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  1. Docteur

    skill shadow scrolls

    any update on this?
  2. Docteur

    You sell you tell :)

    Quite simple. Have you ever been in a store where there is no price? The answer is probably no. Like I like to say : « You sell, you tell ». Of course it takes balls. You have to commit. And take the risk to go under or over price. But you can PC or make a quick research to eliminate under prices. And if you are over, people will tell you other offer. Still, there are few good things about commiting : 1 - You dont get to ask how much it cost. Because yes, we know, as a seller, you will receive a lot of price check by people who sells the same product, people that have no idea how much it cost and just people... 2 - You get to control your price. Doing so, you can change your price by the market, but also because you'd be surprise on how much people talk. Maybe you will be tempted, depending on a situation, to sell an item a lil more. Everyone will know. And for that reason, they might consider you sell high. While it may not always be the case. If you ever worked with the public, of course you want to answer to any information inquiry and be polite. Or it may come back at you. Truth is, you never know who can buy at the end. Of course you will encounter bad customers, it is part of the game but even how hard they whine, whinners and snitches never win. Again, people recognize them.
  3. Docteur

    Loki's Whisper Drop Rate Boost

    i have 9 to sell
  4. Docteur

    Genetic shadows missing

    not noting but still a problem since october !
  5. Docteur

    Lazy Farming Guide/TIPS

    i dont get it
  6. Docteur

    Genetic shadows missing

    Alright, Just to be sure to have a follow up. We discovered that genetics shadows do not drops. On october 27th : Shadow skills were announced. The community has showed that genetic shadow gears, Cannon Cart (items #24563, 24564 & 24565) and Crazy (24569, 24570 24571) were not dropping.
  7. Docteur


    Are Genetic shadows availaible?
  8. Docteur

    Changelogs - Slow progression

    I like this content ! Take care Lai (And can we start a new gladiator week? :))
  9. Docteur

    Changelogs - 17.1 Illusion

    Yes, would it be possible to know what is effective and what is not? We dont know where to start !
  10. Docteur

    Achievment Reward

    Hello, I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one beeing happy when I stumble on a digging spot but i DO. Even when I found one that I have, I like to share the location on main. Creates a sens of community and it starts a race on who will get there first Althought, I suggest we upgrade the +7 refine ticket. Of course, i'd push it more, to +9 and why not, 200 coin for a +11!? !
  11. Docteur

    LimitRO 17.1? Or stay 16.2?

    If we can get 17.1 for holidays i'd believe it is great. nobody got FAW +16, it was useless to get it beyond +9. The new updates bring my gene a wep and maybe an armor. I'll probalby keep my wep to hunt down demi-human and the armor, well, I dont know yet. But it's not like I'll be able to get everything the day of the patch. I dont see the big deal here, this patch is pretty much like any others. I wont toss my applause, neither my midas or my shield and probably not my GW. And even if I do, someone will profit of it, at a lower cost. And new content is fun to play. I have both SW, i dont need to TODG again, what will replace it? Old players needs treats too. On the other hand - new items means a regain in economy and probably an incentive to get new players. I call this a WIN WIN. In between, unlike any other servers, we dont have refining event, or double drops. I noticed before there was like, extedend skill tree. DT on TODG maybe. Other builds gear progression... I dont expect LimitRO to always innovate and all. But progression is always fun. And I trust you to bring it when you believe the time is great.
  12. Docteur

    Mechanical Plant Set

  13. Docteur

    Heavenly maiden robe

    Don't drop by white lady. tried twice. even got the card.
  14. Docteur

    Weapon damage VS physical?

    You know, i've search a lot because asking here and your answer is the best on the web Brilliant ! Anyone can approve?
  15. Docteur

    Weapon damage VS physical?

    Yo, So here is the question : Let's say im a genetic using CC. WK and Khali set offers +20% phsycial + 15% physical. Turtle set offers +20% WEAPON ATK POWER & +20 physical Is it wrong to think that physical is stronger then Weapon atak and that WK and Khali is a better option? If no, In what circumstance Weapon attack is better? Whats the real deal with Tutle set? I also heard Turtle is not really fixed but plz, let's consider it is for the sake of the question