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  1. Jumi

    Revive Wave Mode Once Again

    I think the discussion should be more about the "don't make us stand for 1 hour in one spot". (as Ryddren just said too while I typed this) ^^;; That's why I liked Lava too, because it was only 20 waves.
  2. Jumi

    RNG Random Number Generator

    Oh I see, I was reading this Topic and there it said garment: Nvm then
  3. Jumi

    RNG Random Number Generator

    One thing I don't understand: Sure we can use the new gemstones for other characters if we don't get what we want right away. But only if we buy another pair of wings, right? There is no free garment to put those stones in, but only a wing for 25 Euro, so to use the whole set on another char, we have to spend this too. Or am I missing something?
  4. Jumi

    No reward from Wolfchev

    Maybe someone should update the wiki? 😮
  5. Jumi

    No reward from Wolfchev

    That would make sense, otherwise the reward would be quite high.
  6. Jumi

    No reward from Wolfchev

    I killed the MVP, got the MVP loot, but no reward from Wolfchev after talking to him.
  7. Jumi

    LimitRO Dev Todo

    Any news on this feature Lai? Can you buy those tickets now and if yes, where?
  8. Jumi

    IS/ET warp bug

    If someone afk in IS and then moves through a portal after a while, some of the other players get warped to that portal as well, i.e. when they were on Level 40, they get warped back to Level 20. I also experienced that in Endless Tower, when me and another player had died on i.e. level 50 and I respawned and moved the levels up again (so no afking), the dead player was warped to a portal i was walking through and he was also alive again.
  9. Jumi

    Enable @autotrade in HQ please

    I was going to make a similar topic, though about vending in general. It's really hard to find a spot there to vend right now. If not in HQ then maybe extend the shopping lines in the vending harbour and add more for buying too?
  10. Jumi


    Nachdem es hier wieder ruhig geworden ist, wollte ich mich mal wieder melden. Ich bin immer noch (na gut, wieder) da und hab mich inzwischen den Jabbawockeez angeschlossen. Die sind nicht deutsch, aber eine deutschsprachige Gilde am Laufenden zu halten, ist auf diesem Server ziemlich hoffnungslos Wenn euer Englisch ok ist, kommt gern auch zu Jabbawockeez, wir machen Freitags und am Wochenende bei woe mit, wenn ihr keine Lust auf woe habt ist das auch nicht schlimm. Wir haben einen Channel in discord, wenn ich da bin ist er oft eher ruhig, weil die meisten zu anderen Zeiten online sind, aber manchmal wird auch viel gequatscht, ihr könnt gern mit euren Fragen nerven, oft wird einem dort geholfen. Wenn ich online bin - meistens Abends zwischen 17 - 21 Uhr - machen wir gerne instance runs oder hängen in hugel (@go 22) herum. Ansonsten added mich gern als friend, ich helfe auch gern beim einfinden auf dem Server - ich bin die meiste Zeit auf Jorinde Jumi Star unterwegs, aber mir gehören auch alle möglichen Chars die irgendwas mit Ju- heißen - Jumie, Jumini, Jumiko, Jumixi, Jumizi, Jumiu usw, also haltet gern Ausschau nach mir.
  11. Jumi

    So rude ._.

    By accident I snapped into one Monster with warg strike, that was standing next to this person, which I didn't see. After this he went right on with "f u" and all.. If this had happen a couple times, I can understand why sometimes people get mad, but this I found very offending and unnecessary. My screenshot is missing the "fu" as I just saw and I don't want him to get punished anyway, I just want players to remind themselves, that we are all real people here and it's a real person you just told to **** themselves.
  12. Jumi

    Hallo :)

  13. Jumi

    Asgard Blessing

    Is it customized here? Because it only gives +1 all stats, instead of what it says here: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=18550
  14. He's selling unslotted sunglasses for 100m
  15. Jumi

    description wrong / phoenix crown

    Ahh okay ❤️