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  1. hensemchik

    Change BG 2

    +1 im quite a new player so i dunno the 5v5 BG. but ive seen some utube vids, seems fun. (but i do silk BG2 alot. like..alot) so yeah, less time, more fun, better for new players to join n enjoy n have fun! - ciku
  2. hensemchik

    [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build (Part I)

    heheh thanks alot sir. n that certainly looks good. ive had some sleepless nights just thinking about how DD wud overpower a katar GX, found the answer tho. hahahah, on headgears. eddy headgear to be exact heheh. thanks to u ofcoz. i need to get my hands on those surcoats then. so i dont have to wear the dragon hat. and i can use the eddy hat. this is the best news all morning thanks man
  3. hensemchik

    [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build (Part I)

    hi again sentimental. would like to ask for suggestions, right now im using a +7 FQL, n on my off hand, +10 scaple. wanted something i can look forward to, so what daggers would u say is the best for a GX for now? trying to make myself a +16 FQL, but i know its gonna cost me heheh.
  4. hi there, saw some one ingame by the name of Cap Yeontan, tried talking to him no replies. is that u by any means? btw his damages is impressive. was trying hard to eq my SC now, and thanks so much for this wonderful guide !!
  5. hensemchik

    [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build (Part I)

    tried this just now, it was....mindblowing im not as rich as u guys got myself a +7fql, +10crimson dagger but im quite satisfied with the damage im doing btw this is a lil bit out of topic, how do one use the godly enchantment NPC? i couldnt find any guides/tutorial on how to use it. would love to enchant my weapon. i heard the godly enchanter has 100% success rate? note that im very new to this game. sorry for my noobness
  6. hensemchik


    would love to learn more about BG. but i cant find any guides for it. can anyone help me?
  7. hensemchik

    Cap's Noob Guide to Physical Doram

    thanks a bunch!
  8. hensemchik

    Cap's Noob Guide to Physical Doram

    hi there, im kinda new to the game. great guide btw. just started playing a doram. may i know where can i find or hunt for the chubby earthworm talisman?