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    Just to add to the above(also this regards Ranger as well): There are a few other items worth looting that can sell decently to npc; 2 and 3 carat diamonds, that musical instrument, etc. Definitely one of the fastest ways to get quick zeny, drawback is you can't fwing away, which means you'll die often if you're not careful. Other less stressful alternatives(not quite as fast zeny though) are: Geffenia: Pros: -Incubus and succubus drop rings that sell for a lot -Chance to get Abysmal Knight card -Can Arrowstorm > Fwing -Bank up on pots in the form of Mastela Fruits and Royal Jelly -Roughly 1m/3minutes Cons: -You'll get overweight very quick since you'll already be carrying Fwings (I don't suggest more than 80 at a time unless you have gym passes or invest some stats into STR) -Selling rings to NPC can be tedious since they don't stack Juperos Core: Autoloot 100. Sell everything to NPC. Pros: -Transparent Plates from water dimik can sell to other players for a lot -Bank up on Oridecon and Elunium -Can Arrowstorm > Fwing -Roughly 1m/5minutes Cons: -Not as fast zeny as previous 2 areas -Overweight REALLY fast Other suggestions and things to consider: Invest some stats into INT for faster cast if you can't afford sound ampplifier, but not more than 80 I would say. Invest some stats into Luk. Gives you some nice perfect dodge for survivability, and 3 LUK = 1ATK Elven bow is the cheapest and one of the best bows for refines under 10. You should already be able to 1 shot mobs in the above areas with this bow + elven arrows, and basic buffs (bless, agi, attention concentrate, true sight)
  2. Nukeasniper

    Isle of Bios Cooldown

    Step 1. Complete Instance Step 2. Wait until daily instance cooldown resets at 4am server time Attached are images of me trying to start instance. It shows the cooldown status of both Isle of Bios and Morse Cave instances. I did Isle of Bios before Morse Cave, and the Morse Cave instance cooldown reset correctly. I am also in a party of 2+, and I made sure at least 2 are online.
  3. Nukeasniper

    Failure to connect

    definitely not normal. I expect a lot more bugs and kinks are being worked out. Just know that whatever it may be, it's for the better in the long run 👍
  4. Doesn't correctly display the cooldown of the Nightmarish Jitterbug instance, but it seems to work for other instances (I haven't tested this for all instances, but airship raid and GMT are displayed correctly)
  5. Nukeasniper

    Ghost Palace Instance Ending Bug

    Step 1. Finished Ghost Palace instance. Step 2. Talked to King npc to trade gray shards. Step 3. Selected Armors. Step 4. Selected Cancel.
  6. Nukeasniper

    Making Arrow Bug

    I'm clearly over the 50% weight limit and i can still cast the skill. Although i wouldn't mind if the fix stays on the lowest priority, or just not have anything done about it ;D