul Expansion and Chain Lightning are the next set of skills impacted by not allowing Elvira Card. Soul Expansion without Telekinesis Intense skill (5 minute cooldown), is weak on it's own. Chain Lightning isn't getting enough of a boost it needs to make using it as a main skill, impact-full. Varetyr Spear is a joke in silk. So I ask the community. WHY IS THIS CARD BANNED??? Refer to this list for this next section: https://www.limitro.com/wiki/tutorial/17-feature/59-silk-mode All of these items, I also feel, do not deserve the ban list (notice it's not all of them.): Every Battleground item Except Glorious and Avenger Gear. All Illusion Weapons and Armor Specific Deep Sea Gear: Palace Guard Cap [1] Isabella Brown Ear [1] Flashy 2010 Indonesia Cap [1] Sign Of Decade [1] Gigantic Helm [1] (By being on the ban list, it negates the Gigantic set which in combination and comparison to what could be use, becomes specialized.) Fancy Phantom Mask [1] Clergy's Nursing Cap [1] Kitsune Ear Bell Ribbon [1] Sting's Silk Ribbon [1] (In comparison to use Demi-Human Damage reduction like Thara Frog, Handkerchief in Mouth, I Love Limit hat. The numbers are not as OP as it may appear.) Sedora Hat [1] Devil's Minion (You'd argue that Arch Bishops can abuse this, but in comparison, they have alot of their own healing abilities that surely surpass this.) Imperial Feather (This being banned, impede the full bonus a Royal Guard can benefit from, using the set specializes the character in comparison to other combo's is not as OP as it may appear.) Long Octopus Balloon (Just...Why not?) Blood Sucker (Life steal is unreliable in PvP, the negatives also suck.) New Wave Sunglasses (In comparison to choosing slotted sunglasses, the trade off is fair.) Fragment of Love (Uninterruptible cast doesn't work in PvP anyway, Fix cast only prioritizes higher % worn, and +15% SP cost?) Aegir Armor [1], Aegir Mantle [1], Aegir Shoes [1], Aegir Helm [1] (This set as a whole or individual items are not OP as it may appear, it's a step up from the Valkyrie set.) Kardui's Robe [1] (At +7, the set bonus is not as OP as it may appear, additionally, you cannot benefit from the Angeling Combo.) Evil Dragon Armor [1] (Because it has NO effect under +8.) Iron Shield [1] (Because it has NO effect under +8.) Immune Mantaeu [1], Immune Shoes [1] (@+7 in combination, set offers 30% Neutral damage reduction while receiving 13% more from other sources. Notice how Immune Shield Isn't Banned?) Judgment Shoes (While the bonus list is long @+7 it fits neatly into a holy damaging build for Arch Bishops, you cannot take advantage of the bonus under +8, no Temporal Boots instead.) Magical Ring [1] (Not as strong as Magician Gloves and rather fair for an accessory slot of choice.) Imperial Ring [1](This being banned, impede the full bonus a Royal Guard can benefit from, using the set specializes the character in comparison to other combo's is not as OP as it may appear.) Undine Spear [3] (Compared to Metal Stick or Posion Spear as alternatives.) Octopus Knife [3] (Fish Dagger.) Dofle Axe [2] (Fun weapon, not overly OP.) Royal Bow [1] (It's Elven Bow with Race specific modifiers and the ability to choose different arrows.) Book of Exorcism [2] (Magnus Exorcismus?) Companion Cavalry Sword [2] (Gives a viable option for those who rather use 2 handed swords with decent reduction.) Magician's Blade [2] (Fun weapon, not overly OP.) Barbed Wire [1] (Ice Pick for Wanderer's.) Onimaru [2] (@+7 and 120 Strength = +409 Attack, with a chance of AoE Curse. Most people have 100 Vit, the effect is negatable.) Conch [1] Shadow Staff [2] (@+7 = +170% Hell Inferno Damage, 35% MDEF pierce. Sure Sorcs can use this but it won't be as strong as a Warlock. Who can specialize into Hell Inferno build-currently inferior.) Other Items: Applause Sandals [1] (@+7 the inherent effects are not as OP as it may appear, in addition, you cannot use Amon Ra Card along with it.) Abusive and Flattery Robe [1] (@+7 Abusive offer 28% defense pierce at best, the enchantments available for it are not usable before +8) Royal Guard Shield [1] (These effects are acceptable if i think the rest of ^these are.) ALL OF THE TIERRA GLORIA ITEMS Limit-less Items: Oriental Sword [2] Hazy Demon Blade [3] (Makes Kunai Explosion more viable with options between Futsumitama [2] and other daggers.) Ruin Bringer's Sword [3] and Glorified Royal Sword [3] (As a set, it gives nice boost to Cross Impact, however size penalty reduction and the option for other weapons become omitted.) Ancient King's Twin Blade [3] (Not OP @ +7.) Iron Nail [2] (Does not benefit from it's bonus below +8.) Avenger [2] (Compared to other Axes, below +8, this weapon is not very effective.) Red Lotus Sword [2] (Which isn't Red by the way. Below +9, this weapon isn't as effective as other choices.) Aeon Staff [2] (While @+7 it offers decen Earth damage increments, it's 2 handed and in comparison to Survivor's set-Rod, shoes, mant. This may not be your best choice either.) Diva Foxtail Wand [1] (Balanced in it's own right, magical Doram's are not as strong as they used to be.) Mirage Foxtail Wand [1] (Balanced in it's own right, magical Doram's are not as strong as they used to be.) Seraphim Coronet (For middle slotted item, when choosing between slotted sunglasses or anything else, this becomes very specific to a healer.) Royal Bow [2] (This bow is your contender between a Giant Cross bow when you are considering an Arrow Storm build.) Narcissus Bow [2] (Below +9, this weapon isn't as effective as other choices.) Sorcerer's Sword [2] (Below +9, this weapon isn't as effective as other choices.) Shadow Staff [2] (@+7, this is a fair choice for Sorcerer's who would like to power Earth Grave in comparison to Aeon Staff [2], otherwise. Below +9, this weapon isn't as effective as other choices.) Ancient Hero Boots [1] (This item is necessary in combination with many of the items listed here. Below +9, this boot isn't as effective as other choices.) Circlet of Survival [1] and Orbs of Survival (While the overall Set is OP at a glance, all-together this forces your character into a specific build with negatives as well. This should be allowed in conjunction with the Shoes and Mantaeu that is already permitted.) Cards: Elvira Card (See prior argument.) Sropho Card (For a Melee character who has to come to you, this is an acceptable effect. Worried about 193 ASPD-Double Dagger double attack? that channels a specific build too.) Soheon Card (Below +10, this is a useless choice.) Laura Card (In the case of Sura, its your choice between this or White Knight card for damage, the critical only benefits you if you plan to use that Basic Attack.) Rudo Card (This is fair for Flee users or those who want a little boost in their attack speed. However do note you are losing 40sp per attack! Very specific use.) I have outlined all of the REAL analysis of these items, a job YOU and YOUR team fails to consider. You are all lazy and incompetent and do NOT understand Ragnarok as it's meant to be played. You do not play this game but merely exist within it as authoritative figures who seek to reap all of the cash benefits your players have to offer you, while you impede the quality of game play every maintenance with these shitty decisions. The players who decide to spend their hard work, time and money here deserve FAR better than this. The current state of Limit RO is not fun at all. You don't deserve a single dime of our cash let alone the time we do give you. I call upon every Limit RO member to re-read this and make your own judgments about the state of Silk PvP on this server. These people (GM and team) should be held accountable if we are to spend hundreds of dollars here for YOUR ENTERTAINMENT. I call upon you to question Lai and his team for the lack of deliverance they bestowed upon you for all that you do for them. Lai, you ****** suck bro. Punish me for all I care. The truth of what I stated is laid bare for all to judge your actions by. Before you do respond, I challenge you to make an informed statement to counter mine without making it some meaningless diversion to personally attack me *Lol nice try Lai, removing my old post so no one has to question you going forward. I intend to keep this thread here. I've saved this entire post in the event you would try that. You failed to make a meaningful reply to mine and leaned on your "drones" to do your talking for you.*
  10. Farlhart

    The current state of Silk PvP and Limit RO

    Sasha remove your hostile cognition's from me for a minute. You claim I'm pulling a stunt for my benefit but that isn't the case at all. I am making a legitimate argument. The counter arguments given do not size up to the lengthy explanations I have given. They are short and rather uninformed responses so far, you aside. Why don't you really take on what I have to say and make a comment. You've been playing he for a long time in Silk mode, along side together once. Don't pretend I don't know a thing or two either.
  11. Farlhart

    The current state of Silk PvP and Limit RO

    I'm not done. The fact that the most of you are using Silk mode as a mean to catering new players is ridiculous. The majority of those who do play Silk WoE and BG competitively, hold no new comer as any threat without some reasonable level of gear and farm. They simply become fodder in the crowd. The real goal of the thread was to improve the existing system to make playing this mode a better experience over all. Every item I have singled out in my original post, I gave considerable thought as to how it plays out in balance. What you are proposing does not promote competition and rehashes more of the same-with all the same issues that many of you are rather blind to. Silk mode has it's main TWO limiters. Being that it's a no MVP environment and that gear refine is limited to +7. THIS is the balance you are talking about. Why completely omit complete sets of items, without even giving it a second thought? My answer is laziness and the select few who would rather not see their implementation for their (select players) selfish reasons. Lai, your head swivels to whoever throws the most money at you. Their opinions tend to super-cede efforts such as mine and in turn, make you completely biased. Many of us here have witnessed this first hand and expect you to do no different now. Your helper staff has NO voice in any matters they raise towards you, they are just active users who CAN spend their time culling the crowd while you blissfully ignore the rest. Your real intent here is a money grab, not our satisfaction.
  12. Farlhart

    The current state of Silk PvP and Limit RO

    You are deluded to think that it's impossible for new comers to obtain some level of progress. It does not take that long. If you think this is a selfish cry, you are wrong. It's an advocating voice for those who cannot find the words or courage to say it and I'm the one who did so. Your excuse for not changing anything is not good enough. More over because of our history, your opinion is rather biased against me, in a knee-jerk reaction to come to Lai's defense.
  13. Farlhart

    The current state of Silk PvP and Limit RO

    As things stand right now most item that aren't Deep Sea or Solar Temple are easy to obtain. Cost will always be a factor for demand and should not be an excuse to exclude a viable set of items. Open your eyes a bit, Silk PvP will always maintain some level of balance due to the +7 refine limiter. The true imbalance lies in not allowing items that should be present to make or break builds. The current combo set is quite limited. As for this being Newbie friendly, while true that is not the whole intent of Silk. You want to talk about unbalanced, look at Normals. Silk is a venue for which players who are seeking some level of structure to play by. Not to accommodate a group of people that will eventually transcend their new state. Your "Berserka" that you mentioned, while yes strong, the balance being. She chose damage over reduction. She is not that hard to kill. I think you are one of the select few who want to tailor your video game experience by selectively omitting items to suit your play expectations.