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  1. Christabel

    Enable @autotrade in HQ please

    What is this? - see title Why do we have to add it? Because the buy shop line in vending harbour runs totally full very fast, I can't open a buy shop anywhere else, and there is a short buy shop line in HQ which I would love to use but without @autotrade I may as well be farming it myself, because I can't open two clients. Who will benefit this? Everyone who uses buy shops Will this change the system drastic? Not really!
  2. Christabel

    Running LimitRO on Mac OS

    I'm wondering that exact same thing about wineskin actually, I could try to install two limitROs, but can I be bothered is the question. Still, it is great to have a guide on these forums, so thanks for that!
  3. Christabel

    Running LimitRO on Mac OS

    I'm currently using wineskin to play LimitRO, which doesn't allow me to dual client; How is it with your method?
  4. Christabel

    Christabel poppin' in

    Hi hey hello I'm finally on my way back in after living without a laptop for over 6 months woohoo!
  5. Christabel

    Your Body Part

    Char Name: Christabel Sharp Part Description: Feet Why you love it: Because I walk and I bike and I wear shoes that aren't always optimal and these bches can take it all & in those rare occasions they're NOT blistered they actually look kinda nice & also because look at the sexy sandal tan lines all over the dam place EDIT: I had a hand before but figured I'd switch it to feet 😋
  6. Christabel

    What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    I dislike that it's somewhat random and difficult to find information. There's the wiki, which seems incomplete, then there's some on the homepage and some in the forums, and there really is no single go-to place to find answers to questions. I've struggled remarkably with understanding the complex refinement system and finding out where and how can various items be enchanted, and so on. Official content guides are easy to find anywhere, but information on custom content is rather evasive. And if I do a forum search and find an old topic on what I seek, it may link to an expired wiki link. Y'know, that kinda stuff. I feel it could be done better. That is all.
  7. Christabel

    Any coomand for checking if nickname already used

    Pardon the slight necro, but the mail system's check name system can be used for that, too.
  8. Christabel

    Fresh Grass Necklace

    So, I've got 2 gloves and 4 sting cards, but no Fresh Grass Necklace - has the item been removed/otherwise tampered with or is this the worst luck I've ever had? Also B> Fresh grass necklace
  9. Christabel

    Rank Status

    My TK is also not too far from the top, but my main concern here was alchemist ranks, as the competition there is a little tougher
  10. Christabel

    Rank Status

    What is the status of the Alch/Smith/TK ranks, are they going to be reset in the foreseeable future or should I just brew away? 🙂
  11. Christabel

    Homunculus AI

    Solved. Dug a bit deeper in the AI guide on these forums and downloaded an older (?) version of azzy, works like a charm. Still can't seem to open the config exe, but at least my homu uses the right skills now.
  12. Christabel

    Homunculus AI

    Hardly a question, more of a request. I'm having issues with making AzzyAI work, most likely relevant to me using Linux Mint (and not being even remotely tech-savvy). Anyway, when using Azzy, my homunculus just freezes on one spot, doesn't move (not even follow me) or use any skills unless I tell it to. The configuration exe file simply won't open. So, growing tired of having non-functional homus, I'd like to request someone who has a nice working universal config (that attacks and uses offensive skills and useful/reasonable buffs, I'm really not very demanding in regards to that) to share the setup with me so I could try to see i that's gonna work for me. Will offer eternal gratitude in return. <3 (if that's anyhow relevant, I have a amistr-dieter and a vani-sera.)
  13. Christabel

    Max Glow

    Could it be considered for the level 99 glow to be implemented for aesthetic reasons? I somewhat understand the lack of 175 glow as it's big and ugly and literally everyone is 175 around here, but since level 99 characters are somewhat niche and few and far inbetween, and the 99 glows look really neat, I would love if they were a thing <3
  14. Christabel

    Christabel poppin' in

    Hey. I came here in hopes of finding a server that's kinda like an official but where it takes less time to reach the same goals. So far so good. (I also dig the fact that this server seeems to be based in my general area 😁 So, no need to mad time zone calculations 😊) I'm quite a lone-wolf and generally unconventional kind of player, trying to be as self-sustaining as possible and I don't tend to interact much. But all my tons of characters are now in their 100s so expect to see me doing lots of IS. All my characters have Christabel in the names. The reason for my play-style is quite related to my lifestyle. Sometimes I may have weeks of nearly unlimited time to play, and then I may go out to sea for many weeks, or just get busy with something else for some time. Or lose my sense of purpose in the game, which has always been temporary so far. It's about 50/50. So, as soon as I start to establish myself in a guild or a community, something often comes inbetween and I have to be away. But I like to come back and pick up where I left off. My first baby steps in RO are from 2006 when I watched my mother play it, but I started to play more independently in 2008. In 2009 I joined iRO and since 2010 I've also tried various private servers and been hopping between iRO and various privates. Lately it has been mostly iRO again, but when I got kicked from a guild after a 6 week sea stint, I came to a conclusion that with my very variable lifestyle I will need something that's quicker and easier but still exciting enough. So, ah, yeah. Hi. 🙂
  15. Hey, I'm having some issues with the forums 👼

    1) When I registered, two of my preferred emails returned a "this email is already in use". Yet, when I inquired for the passwords or tried to log, it was said the emails are not connected to an account 😐
    2) I made an epic sig for these forums, but due to image limitations had to shrink it to a third of its original size; And when I then wanted to provide a link (one single link) so people could see the full version, it did right away say too many links 😐
    I hope you're the right person to turn to and would be grateful if you could provide some possible answers or solutions 🙂

    1. Lai


      Heya, please contact me on or discord easier to solve issue with complications.