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  1. Han Ma

    Avenger Guns Gives Wrong Attack Points

    @Lai Do I have to create a topic for every single avenger gun that is broken? Because thats im gonna do if i have to.
  2. 1. Equipped Avenger Shotgun Being equipped, it only gives 159 attack points: The equipped weapon have +7 refine, so it should be 200+(7*7) = 249 attack 2. Equipped Avenger Rifle This time the Avenger Rifle, only giving 139 attack points on +7 refine. The correction attack should be 120+(7*7) = 169 Attack 3. Equipped Avenger Gatling Gun Same error with Avenger Gatling Gun, this should give 169 attack points on +7 refine Regards to IGN: Ying Siga for noticing the bugs. abc
  3. Got zero skill points after admiral's skill reset. 1. Done Character Select 2. Done @die 3. Done Skill Reset again 4. Done Close client and open again IGN: Mad Chief Job: Rebellion 185/65
  4. Han Ma

    Rebellion Scarf not autocast 100% buff

    I think this is not fully fixed yet. The proc chance is skewed. I don't know if it has Buff CD or the buff doesn't trigger at all. An indicator would be a great help. @Lai i dont know the logic behind 10% is not equal to 5% * 2. (Though i get that having two rebel scarfs has twice the chance of triggering autocast Dragontail by 5%). But isn't that equals to 10% too?
  5. Using Armor-Piercing Bullet. Then with Purifying for comparison I did the test without any buffs (like Platinum Alter) and foods.
  6. Han Ma

    BG suggesetions

    +1. We need more people do bg. More demands of badges, more action. Not like we always begging for some attention in main to start bg. BG4 is boring, people do it just for 1st job acce.
  7. Han Ma

    Wish You A Merry Christmas

    IGN: Holy Chief FB Share Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10208143448584043&set=a.2542257695844.89584.1835784896&type=3&theater