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  1. Nina


    Hi! I'm new I'm probably no help. But I can be your frienddddd and chit chat :DD
  2. Nina


    Like at go 0 or walking around trying to find people D:
  3. Nina


    Heya! Well I guess I just haven't encounter friendly English speaking people. >: But yeah see you in game! I'm Thiaa there, so say hi please D:
  4. Nina


    I was wondering, if there are any English players around o: I've been several towns but yeah no luck so far. Hope I'll see you guys around! D:
  5. Nina

    Christabel poppin' in

    Heya! Welcome to the server! I'm quite new myself too so I wouldn't be able to guide you anywhere. I definitely get the whole, lone-wolf thing because I also get caught up in life. But still friends are good to have even for the short time you're logged in. Sooooo, with that said hope to see you around!
  6. Nina


    Oh so colorful!!! Thank you for the welcomes! I hope I encounter lots of friendly people!
  7. Nina


    Thank you! I hope so D: and oh god drama u-u no ty I don't want none of that >: but but I shy to go by myself so let me know when you're on then I go c:
  8. Nina


    Thank youuu! I shy tho D:
  9. Nina


    Oh, I just read this! D: I'm on right now! Hope I still find you guys online my IGN is Thiaa I try! But I find it confusing, well to what I'm used to but yeaaaaah! I will sure keep an eye for those colors then :3
  10. Nina


    Hello Orfeo!! Thank you for the welcomes! I have looked over guides and stuff but still confused u-u and I think I chose the wrong class to start with but oh wells. I want to get the hang of it before I make another one. I'll try to go to there but I'm shy and socially awkward. But I do know Spanish! So hoooooooow about, you tell me when you're online and then I go?
  11. Nina


    Hai! Thank you Verasan!! That would be Thiaa. Areeeee we gonna be friends?!🙈
  12. Nina


    Awws! Thank you!!! I love that picture, its so...welcoming! And adorable too. Thank you, Lai!
  13. Nina


    Heya, everyone! I was reading throughout the topics here and I notice only few responses which I made me hesitant to do mine. Oh, well. I've been a RO player since back in 2011 or so, both on and off. Recently I stopped playing on one of the main servers I used to play due to it's lack of people and most friends left. I've had some free time on my days off and decided to start a new RO, so I came here. Hope I make friends and it's not as lonely and quiet as other servers. I go! If you're reading this and playing please talk to me! I hate being lonely