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  1. Anemone

    Pet tames

    Where does Willow tame drop ? I used @ii and I am not finding any drop information on this tame. Please help It's listed in the pet system so I know it's available.
  2. Anemone

    What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    Being a new player has major disadvantages. Having to work so hard for items because of low rates or players having high prices in shops makes things very discouraging for a lot of people.. not to mention the items needed for these costumes is very difficult for someone with no gear or money. I have a hard enough time getting to max level without dying constantly. I am never even going to get a party to get into half these places with no gear.. and in terms of donating, I would love to do so but I put my family before me so I just make money in game and hope people sell nice things. I wish I could get wings or something like that. Would be nice if you put in a wing quest even.
  3. Anemone

    Can't find an npc

    Thank you !
  4. Anemone

    Can't find an npc

    Mark Esha - Eclage Quest - ecl_in04 224 234 Oliver Wolf Hood I looked everywhere in eclage.... no idea where this is, can someone help please?