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  1. BabyCakeTB

    Chess board

    Hey, I remember a long time ago, a private server had a chess board in main town. Some played. Some even bet cash. I'd challenge you maybe
  2. BabyCakeTB

    Achievment Reward

    Hello, I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one beeing happy when I stumble on a digging spot but i DO. Even when I found one that I have, I like to share the location on main. Creates a sens of community and it starts a race on who will get there first Althought, I suggest we upgrade the +7 refine ticket. Of course, i'd push it more, to +9 and why not, 200 coin for a +11!? !
  3. BabyCakeTB

    LimitRO 17.1? Or stay 16.2?

    If we can get 17.1 for holidays i'd believe it is great. nobody got FAW +16, it was useless to get it beyond +9. The new updates bring my gene a wep and maybe an armor. I'll probalby keep my wep to hunt down demi-human and the armor, well, I dont know yet. But it's not like I'll be able to get everything the day of the patch. I dont see the big deal here, this patch is pretty much like any others. I wont toss my applause, neither my midas or my shield and probably not my GW. And even if I do, someone will profit of it, at a lower cost. And new content is fun to play. I have both SW, i dont need to TODG again, what will replace it? Old players needs treats too. On the other hand - new items means a regain in economy and probably an incentive to get new players. I call this a WIN WIN. In between, unlike any other servers, we dont have refining event, or double drops. I noticed before there was like, extedend skill tree. DT on TODG maybe. Other builds gear progression... I dont expect LimitRO to always innovate and all. But progression is always fun. And I trust you to bring it when you believe the time is great.
  4. BabyCakeTB

    Mechanical Plant Set

  5. BabyCakeTB

    Heavenly maiden robe

    Don't drop by white lady. tried twice. even got the card.
  6. BabyCakeTB

    Weapon damage VS physical?

    You know, i've search a lot because asking here and your answer is the best on the web Brilliant ! Anyone can approve?
  7. BabyCakeTB

    Weapon damage VS physical?

    Yo, So here is the question : Let's say im a genetic using CC. WK and Khali set offers +20% phsycial + 15% physical. Turtle set offers +20% WEAPON ATK POWER & +20 physical Is it wrong to think that physical is stronger then Weapon atak and that WK and Khali is a better option? If no, In what circumstance Weapon attack is better? Whats the real deal with Tutle set? I also heard Turtle is not really fixed but plz, let's consider it is for the sake of the question
  8. BabyCakeTB

    Power Abuse?

    Oriya, Eclypta There are so many wrong thing in what you say, I refer you to your point 1. And plz, publish the first part your speech. .« Did you know ...?» What I do understand is that asking a question may be consider has « assuming rumors. » There is nothing prettier in communism land.
  9. BabyCakeTB

    Power Abuse?

    OK. SO I asked an helper in @main to open the deep sea. A guy replied « dont you know that helpers cannot do that» to what I replied « Is it written somewhere obvious so I can know? » and that guy continued with his bad rhetoric and his « dont you know attitude » until I told « I'm not a millenial, I dont know everything » which I consider quite funny actually. HE finally came to me in Private to telling me that It was laughing at GM's sensibility to ask this in @main and full of crap. And everytime I told his his thing was crap. he putted some more to it. So i finally asked him : OK, are you a Mr know it all or a little b***ch? He said he would mute me, which IS perfectly perfect and the good thing to do ! And 10min later I got ban. Since I wasent sure why I got ban, simply because I dont really get how someone can act like this and not exepect to be insulted I asked Retsuke if that was it. No reply. I got Ban. I went to another char asking him if AT LEAST we could talk, and he replied : You sent me another PM or a toxic in main you say good bye to LIMIT. And banned me again. Ending with : Came close... HAHA. SO - the AHAHA. Is the reason why I'm here. I dont believe it is really funny and shows a lot of misconsideration. I dont know if he his a frustrated millenal or if he really is sensible to the fact that he cant open Deep SEA, but if it was the case, neither humour or his frustration should lead to a ban. And for the rest, well, I disagree that people can be a dick while using *proper word. Like I told Retsuke, I dont believe it should be a kindergarder here. If it is the case, i''d play the game and reply to punks the way they do, but even then, I believe Retsuke need a longer break then I do.
  10. BabyCakeTB

    Feather Beret

    So, I tried to craft 10 fether beret with the exact amount of materials. I noticed on the second or third that none show up in my inventory. Indeed on 10, only 9 berets showed up and it got my materials. Is it 100% success rate? No big deal indeed but hey... I also « lost » a Blood Sucker this week. Could beleive it. Didn't find it... I'll take the blame on that one I guess.
  11. BabyCakeTB

    Touchpad LAG and can't click

    Hi guys, I bought this new laptop and I cant use the touchpad when I'm in game. To clear things, a mouse works in game. The touch pad works not in game. The touchpad dont work in games. I lag and jump from a point to another. Sometimes the cliker don't work either. All my pilots are up to date and everything works (other games, ...) except my precious LIMITRO. Help me out? Thanks.
  12. BabyCakeTB

    Little poring

    Hello. I'd love the achivement «poring is love» but noticed by @whodrops that nothing drops little poring juice. I dont know if it has been erased volontarily or if it the right place to place this information but, there is is. IGM : DocteurJekyll Thank you !
  13. BabyCakeTB

    Your Body Part

    Char Name : DocteurJekyll Part Description : Chest Why you love it : under is the heart !
  14. BabyCakeTB

    Refine guide plz?

    that was complete Still, would it WORTH, to try to upgrate with HD ores comparing to safe refine?
  15. BabyCakeTB

    Refine guide plz?

    Hey. So i geared up and i feel a bit lost on refining system. I didnt stumble of the rates on our wonderfull server and, i'm never too sure on what ores should i use to be more efficient in refining valuable gear. Help?